How to prevent Copying Post from your Blog- Right Click Disabling


Hi guys.Today i will show you how to prevent your blog post from copying it.Nowadays So many scammer hide themselves behind the technology.Even in blogging perspective the scam exists by copying other’s valued post to their blog.It is illegal and even an offense.

There are Several Methods to prevent copying your post

1. By disabling Right Click.

2.Placing Warning Banners in the blog.

3.sending DMCA letter To Google Adsense or to Others.

4.If First 3 methods are not working,you can think of filing complaint under lawsuit.

By disabling Right Click

Just follow the Below step to prevent copying Post from your blog.

STEP 1: Go to Dashboard

STEP 2: Go to Layout.Image is provided for reference.See below

STEP 3: Click the “Add a gadget” on the Layout.For Image reference see below

STEP 4: A pop up Window opens after clicking the “Add to gadget”.Look at the below image at Reference.In that you can click on HTML/JavaScript section.

STEP 5: Now copy the below code and Paste it on the mentioned space in the diagram

CODE for Disable Right Click:


  • Change to Your Website Url
  • You can also change the Message “Function Disabled!” with your custom message.It will display when someone trying to right click on your Website.

STEP 6: Copy the code In the Below Mentioned place on the Image.

Prevent copying blog post from scammers
That’s It.Now you can check your blog.Your right click doesn’t work and you cannot copy any content on your Blog.

If you are using a dedicated WORDPRESS Hosting,then it is so simple for you to disable the right-click by installing plugin known as from official plugin repo.
That’s It.

Anyways If you have any opinion or any suggestions to share with please do comment below and share your Thoughts.If you know any other way to prevent from copying post I request you to share on comment section .It will help others.

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