General Knowledge Questions for Kids

Tips to improve General Knowledge of your Kids:-

Be Realistic in Approach: Controlling Children is a difficult one yet making them study is another tedious task. Firstly go with your Child’s topic of interest and get him into the comfort zone that learning is very easy and it will be amazing. Teach them in a playful way so that they won’t tired from learning new things.

Buy Books and Materials:

Spending Money on Books is actually an Investment. Buy Useful yet preferable Books according to your Child’s Age and Mindset.

Improve General Knowledge on Games: Kids generally like to play games. As so teaching general knowledge related to sports is the bed of roses scenario. In today’s world Sports is yet an another formidable Career where you can earn huge compare to what education can give. You might get to know more about your Child’s Sporting talent while teaching him/her Sports related GK.

Play Audios and Videos: Children attract to videos or Audios rather than traditional way of teaching in the Board with Chalk. So display useful and knowledgable Videos to them and ask questions after the Visuals to test their Learning Skill.

Tell Stories or News: Tell them Stories related to Puzzles or

Reading Book quote
Reading Book quote

Here I will suggest a few ways to increase the kid’s general knowledge –

  • Keep small sticky notes in his/her pocket. (It could be headlines of a newspaper or facts or figures from a book, etc.)
  • Make him/her watch visuals, more interacting videos. If your kid is comfortable watching the news then that would be perfect.
  • Choose any field like – History, Geography, states, and cities, solar system, or any other based on his/her interest and make him/her learn new facts every day.
  • Try to increase the amount of learning facts every 2 – 3 weeks based on your Child’s capability.
  • Take him/her to places like National Parks, historical monuments or museums or science centers and tell the kid about the facts or figures related to that.
  • If possible make him/her watch movies or cartoons related to learning because videos increase their learning ability.
  • Try to surround the kid with kinds of stuff related to the increasing learning experience. As kids learn by watching and experiencing the atmosphere around them
  • Each kid is unique, so is their curiosity levels. Kids learn a lot from their environment. We parents should be able to answer their queries in simple, precise & easy to understand.

Easy General Knowledge Questions for Kids

  1. How many days do we have in a Week?
    Answer: Seven days
  2. How many days are there in a year?
    Answer: 365 days(366 days for leap year)
  3. How many colours in the Rainbow?
    Answer: 7 (seven)
  4. Which animal is known of Ship of Desert?
    Answer: Camel
  5. How many letters are there in the Alphabet?
    Answer: 26 (Twenty Six)
  6. How many sides are there in a Square?
    Answer: 4 sides
  7. Who is the Father of our nation?
    Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
  8. How many vowels and Consonants are there in the Alphabet?
    Answer: 5 Vowels(a,e,i,o,u), 21 Consonants
  9. How many fingers do you have in your both hands?
    Answer: 10 (Ten)
  10. When is the Time to sleep?
    Answer: Nighttime
  11. Can you name a word that starts with ‘H’?
    Answer: Horse
  12. Which Festival is a festival of Colors
    Answer: Holi
  13. How many cards are there in a pack of Deck?
    Answer: 52 Cards
  14. Which planet is farthest from the Sun?
    Answer: Neptune
  15. How many Natural Satellite Our Earth have?
    Answer: One – Moon
  16. Which Galaxy Our Solar system is in?
    Answer: Milkyway galaxy
  17. Which is the biggest continent in the world?
    Answer: Asia
  18. Which is the biggest country in the world?
    Answer: Russia
  19. In which direction does the Sun rise and set?
    Answer: It rises in the East and sets in the West
  20. The Yamuna is the tributary of which river?
    Answer: River Ganga
  21. Name the colours of India’s National flag?
    Answer: Saffron(at the top), White(in the middle), Green (at the bottom)
  22. Which day comes after Monday?
    Answer: Tuesday
  23. The national currency of India?
    Answer: Rupee (Symbol: ₹)
  24. What is the chemical name of Water?
    Answer: H2O
  25. Which instrument is used to measure human body temperature
    Answer: Thermometer
  26. Who painted the famous Mona Lisa?
    Answer: Leonardo da Vinci
  27. What is the study of weather
    Answer: Meteorology
  28. What is the study of Plants and Animals respectively?
    Answer: Botany (Plants), Zoology (Animals)
  29. Who is the Author of Tirukkural?
    Answer: Tiruvalluvar
  30. Which is the largest bone in our human body?
    Answer: Femur (Knee bone)
  31. Which country is home to Kangaroo?
    Answer: Australia

General Knowledge Questions related to World Geography

  1. What is the Highest Mountain in the World?
    Answer: a. Mount Everest
  2. Which Latitude runs through the Centre of the Earth?
    Answer: Equator
  3. What are the names of the 5 Oceans in the World?
    Answer: Pacific Ocean, Antarctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean & Indian Ocean
  4. What Country has the highest population in the World?
    Answer: China
  5. Which is the Longest River in the World?
    Answer: The Nile from Egypt
  6. Which is the Largest Waterfall in the World?
    Answer: Victoria Falls
  7. Which is the Largest Desert in the World?
    Answer: Sahara Desert
  8. What are Branches of the River called?
    Answer: Tributaries
  9. What is the Largest Island in the World?
    Answer: Greenland
  10. What is the World’s Smallest Country?
    Answer: Vatican City
  11. Which planet is closest to Planet Earth?
    Answer: Venus
  12. Which Planet is Called as Morning Star/Evening Star?
    Answer: Venus
  13. What is the instrument to measure the Speed of Wind?
    Answer: Anemometer
  14. Which day is the longest day in the World?
    Answer: June 21
  15. Which planet is the largest in our Solar system?
    Answer: Jupiter
  16. Which is the only continent completely covered with Ice?
    Answer: Antarctica
  17. Which is the Island continent and the World’s 6th largest Country?
    Answer: Australia
  18. What country is also known as Persia?
    Answer: Iran
  19. What is the main island of Japan?
    Answer: Honshu
  20. What well-known mountain pass connects Pakistan and Afghanistan?
    Answer: Khyber Pass
  21. Ceylon is the former name of what country?
    Answer: Srilanka
  22. What city was once called New Amsterdam?
    Answer: New York
  23. What is Pakistan’s longest river?
    Answer: Indus River
  24. What canal connects the Red and Mediterranean Seas?
    Answer: Suez Canal
  25. Which country is the leading egg producer in the world?
    Answer: China
  26. Which river flows through the rainforest in brazil?
    Answer: Amazon
  27. What do you call land with water on 3 sides?
    Answer: Peninsula
  28. Where are the Andes mountains located?
    Answer: South America
  29. Which hemisphere does Australia lie on?
    Answer: Southern hemisphere
  30. Which is the largest rock in the world?
    Answer: Mount Augustus
  31. Which is the oldest city in the world?
    Answer: Damascus, Syria
  32. Which country is also known as the Netherlands?
    Answer: Holland
  33. In which American city is the Golden Gate Bridge located?
    Answer: San Francisco
  34. Which is the smallest country in Asia by population?
    Answer: The Maldives
  35. Which two continents does Russia belong to?
    Answer: Europe & Asia
  36. In what country would you find Mount Kilimanjaro?
    Answer: Tanzania
  37. What is the currency used in Britain?
    Answer: Pound Sterling
  38. Which country is the Taj Mahal in?
    Answer: Taj Mahal
  39. Which city is also known as ‘The Eternal City’?
    Answer: Rome
  40. In which country do you find the Yellow River, also known as Huang He?
    Answer: China
  41. How many countries are there in the world today?
    Answer: 195 Countries
  42. Which European country has a capital city called Bucharest?
    Answer: Romania
  43. Which is the largest volcano in the world?
    Answer: Mount Lao, China
  44. Which European country is closest to the continent of Africa?
    Answer: Spain
  45. What is the capital city of Germany?
    Answer: Berlin
  46. Mount Everest lies in which mountain range?
    Answer: The Himalayas
  47. Where is Mount Ararat located?
    Answer: Turkey
  48. Where is the Blue Nile river located?
    Answer: Ethiopia
  49. What is the largest city & Capital of Ireland?
    Answer: Dublin
  50. What is the national currency of Malaysia?
    Answer: Malaysian Ringgit
  51. Which is the longest river in Asia?
    Answer: River Yangtze, China
  52. Which is the longest river in Europe?
    Answer: Volga
  53. Which is the happiest place on Earth to live?
    Answer: Finland(2020)
  54. What do you call a study of weather?
    Answer: Meteorology
  55. Which place receives the world’s highest annual average rainfall?
    Answer: Mawsynram, India
  56. Which country produces the most rice?
    Answer: China
  57. Which lake is the largest in Africa?
    Answer: Lake Victoria
  58. When did Bangladesh get independence?
    Answer: 1971
  59. How many islands are there in the Philippines?
    Answer: 7100+
  60. Madagascar is surrounded by which ocean?
    Answer: Indian Ocean
  61. What is the capital city of Spain?
    Answer: Madrid
  62. Which country is the second biggest in the world?
    Answer: Canada(Russia- 1st Biggest)
  63. Which is the largest lake in the world?
    Answer: Caspian sea
  64. Which is the capital city of Afghanistan?
    Answer: Kabul
  65. On which Country is the Statue of Unity located?
    Answer: India
  66. What is the largest country in Scandinavia?
    Answer: Sweden
  67. What country calls itself Nippon?
    Answer: Japan
  68. What is Europe’s largest port?
    Answer: Port of Rotterdam
  69. What country was known as Rhodesia?
    Answer: Zimbabwe
  70. What is the main tributary of the Ganges River in India?
    Answer: Yamuna
  71. Which countries share the longest border in the world?
    Answer: USA & Canada

General Knowledge Questions related to India

  1. Who is the Current President of India?
    Answer: Ram Nath Kovind
  2. Where is ISRO’s Headquarters located?
    Answer: Bangalore
  3. What are the 2 houses of the Indian Parliament?
    Answer: Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha
  4. Which is India’s smallest state?
    Answer: Goa
  5. Which country shares the shortest border with India?
    Answer: Afghanistan
  6. Who was the author of Ramayana?
    Answer: Valmiki
  7. Which city is known as the Blue City of India?
    Answer: Jodhpur
  8. Which latitude line passes through India?
    Answer: Tropic of Cancer
  9. Which state is known as ‘Scotland of the East’ in India?
    Answer: Meghalaya
  10. Which is the biggest Indian state?
    Answer: Rajasthan
  11. Who is known as the Flying Sikh of India?
    Answer: Milka Singh
  12. What is India’s national flower?
    Answer: Lotus
  13. What is India’s national Animal?
    Answer: Tiger
  14. What is India’s national heritage Animal?
    Answer: Elephant
  15. What is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh?
    Answer: Itanagar
  16. What is India’s India’s highest Sports honour award?
    Answer: Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
  17. What is the Name of India’s Central Bank which controls the issue and supply of Indian Rupee?
    Answer: Reserve Bank of India(RBI)
  18. How many official languages does the Indian Constitution recognize?
    Answer: 22 languages
  19. What is India’s Highest honour Award?
    Answer: Bharat Ratna
  20. What is the Name of the Award that is given to Outstanding Coaches in Sports & Games?
    Answer: Dronacharya Award
  21. Who was the first Indian to win a Nobel prize?
    Answer: Rabindranath Tagore for Literature work of Gitanjali
  22. Who was known as Father of India?
    Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
  23. Who was the First Prime minister of Independent India?
    Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru
  24. Who was called as Architect of Indian Constitution?
    Answer: B. R. Ambedkar
  25. Who was the First Woman Prime Minister of India?
    Answer: Indra Gandhi
  26. Who was the first Indian Scientist to receive Nobel Prize?
    Answer: Sir C. V. Raman
  27. What is the Highest Mountain in India?
    Answer: Mount Godwin Austin(K2)
  28. Which state in India has the highest Literacy rate?
    Answer: Kerala (Bihar is the least literate state)
  29. What is India’s Population as per the 2011 census?
    Answer: 1.21 Billion (121 Crore)
  30. Which State has the highest Population in India?
    Answer: Uttar Pradesh
  31. On Which State Ajanta & Ellora Caves are situated?
    Answer: Maharashtra( Aurangabad)
  32. Who built the Taj Mahal?
    Answer: Shah Jahan (Emperor of Mughal Dynasty)
  33. Which Constitution is the longest written Constitution in the World?
    Answer: Indian Constitution
  34. What is India’s Longest River?
    Answer: River Ganga (River Godavari is the second longest)
  35. What is India’s Longest Railway station?
    Answer: Gorakhpur Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh
  36. Who was the first Indian to go to space?
    Answer: Rakesh Sharma
  37. Who was the first Indian woman to win an Olympic medal?
    Answer: Karnam Malleswari
  38. Who was the First Indian to win an Oscar?
    Answer: Bhanu Athaiya
  39. What is the National Bird of India?
    Answer: Peacock

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