Lexicon Vs Subbarao for Ethics: Comparison of the 2 Best-selling Books

Lexicon or Subbarao for Ethics
Lexicon or Subbarao for Ethics


You can take either book or the other, you will easily find their PDFs online. Read some pages from both books and check which author you feel more connected with and what language feels most comfortable to read. Most of the time content will be similar between these two books as well. In ethics, it’s not about simply reading; it’s about your writing skills that matter more in order to get the most out of an ethical book.

Lexicon has good concepts, but it is not written from the point of view of an aspirant preparing for UPSC exams. Therefore, if you have limited time to read a book and don’t want to doze off during exam time or are just curious about what else Subba Rao has in store for you besides his concept-heavy text then flip through Lexicon’s pages as well.

Which is the Best: Ethics Subbarao vs Lexicon?

The GS4 is not a paper that can be tackled easily – the takers often feel they don’t have to prepare for it! On the contrary, this paper requires extensive theoretical grounding in order to enable good scores across other papers. A good theoretical underpinning will help you answer on any case study, even when there are specific topics involved.

Subbarao books are better than Lexicon ones, but Sage publications ethics book by Ranvijay Upadhyay is best among them all; providing comprehensive information about topics that have been missed or given sketchy portrayals in subbarao’s texts alone. The sage text is also recommended reading material for UG and PG students within India who want solid foundations before going into practice- it provides plenty more insights regarding study materials needed for UG & PG courses here

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Subba Rao’s Ethics Book:-

This Ethics Book is the sixth updated edition of a famous and widely read book on this subject. Yearly updates with solved papers and periodic revisions have made it indispensable for UPSC aspirants, as well as State Civil Service hopefuls. The sixth update includes an Ethics Paper that has been offered in the double-color matter, which adds to its learning experience for candidates.

Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude Book by Subbarao (7th Edition) PDF
Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude Book by Subbarao (7th Edition) PDF

Salient feature:

  • There are 27 core chapters in this syllabus.
  • consists of 25 case studies with an accompanying chapter discussing the findings in detail.
  • More than 50 case studies are floating around in this article
  • There are summary & practice questions at the end of each chapter.
  • Chapter with a title called ‘ethical and moral conundrums’
  • The book also has a chapter on political attitudes

Book Details:-

Book Name:Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude for Civil Service Examinations
Authors:G Subbarao & PN Roy Chaudhary
Publisher:GKP Publications
No of Pages:832 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:

Lexicon’s Ethics Book:-

One of the most important Ethics books for the UPSC Civil Service Main Examination Paper is Lexicon Ethics Book. This Book deals with ethical issues, while also considering various moral theories and their implications in society. To study this subject area, you should download Ethics: Integrity and Aptitude by Lexicon PDF Form without paying money because we provide every reader materials for their preparation on our website!

Lexicon Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude PDF
Lexicon Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude PDF

Book Details:-

Book Name:The Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude
No of Pages:583 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:23 MB


From my perspective, Both Books show not much difference. I strongly advise you to choose either one. Don’t confuse with this. If you start reading both, it will consume your time and may lead to confusion in understanding the book’s content or storyline; therefore, be careful when choosing which Book of these two books suits your need and preference best.

The Man chases two Rabbits catches Neither


Other Ethics Books in PDF:-

Lexicon For Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude – Chronicle Publication [PDF]

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G SubbaRao Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude Book [PDF]

Epitome of Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude for UPSC GS Mains Paper IV – Disha Experts [PDF]

Top Now Ethics Integrity & Aptitude for Civil Service Examination – Awdhesh Singh [PDF]

Ethics Integrity & Aptitude for Civil Services Examination with Solved Case Studies – Prabhat [PDF]

BUDDHA IAS Ethics Integrity & Aptitude Part-1 [PDF]

BUDDHA IAS Ethics Integrity & Aptitude Part-2 [PDF]

IAS Mains General Studies Paper-4 Ethics Integrity & Aptitude-Dinesh Varma [PDF]

Ethics Integrity & Aptitude General Studies Paper IV – MyArsu(2013-2019) [PDF]

GS Paper IV Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude – IAS Academy [PDF]



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