Best Native Adnetworks for Indian Traffic with better CPC,CPM rates


Google Adsense

Every Bloggers know Google Adsense is the CPC ad network.They pay only for a click not for impressions.Adsense improvises their ad formats by introducing Native ads,Pagelevel ads due to Banner blindness.These days Banner ads are not effective to generate revenue so Google Adsense also updated with new attractive ad types.

Everyone having a blog with small amount of traffic is eligible to apply for Google Adsense.But your website doesn’t contain any pornographic,sexually gratifying,gambling content.Google Adsense is the best in the ad industry which make you earn even more than you expect.

But please try to comply with Google Adsense as they are strict with Policy and conditions.So avoid posting content that make you ban from Adsense.

  • sign-up with Adsense account by submitting your website.
  • Adsense may take up to two weeks to review your site.
  • Once approved you will create ad units and use it on your site.
  • For adding more websites you don’t need to wait for it anymore.Just add your new website in Sites list on your Adsense account and create ad units for the new website.
  • If your website content breaks Adsense policy you will get warning message to your mail.
  • So Best follow their policy and conditions to prevent from Website Ban.

Payment Threshold: 100$ via Bank wire transfer.


MediaNet is the best alternative to Adsense.They are also contextual adnetwork paying higher revenue to their publishers in cpc basis.Here also you have to submit your website for approval.Once your website is approved,signin and create adunits on your website and share your experience in our comment section.

Payment Threshold: 100$ via Wire transfer or Paypal. is the India’s Largest Native adnetwork for regional language websites which supports 11+ regional languages.One and only adnetwork for Tamil,Telugu,Hindi,Kannada,Malayalam language websites and others.

Payment Threshold: minimum 5000 Rupees.

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