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Yojana Magazine:-

Yojana Magazine is the monthly magazine published an issue every month. It is one of the useful and much required and followed books by UPSC aspirants. They cover India’s recent Political and Administrative affairs, changes, amendments, bills and more. If you are a UPSC Aspirant or preparing for any Central Government Job exams Yojana Magazine pdf will be helpful to prepare for the Current Affairs section. I encourage you to buy the paperback book rather than downloading Yojana Magzine in pdf.

Why Read Yojana Magazine

it provides a monthly update regarding Indian Political changes, economic activities, currency, government policy, etc.

If you read Yojana magazine PDF monthly magazine you don’t need to prepare current affairs separately

It gives you detailed and comprehensive content regarding Indian Politics and also share some important Political Science topic each month which are relating to that particular month current affairs.

Download Yojana Magazine PDF/BUY Online

You can download the Yojana Magazine from the link given below. Buy this Magazine and make use of it wisely and crack upcoming exams.

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Yojana Magazine online Book

It is helpful for SSC, BANKING & UPSC apirants to prepare for your respective exams and crack it with ease if you followed the Yojana magazine pdf regularly without fail.

it also provided previous year questions with detailed explanation which will give you confidence on how strong you will in politics.

They also share the Debate of any topic from their point of you,which most likely come in UPSC exams.

Where Can I get Yojana Magazine?

Yojana Magazines are available to everyone at your doorstep through Subscription or you might buy it via Amazon. I recommend you to get subscribed annually to receive the Book at your doorstep.

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How to Subscribe Yojana Magazine?

To get you subscribed to Yojana Magazine to receive monthly, you have to


  • You can buy Yojana magazines on Amazon also.

What is the Price of Yojana Magazine?

Name of JournalsPrice per copyYearly Subscription
Yojana English10100(1 year), 180(2year), 250(3 year)
Yojana Hindi10100(1 year), 180(2year), 250(3 year)
Yojana Urdu10100(1 year), 180(2year), 250(3 year)
Yojana Pb10100(1 year), 180(2year), 250(3 year)
Yojana Oriya10100(1 year), 180(2year), 250(3 year)
Yojana Magazine

Is Yojana Magazine is good for UPSC?

For me, Absolute Yes. You will get broad knowledge about what is happening in Politics and economic affairs. It will surely help you write more points on Polity & Current affairs Questions. You will get good marks if you read this magazine without fail.

How much does Yojana Magazine Cost?

Each Yojana Magazine Costs 22 Rupees which is published in English as well as in Hindi. If you want to get their paperback book you can buy the Magazines from the Below link we provide for you.