Diseases Caused by Nutritional Deficiencies


Diseases Caused by Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamins Constituent Deficiency Diseases Symptoms
Vitamin A Retinol Nyctalopia Night Blindness
Vitamin B1 Thiamine Beri Beri Nervous Disorder
Vitamin B2 Ribiflavin Ariboflavinosis, Cheilosis ******
Vitamin B3 Niacin Pellagra Demantia, Dermatitis, Diarrhoea
Vitamin B5 Panthothenic acid Acne, Paresthesia Fatigue, Insomnia,
Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine Epilepsy,Pink eye Neurological Disorder
Vitamin B7 Biotin Neurological Disorder Hair Loss
Vitamin B9 Folic Acid Macrocytic Anaemia ******
Vitamin B12 Cynocobalamin Pernicious Anaemia Destruction of RBC
Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid Scurvy Bleeding Gums & Loosening of Teeth
Vitamin D Calciferol Rickets, Osteomalacia Defective Calcification of Bones
Vitamin E Tochopherol & Tocotrienol Sterility, RBC destruction, Retinopathy Inability to Reproduce
Vitamin K Phylloquinone & Menaquinone Haemorrhage Profuse Loss of Blood

Diseases Caused by Protein Deficiency


 In Kwashiorkar, the child develops an enlarged belly with face and feet swelling.

Symptoms of Kwashiorkor:

  • Protruding Belly
  • Dark and Scaly skin,brownish hair
  • Stunted growth-Usually underweight
  • Swollen Legs due to accumulation of Water
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Anaemia
  • Mental Retardation
  • Reduced Resistance to diseases.


In Marasmus, the child loses weight and suffers severe diarrhoea and it will appear as though bones are covered by skin.

Symptoms of Kwashiorkor:

  • Poor Muscle Development
  • Bone showing through Skin-No fat
  • Weak Legs
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Anaemia
  • Grossly Underweight
  • Mental Retardation

Diseases Caused by Mineral Deficiency

1. Hyponatremia:-

In Human Body We need Sodium in the Bloodstream to control Water level in our Body. If  Sodium is too low then this condition is called as Hyponatremia.

2. Goitre:

It is due to the deficiency of iodine in our diet. Thyroid gland bulges as a swelling in the neck and it is called as goitre.

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3. Cretinism:

It is also due to the deficiency of iodine in our diet. This is caused in children and the symptoms are: stunted growth, retarded mental development, defective teeth, protrusion of tongue and loose skin.

Minerals Deficiency Diseases
Iron Anaemia, Arrhythmia
Calcium Osteoporosis, Hypocalcemia
Sodium Hyponatremia, Nausea
Potassium Myalgia, Paralysis, Muscle weakness, Arrhythmia, High BP
Magnesium Heart Attack, Insulin Resistance
Iodine Goitre, Cretinism


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