Adnetwork Review 2017 -My experience With Proof

              Hello friends,Today I am going to review adnetwork.Because I earned around 7000 in Indian Ruppee(112 $) from this ad-network after using it for atmost 2 month and paid  on the first week of October 2017 and I have to mention here that This is my First payment I received from my blog.So I am very happy to share my experience about this fellow CONTENT.AD.


First Let me explain you What is is the adnetwork like Outbrain,Taboola,Revcontent.But those Ad-network only allows Huge Traffic websites to use their ad network.They doesnot approve low traffic websites.But allows Low traffic websites and also its rate is quite Good and competitive when compare to their Rivals

Many of You may doubt about the Network that it is paying or another Scammer in the Online World??

       Yeah! I agree today Internet world is full of Scammers and Cheaters.If you still have doubt about this network then Here is my word-I got payment from them not once but thrice so i tell you they are paying and see below for Proof.

Payment Proof-

The Below Image is the Proof that they paid me 112 dollar via Paypal which is equivalent to 7132 INR and I transfer it into my Local Bank Account.

You see that image I received 112.38$ from BROADSPRING,INC and the very next day I transferred it into my Local State Bank of India(SBI) savings Account.Yeah friends I am an Indian The Bank Name reveals the My location.

I knew many of them already joined their Network & someone may have an idea of  joining their network I have to say one thing to you guys that I too experience low ecpm rate initially But after 2 month It goes Up with my Traffic. My advice is Keep on trying to increase your Blog traffic and stay with them for 2 month.If you still feel their eCPM & CPC is low then move to some other Ad-network….Maybe it doesnot fit to your site.But try them atleast for 2 month as I saw my eCPM & CPC grow on the 2nd month.

But I will Assure You They are Good at Payment and I received It On Time without any Delay.


The Reason I reduce One mark is their Advertisement content is not relevent to your Blog’s Topic and it is somewhat annoying.

  • My Best Earning Widget Is Mobile Pushup and Underarticle Widget.
  • I earn 85% of my earnings from Mobile Pushup widget as I have more Mobile visiters for my Site.
  • Under-article widget works better for all kind of Traffic.
  • If You have more Desktop viewers then Please try Exit Popup.They also will make you earn more.
  • I have to tell you about their Customer Support.They respond but very late.But got your Reply for sure.For me their Customer support is Better and need to improve.

They disapproved My Website After 3 Withdrawals

Try to increase Tier-1 countries Traffic oelse they will disapprove your Website after 2-3 Withrawals. My Blog most traffic comes from India so They removed my blog after 3 withdrawals due to Non-conversion of Clicks. So Friends from India Try to increase your Tier-1 Traffic like USA, Canada, Australia, etc.
Even after disapproved they paid my pending Amount.
Then What I miss???
If you think i missed out something just comment below.If i have solution for your queries i will reply as soon as possible.

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I hope this article will give you some clarity regarding do share this post in any social media,it will help us grow.


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