How to Redirect to permanently without any error


Redirecting to Permanently

Hello Friends.Blogspot is the free Blogging platform owned by GOOGLE Inc.I thought eveyone has Domain with you as it is free of cost and the setting up process is also very easy.But For example if you are Indian then your blogspot domain redirect from Blogspot.COM to blogspot it is natural that it directs our domain to the country side domains like , and so on.

Here I am going to reveal the code that redirect your country domain into without any adverse effect in time and Quality of your Blogspot.

Why we need to hide our Country specific Domain?

It may affect your Worldwide Traffic and Visitors may think and misjudge our blog based on the country For eg:US visitor come through organic search but he came to know that blogspot is india origin so he just avoid them as thought like domain from other country may has irrelevant content.So they just avoid such blogs.Same scenario happens to all country specific domains.To avoid this we must hide our country redirect domain so as they can’t misjudge our blog and they don’t know where the blog hails from.

1. Go to

2. Go to template—>Edit Html

3. Search for <head> by pressing CTRL+F key.

4. Paste the below code just after <head>

var blog = document.location.href.toLowerCase();
if (!blog.match(/ {
blog = blog.replace(/.blogspot..*?//, “”);

Now save the template.

Now go and view your blog. It never redirects you to your country specific domains.yeah!…we did it

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