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How to Find RSS Feed URL for any website & for a Particular Label

Today I am going to reveal you how to find RSS FEED URL of any website.It is very simple to find the feed url.If you search in google.you can find difficult steps for that.Ofcourse There are several steps to find RSS FEED URL but by this technique you can find any website’sRSS FEED URL.So Get ready to know the way

It is just 5 step process

Step 1: Open the Chrome Browser and Go to the website for which rssfeed url needed. For Example If you need Pavithran.Net RSSFeed URL then Go to that website from Chrome Browser.

Step 2: Left click anywhere on the site. A popup window opens like the below image. I marked that Popup Window in Red square in the below image for your reference.

Step 3: In that window you see “view page source”.Click that “View page source” button.See the below image for reference.

Step 4: A new tab opens on the browser which has corresponding page code.After that Press”CTRL+F”key.Search Bar opens.Type “rss”in the search bar and press Enter.

Step 5: Then it highlights the rss word in that page .By looking at carefully you will find that page RSSFEED URL.See the below Image.I found my website’s RSS FEED URL which is underlined and circled.

That’s It guys.I hope you follow me flawlessly.

VERDICT: Simple method to  find any website’s RSSFEED URL

RSS FEED URL for a Specific Label or Category

If you want RSS FEED URL for a Specific Label then The URL will look like the below one. Copy the below url but make sure that you can change the Website name and Label name.


🔶 If your label name contains more than one word with spaces between them, you will need to replace the spaces with %20 [the HTML code which creates a space].

Note: Type your Label on the Above Feed url and replace pavithran.net to your Website name.
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