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How to Send Larger Files more than 4GB into Pendrive

Why We can’t Copy Larger Files into Pendrive eventhough we have enough Space

We all face the Issues when we buy a new Pendrive. If you send smaller files in your Pendrive it is fine. But if you are going to send the Larger File of 4GB or above you may get to see a Popup window says”File is Too Large for Destination File System”. If you experience such a problem, most probably it’s caused by the fact that your external drive or card is formatted with the FAT32 file system. A New Pendrive is by default set to FAT32 format. Now you can change this format “FAT32”  to “NTFS”.

When I send the Movie file I face this problem. That Movie is somewhat above 4GB. So it won’t allow me to send the Large file into the USB Drive and Shows Error that the “File is Too Large” as in the below image. Now I am going to tell you How i made it to allow Big Files in Following Steps:
[Note: Please take Backup of All Datas in your Pendrive as it will be permanently deleted]

Step 1: Go to My Computer(Press Windows + E)

Step 2: Insert the Pendrive on which you want to send the Larger File.

Step 3: After Inserting your Pendrive. Pendrive’s Name has shown on My Computer in Device & Driver Section.

Step 4: Right Click the Pendrive’s Name

Step 5: Select “Format”

Step 6: Now in the File System Drop down Menu, Change the Format from FAT32 to NTFS.
(You can choose either NTFS or ex-FAT But i recommend NTFS format as it is compatible for All Windows version and also used for All features).

Step 7: Click on Quick Format

Step 8: At Last Click on “Start”

Step 9: Your Drive will be Formatted and Now you can send Larger Files upto the total Capacity of your Pendrive.

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