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Download “Play with Advanced Maths” by Abhinay Sharma PDF in English

Play with Advanced Maths by Abhinay Sharma Book PDF
Play with Advanced Maths by Abhinay Sharma Book PDF

Play with Advanced Maths written by Abhinay Sharma PDF in English is the leading book out there to learn Advanced Maths for all of those who are all preparing for the government jobs.

Advanced Maths are next level maths topic which mainly contains Algebra, Mensuration, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, Geometry, Time & Distance. It is difficult and time consuming concept when compare to Arithmetic Maths Problems.

It requires lot of dedication and Practice. You should focus on Advance Maths if you are will to give it a try to SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, & other central government Job and IT Job Tests.

Abhinay Sharma’s “Play with Advanced Maths” Topics:

  • Number System
  • Algebra Theory
  • Average
  • Boat & Stream
  • Simple Interest
  • Compound Interest
  • Circle Assignment
  • Average
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry-Triangle
  • HCF & LCM
  • Mixture & Aligation
  • Percentage
  • Pipe & Cistern
  • Profit & Loss
  • Partnership
  • Quadrilateral
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Time & Work
  • Time Speed & Distance

How to Prepare for Advance Maths to Score high marks

Do not mug up the concept and theories. Understand the Basics of the Theorems and concepts. Without understanding the Basics, it is no use of Practice.

Practice Previous year question papers. Because practicing more will fetch you more marks and save time. Practice till you reach the exam hall. If you stop practicing, then you have to start from the beginning. In Aptitude, Practising makes you Perfect and it will also save your Time.

Revise the Formulas & Concepts frequently. In Advanced Maths you will come up with more Formulas and Concepts. Try to revise those theorems in a particular interval of time.

Try to follow any one Advance Maths Book and finish it by putting a time table and revise it according to the schedule and complete the syllabus. Benefits of having Advanced Maths Book is that you will not go out of syllabus and you stick with the topics that are frequently asked in exams.

[PDF]Abhinay Sharma’s Advance Maths- Download Links:

1. Abhinay Algebra TheoryDOWNLOAD PDF
2. Abhinay TrigonometryDOWNLOAD PDF
3. All in One Number System NotesDOWNLOAD PDF
6. Circle AssignmentDOWNLOAD PDF
7. Compound InterestDOWNLOAD PDF
8. Coordinate GeometryDOWNLOAD PDF
10. Mixture & Aligation(Prelims-Mains)DOWNLOAD PDF
11. Number System Class NotesDOWNLOAD PDF
12. Partnership Practice SheetDOWNLOAD PDF
13. Percentage(Prelims-Mains)DOWNLOAD PDF
14. Pipes and CisternsDOWNLOAD PDF
15. Profit and Loss(Prelims-Mains)DOWNLOAD PDF
16. Profit & Loss Class NotesDOWNLOAD PDF
17. QuadrilateralDOWNLOAD PDF
18. Ratio and ProportionDOWNLOAD PDF
19. Simple InterestDOWNLOAD PDF
20. Time and Work(Prelims-Mains)DOWNLOAD PDF
21. Time Speed & DistanceDOWNLOAD PDF
22. Work and WagesDOWNLOAD PDF
23. Geometry NotesDOWNLOAD PDF
24. Geometry TriangleDOWNLOAD PDF
Abhinay Sharma Maths Class Notes

Click Here to access All pdf files of Abhinay Sharma’s Class Notes in a single folder.


Ace SSC Advanced Maths Book in English & Hindi
Ace SSC Advanced Maths Book in English & Hindi

Book Details:-

Download Ace SSC Advanced Maths Book in English as well as in Hindi to understand the concepts in your mother tongue to prepare for SSC, Banking & other Competitive Exams.

Book Name:Ace SSC Advanced Maths
Author/Publisher:Adda247 Publications
Language:English & Hindi
No of Pages:416 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
File Size:66 MB

Buy “Play with Advanced Maths” by Abhinay Sharma

This book, “Play with advanced maths” has been written by Abhinay Sharma for those students preparing for government jobs. The entire syllabus of Advanced Maths is divided into six chapters. They are

  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Co-ordinate Geometry
  • Geometry
  • Height & Distance
  • Mensuration
Book Name:Play with Advanced Maths by Abhinay Sharma pdf download in English
Author:Abhinay Sharma
No of Pages:596 pages

This Book is worth of every penny you spent. I will recommend you this Book compulsory for SSC Aspirants who are preparing for Combined Graduate Level(CGL), Combined Higher Secondary Level(CHSL), Multi Tasking Staff(MTS), GD(General Duty), CPO(Central Police Organisation), STENO, & other general competition.

Similar Books for Advanced Maths

There are other popular Books to prepare for Advanced Maths for competitive exams. They are

  1. Advance Maths by Rakesh Yadav
  2. SSC Lakshya Advance Maths by Mohit Goyal
  3. Brahmaastra – Advanced Maths video Book
  4. Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K. Verma

1. Advance Maths by Rakesh Yadav

Book Name:Rakesh Yadav Advanced Maths PDF
Edition:Latest edition
No of Pages:650 pages
Publisher:Raakesh Yadav Publications

2. SSC Lakshya 200 Advance Maths by Mohit Goyal

Book Name:SSC Lakshya Advanced Maths
Author:Mohit Goyal
No of Pages:738 pages


3. Brahmaastra – Advanced Maths video Book

Book Name:Brahmaastra – Advanced Maths video Book
Author:Ajay Gulati
No of Pages:624 pages
PublisherBrahmaastra Publication

4. Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K Verma Book

Book Name:Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT 2020
Author:Sarvesh K. Verma
No of Pages:1213 pages
PublisherArihant Publication

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