Does Popunder affects pagerank and SEO of website?


My perspective on Popunder ads

Using popunder or pop ups are really bad to use.It is not the way to earn from your blog.It indirectly affects your page rank and increases bounce rate.You might see many movies streaming websites,illegal gambling and adult websites using popunder.As they don’t have any option to monetize that blog other than popunder ads.But if you have blog with good content trying to add value to your blog then you have to get rid of these popunder ads.

Will it affects seo and page rank

While surfing on internet on this keyword “Does popunder affects your site ranking” you may see many websites claim that popunder does not directly affect your SEO which implies it affects SEO for sure in any other ways.

Here in this video one of the Google webmaster said that they don’t penalize the website that uses popunder.But at the same time it is obvious to see page views decline as visitors are getting annoyed and inflicted by these ads which depreciate user engagement.

My personal experience

I personally tried popunder in one of my blogs and steadily my blog’s  traffic goes down and my keyword rank falls.You don’t need to believe me just try any popunder ads for one month and comment your feedback in below comment section

Who uses popunder/popup ads

If you have website contains illegal content gambling or movies streaming content you are good to go with popunder as all similar websites like yours uses popunder as their major income generating source.

For best popunder try these ad networks for better result: Hilltopads

  1. clickadu

  2. popads

  3. popcash

  4. propellerads

  5. popmyads

For other blogs please avoid using popunder ads as it directly or indirectly affects your blog and also your blog’s credibility.

For low traffic websites you may try these ads for best result:

  1. Google adsense


  3. adversal

  4. epom adserver

For blogs having more traffic try these Native ads:

  1. Taboola

  2. Outbrain

  3. Spoutable


  5. Mgid along with contextual ad network

  • Many of us ask me to tell best ad network for Indian traffic other than Google Adsense.But my word is if you have approved Google Adsense account and your website complies with their terms and conditions better try Google Adsense network atleast for one month as adsense take some time to analyse your content quality, traffic and moreover it uses bidding it takes time wait for it to get better cpc.
  • My second option for indian bloggers is,It is a no:1 indian adtech platform which pays you high cpc sometimes more than Adsense cpc.It is my personal suggestion to all indian bloggers who have technology,health,product specific niche blogs try out adgebra for better earnings.
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