How to Earn money online-Best Way to Make cash


Money makes many thing. Money is the key to make our life happily. U can buy what you want using Money. I never say Money is life. But money is necessary to lead your life . isn’t it?.  I need money to make my life ease and to satisfy my desire. No one says I do not need money for my life. The Entire world is running in the Name of Currency. So I think you not ignore the word “Money”.

But how to make money Online?

If you are educated ,you may work in any private firm for monthly salary orelse make money by serving others need or express your talent on public so that someone recognize you and pay you for your work likewise there are so many ways to earn penny.

But here i am going to tell you how you make money online in India. You may ask me Why you choose this Title? Why especially in India?

The Answer is today Internetworking is going beyond the limit. In india statistics says Internet users is increasing drastically for every year.At the same time Online spammers are also increasing. If you search on google ” Earn Money online in India” you may see some websites bharat online solutions or many data entry job websites ranked on First page of Google. But Guys I am telling you if They ask you to pay somes fees for registration or anything else for any online jobs, I am glad to tell you that they are spammers, cheaters, fraudsters. It is the simple fact that money will be paid for your work done. If you do service they will pay you. They are payers you are earner. If they are genuine they never expect money from you they just expect what the talent you have. For your talent only you paid off not for other sake purpose. Because I have experience so only I shared this post to you guys. I too fooled by them.I am going to tell you the Legitimate Ways to Earn Online in India now.So please continue Reading this post till the End. I will make you happier after reading this post for sure.

Best Way to Earn Money

Become Freelancer:

If you are a programmer, Web designer,  App developer or having unique talent to explore something then the below websites will help you earn Genuinely. For that you have required knowledge and skills to mention on.

1. ODesk

2. Freelancer

3. Fiverr

4. Iwriter

Become an online Tutor:

If you are good at Teaching or Teaching as profession there are several online Teaching Apps recruiting online teachers. Below are websites where you teach online as tutor for online students

1. Udemy

2. Instatutor

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3. Tutorhub

And many others.Just search for online tutor jobs and serve your teaching skill gradeup your experience and profile well for more earnings. If the website ask you to pay initially for some reasons, kindly avoid that platform and move on to Other platform.The Website which ask you money for initial investment is 100% fake. There are so many websites need for online Tutor.No matter where you are. If you have seemless Internet connection and Teaching skill you definitely earn from them.

Become an Online Marketer(Affiliate):

   If you own website that is having thousands of visitors everyday then you can sell your Own product or promote any affiliate product on your website by placing banner ads on the website. If any of your visitors buy the product you affiliate on your website then you earn a certain percent of commission for that.By this method you make more money a month. But for that you have a website with thousands of visitors daily. Having website with 1000’s of visitors daily is very tough to achieve. If you achieve in this you make money from your website in many ways.We discuss it briefly later on.

Earn from CPC websites:

I knew two cpc sites which is genuine and trusted which are Swagbucks and Clixsense. Both sites are genuine.They pay for click you made (i.e)they pay you by clicking ads or watching ads. They nearly pay 0.001 to 0.01$ per click. My suggestion is don’t go for it as you become tired or become boring of doing this and even it takes more time  to earn a cent.From my view don’t take this site for earning money as you hardly earn a cent from this cpc sites.


I already told you that having website with tons of traffic is enough for earn money online.It is true that we make money through websites by various Methods.
There are so many adnetworks will pay you for placing their advertisement on your websites.There are different types of advertising networks which pay you for various concern.
Advertising network which pay you Based on CPM, CPC & CPA.

1.CPM -Cost Per 1000 Impression

They assign some defined Rate per 1000 impression. For eg: they pay you .3$ for thousand impression


1) Exponential(formerly called TribalFusion), 2).ConversantMedia(formerly valueclick), 3).Vibrant Media, 4).Advertising 5).Advertise. 6).Adcash. 7).PropellerAds. 8).Valueclick Media. 9).Sovrn(formerly Lijit). 10).Adpepper. 11).Ozone Media. 12).RhythamOne(formerly BurstMedia). 13).eDomz. 14).Technorati Media. 15).Quadabra. 16)Adsoptimal. 17).Adyolk. 18).Gunggo. 19).Axill. 20).Bannerconnect. 21).Adblade

3.CPC-Cost Per Click

They assign some rate per click i.e they pay you for every click your visitors made.For example They pay you .5$ for a click


 1).Google Adsense. 2).Infolinks  3).Media.Net. 4).Revcontent. 5).Bidvertiser. 6).Chitika. 7).Clicksor. 8).VibrantMedia.9).Kontera(formerly Amobee). 10).tlvMedia. 11).CPX InterActive.12).Ezanga

4.CPA – Cost Per Action

They pay for action being done i.e if some visitors of your site click the ad and do some action like signing up,register and so on you get paid for every action.For example They pay you X$ for action by the visitors.Just by clicking the ad and closing it doesnot earn you unless your vistors do action like stay in  for sometime or doing signup or purchasing product or something like that.

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1).Maxbounty.2) Clickbooth.

Earn from GOOGLE:

Google Adsense

It is the Advertising Network of Google.Blogger make use of it and Earn money from it.It is CPC based Ad network.I agree that Adsense is the Best paying Network for Websites.But It has several drawbacks as their Approval is very Hard and they likely ban your account anytime when finds any Policy impringement.


youtube is also Google’s Product dedicated for Video streaming.Vlogger (i.e) video Bloggers make money by efficiently using it.Getting Approval for Youtube monitization is easy when compare to Website Monitization.

Selling Your Own Product:

selling your Own Product through shopping portal or through Advertisng .There are many e-shopping sites that make you sell your own product on their portal like Flipkart,eBay,Amazon,Craigslist,Etsy, etc.Just try out if you have any product to sell.Today Online Shopping is growing and also is an effective way to purchase due to several advantage like Home Delivery,Low price tag,flexibilty and so on.

Sell your Photos:

If you are a professional photographer or have More stock photos.There are some websites will pay you for your photos. www.shutterstock. com, and are the websites where you can sell your photos


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