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Sources Of Indian Constitution: Features taken from Other Countries

The Indian Constitution is unique in its cintents and spirit. Though it borrowed from almost every constitution of the world.The Constitution refers to the fundamental laws and principles which prescribe the nature, functions and the limits of a government. It reflects the aspirations of the people it belongs to. Many call Indian constitution a copy paste work and a Perfect example of plagiarism. Most parts of it have been copied from Government of India Act 1935. The chairman of drafting committee Dr. Ambedkar had said that – “I make no apologies. There is nothing to be ashamed of in borrowing. It involves no plagiarism. Nobody holds any patent rights in the fundamental ideas of a Constitution”. And our founding fathers chose to incorporate what they found most suitable at that time of making it.

Features Taken from Other Countries

Indian constitution is one of the most elaborate and complex written constitution in the world. It is largest written constitution in the world. Dr B R Ambedkar, the father of Indian Constitution has given due care to each and every aspect of social and economic structure of our country.
Some of the sources of constitution are:


 Features Borrowed

1.Government of India Act of 1935
 Federal Scheme, Office of Governor, Judiciary, Public Service Commision, Emergency Provisions and Administrative Details
2.British Constitution
Parliamentary Government, Rule of Law, Legislative procedure, Single citizenship, Cabinet system, Prerogative writs, Parliamentary privileges and Bicameralism
3.US Constitution
Fundamental rights, Independence of Judiciary, Judicial review, Impeachment of President, Removal of Supreme court and High court Judges and Post of Vice-president
4.Irish Constitution
Directive Principles of State Policy, Nomination of members of Rajya Sabha and Method of election of President
5.Canadian Constitution
Federation with a strong centre, Vesting of residuary powers in the Centre, Appointment of state governors by Centre, and Advisory jursidiction of the Supreme Court
6.Australian Constitution
Concurrent list, Freedom of trade, Commerce and Inter-course and Joint sitting of two houses of parliament
7.Weimar Constitutin of Germany
Suspension of Fundamental Rights during Emergency
8.Soviet Constitution(USSR, now Russia
Fundamental duties and the Ideals of Justice (social,economic and political) in the Preamble
9.French Constitution
Republic and the ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in the Preamble
10.South African Constitition
Procedure for amendment of constitution and election of members of the Rajya Sabha
11.Japanese Constitution
Procedure established by Law

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