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List of Organic Acids and its Source

Important Acids And Its Source Source Acid Present Apple Malic Acid Lemon Citric Acid Grape Tartaric Acid Tomato Oxalic Acid Vinegar Acetic Acid Curd Lactic Acid Orange Ascorbic Acid Tea Tannic Acid Stomach Juice Hydrochloric Acid Ant, Bee Formic Acid

Difference between Plant Cell and Animal Cell

Plant Cell Animal Cell The plant celll possesses a rigid cell wall generally made up of cellulose The cell wall is absent in animal cell Usually Larger in size Comparitively Smaller in size Mitochondria are comparitively fewer Mitochondria are generally…

Father of Various Branches of Biology

✸  Father of  Biology – Aristotle ✸  Father of  Zoology – Arristotle ✸  Father of  Botany – Theophrastus ✸  Father of  Endochrinology – Thomas Addinson ✸  Father of  Modern Botany – Carl Linnaeus ✸  Father of  Bacteriology – Anton Van…