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Adgebra.in Review-CPM rates,Payout and Payment proof


Adgebra.in is the India’s Largest Native adnetwork for regional language websites which supports 11+ regional languages.One and only adnetwork for Tamil,Telugu,Hindi,Kannada,Malayalam language websites and others.

High CTR Ad format:

They provide special ad format such as

SPLASH- It is an in-image ads showing ads at the bottom of the images that blends well and creating native experience for users while generating add-on revenue for publishers

SPIKE- It is the Recommended article widget that increases page views per visits with add-on revenue generating model.

SPARK- High impact mobile ad unit with two components. ‘Teaser’ unit hovering on mobile screen promises 100% visibility driving user attention and it is enticing enough to initiate dialogue with the brand. Post click, second component ‘Full screen’ ad loads that can carry videos, images, coupon codes, social media elements, mini-games.

SPICE- High impact sticky ad-unit residing at the footer of the screen with endless possibilities of user engagement elements on the banner like videos, images, coupon codes, social elements, live sports score, webcasts and more promising 100% visibility.

But these above ad format is only given after contacting their customer support and they will provide whichever is suitable for your website.Currently one of my website uses SPICE and SPLASH type of ads which looks awesome and visitor friendly with high visibility and also clickable.

By default you are provided with some predefined ad codes with sizes like 300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 400×216, 580×216, 750×216, 400×432, 580×432, 750×432 in the Domain section.

What CPC or CPM they offer?

Currently they offer industry’s high cpc rates with minimum cpc of 1 Rupee per click(i.e.=0.02$) and maximum of 100 Rupees per click(i.e.=1.5$).

My above Widget analysis screenshot shows that on 14th February 2018 i earned around 125₹ for 16 clicks and make sure that majority of my traffic comes from India.If your blog have Indian traffic you should try this adnetwork.It will surely increase your earning potential.

Payout Threshold

Minimum Payout Threshold:5000₹ (approx 75$)

When your earning reaches more than 5000 Rupee you request your payout by contacting their Contact support. It is difficult to reach that minimum threshold for Small publisher.But believe me it pays more that what Adsense pays you per click.

Trust Score :Legitimate or Not?

They have nearly 500 advertisers with Valued Clients like American Express, IndiaBull, NutriHerbs, PNB, Paytm, Tata Motors, VISA, Oreo, YES bank, Air Asia and many more.

They are legitimate and genuine in sharing personal identity and their ads are used in  the popular websites like The NewIndianExpress, Thinakaran, Thinamani, Pinkvilla, Drivespark, Zee news, Vikatan and more.

They Didn’t Pay me!

I know everyone is looking for Proof .But, sorry to say this I reached their minimum Threshold limit of 5000RS in Indian currency till now they didnot pay my Money i earned & they didnot respond to my mail also. This is my feedback. I don’t know whether they are fake or not. But they didn’t paid me. That is the Truth. Give me your Feedback about Adgebra.in on comment section. Thank you

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