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Royal Win Review| How to Make Money| Payment Proof

RoyalWin is the online betting Website made with love in India. Right now it is a genuine online Gaming & Betting Website established in 2014 (Gambling Website). Yes, Of course, it is a Gambling website. Here you can make money only by risking your hard-earned money. It is more or like Gambling. As your prediction only will make you rich.

Royalwin Website Review, Earning Tips & Tricks and Payment Proof
Royalwin Website Review

Royalwin India is subjected to high risk. So only deposit the money you can afford to. Don’t deposit a high amount of money on these Platforms. Once you learned to make a profit out of it. Then you can go for it.

You have to take risks in your life too. But before you do that, analyze your winning percentage, build some strategies, etc. After that make some small deposits and increase the profit amount from it. After that, you can deposit a high amount of Cash.

I always recommend you to go with a small or least amount of deposit like 100₹ or 150₹. As even you lose it won’t affect you financially. Once you become an expert in this, you can dig deeper by investing a big amount.

I believe all adults should be free to play Real money making games online to enjoy the thrill of choice and control in the way you play and to consistently win in more ways than one.

RoyalWin Legit or Not?

Yes, It is a Legit and genuine platform. I am their Proud member and I earned money from them. I enclosed My personal experience and Payment proof below. Don’t skip the paragraph and read all information I am trying to explain here. As it is important to know before you enter this Website.

100 Bonus for New Members from RoyalWin

New Users can get a ₹100 Bonus deposit just by signing up using the below link. Yes, you don’t need to deposit your money. We convinced the Royalwin Team to give our Users a ₹100 Bonus by just registering using our referral link or referral code.

Super First Deposit Bonus on Royalwin
Super First Deposit Bonus on Royalwin


You can also get a 150% Bonus on your First deposit right away. So, Don’t wait anymore and deposit your amount and get 150% more on your Account.

How to Register and Fill the Registration Form Correctly

Royalwin Register
Royalwin Register

To become Royalwin member you should register by providing the following information.

Phone Number: Provide currently active Phone Number

Real Name: Submit the Name as per your Bank Passbook. If the name you choose is already selected just add “Entertainment” at the last. For more support contact Customer service for a solution.

I too face the same problem. My name is KARTHIK M. But my name was already chosen by someone. So I entered KARTHIK M Entertainment. Your Name should match your Bank Account Name. Then only you will receive the money to your Bank Account.

Bank Account Number for Withdrawal: You can provide the Bank Account Number on which the Withdrawal amount is transferred.

IFSC Code: Provide your Bank IFSC code. It should be mentioned in your Bank Passbook Frontpage. You can also check your Bank IFSC code here.

Note: (Read Carefully) It is 100% safe to share your Bank Account Number & IFSC code. Do not disclose your ATM Card Number, CVV Number, PIN, UPI PIN on any platform.

Once the register is done, all account details cannot be modified or removed. So, please check twice before you submit your Signing up form. If you registered the wrong details, create a new Registration form with a new email id and fill in the information correctly.

Don’t create multiple accounts otherwise you might face consequences and actions taken by Royalwin’s side. Don’t try to cheat them. They will find you and suspend all your Accounts.

Password/Payment password: give the password you want to. You must remember the password otherwise you will not withdraw the amount you earned.

Royalwin Online Betting Website from India

Royalwin is an Indian Betting company which provides Games, Lottery, casinos, Card, slots, Fish, and so on.

For playing games, you need some huge amounts. If you want my perspective, I only play the Lottery Games.

Royal Win Lottery

In Royalwin Lottery you have 7 types of Games. They are Money Tree, Ladder, Goal, Easy win, LuckySlot, Diamond Lotto, Super Lotto.

I would prefer to play Money Tree, Ladder & Goal as these 3 games are 1-minute games. I play only these 3 games to earn money from this website.

1-Minute Game:-

In Money Tree 3 dices are being thrown and the resultant sum is the Number that you have to predict whether it is a Large number(11-18) or a Small number(0-10), Even or Odd.

In Ladder Game You have to predict in which direction the ladder goes. There are 4 destinations A, B, C & D.

In Goal Game, you have to predict whether it make a Goal or Miss it or hit the Bar,

My Personal Experience with RoyalWin

I am also a User of Royalwin. I played Lottery Game especially Ladder Game, Money Tree and rarely GOAL as well. because you can start the bet from 1₹ and the Game time is just 1 Minute.

I know What you will ask me Next. Will you make a Profit out of this Website and Withdraw the Amount? Right!

The Answer is Yes. I make a Profit and I withdrew 5500₹ to my Bank account till now. It took 1-2 hours of time to reach my Bank account. Requesting your withdrawal in working hours will be transacted successfully.

Royalwin Withdraw Record
Royalwin Withdraw Record

Minimum Withdrawal: 500₹ only.

Deposit: You can deposit via Netbanking, UPI method. Whatsapp deposit agent is also available. Just visit their Deposit side page to get more details regarding payment options.

Note: Make a minimum deposit of 100₹ first and learn how to play and try to make a profit out of it.

Payment Proof:

I have submitted my SBI Account Details and I received all the amount I requested for withdrawal. Below is the screenshot of my Bank Account statement to prove that they are paying to their members 100% sure.

RoyalWin Bank Account Statement
RoyalWin Bank Account Statement

I have my own strategy and I earned from it. But I can’t guarantee you that you too could make this amount of Profit. It all depends upon you & the choice you made. I already told you it is a Gambling website. There are lots of possibilities to lose all your money. Realize the Risk and deposit the money. We are not responsible for any loss incurred on Royal Win.

Tips & Tricks to Win Royalwin Lottery by Prediction:-

  1. First If you want to become a Royal Win member and going to try it. Click here to signup and get the Bonus amount of 100₹ by investing 100₹. You will receive 200₹ in your Account. If you do not receive the Bonus amount, contact their Customer support. They are 24/7 available.
  2. Start betting with the least amount of 1₹ and learn the Game first.
  3. Try to find your own working strategy like Double betting, Triple betting and guess the prediction.
  4. Fix daily target amount to achieve and play. when you reach your target amount, just leave the website and open the Next day. If you play the same day for a long time, you may end up losing the money you earned.
  5. Take a break for every 30 minutes of playing
  6. Set the losing amount limit on your mind. If you lose the amount you set on your losing amount limit, Stop playing that day. because if you keep on betting after than, you might lose all the money in your account.

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