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Html Code for Popunder the Website on Blogger

Code No: 1

This code Produce One Popunder for one Page.

Click the Below Text Area and Copy the code by pressing CTRL+C.

//specify page to pop-under

var popunder=”http://yourlinkhere.com”

//specify popunder window features

//set 1 to enable a particular feature, 0 to disable

var winfeatures=”width=800,height=510,scrollbars=1,resizable=1,toolbar=1,location=1,menubar=1,status=1,directories=0″

//Pop-under only once per browser session? (0=no, 1=yes)

//Specifying 0 will cause popunder to load every time page is loaded

var once_per_session=0

///No editing beyond here required/////

function get_cookie(Name) {

var search = Name + “=”

var returnvalue = “”;

if (document.cookie.length > 0) {

offset = document.cookie.indexOf(search)

if (offset != -1) { // if cookie exists

offset += search.length

// set index of beginning of value

end = document.cookie.indexOf(“;”, offset);

// set index of end of cookie value

if (end == -1)

end = document.cookie.length;

returnvalue=unescape(document.cookie.substring(offset, end))



return returnvalue;


function loadornot(){

if (get_cookie(‘popunder’)==”){





function loadpopunder(){





if (once_per_session==0)




Code No: 2

This code produce repeated Popunder for a Single Page

document.body.onclick= function(){

window.open(‘http://pavithran.net’, ‘poppage’, ‘toolbars=0, scrollbars=1, location=0, statusbars=0, menubars=0, resizable=1, width=1000, height=650, left = 300, top = 50’);


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