5 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Certification Courses to Pursue in 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) are the fastest evolving in the field of technology. These two technologies have taken over the world by creating more employment opportunities, offering high salary packages, and creating scope for talented engineers and professionals who want to work on cutting-edge technology.

Here are few of the AI & ML courses that can offer you numerous benefits:

1) Data science, machine learning and Artificial intelligence programme:

This course offered by IIM Kozhikode provides a comprehensive understanding of all three subjects. This course offers 55+ hours of recorded videos, 15+ assignments and 4 weeks of a capstone project and 10+ hours of working in an office with industry experts.

What can you learn from this course:
• Learn how to implement data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence into real-life situations
• Have a comprehensive understanding of concepts from AI, ML and data science to fit various business situations
• Interact and collaborate with subject matter experts
• Gain hands-on experience implementing, monitoring, designing and defining data science, ML and AL projects

2) Certificate course in Data science and Machine learning:

IIT Delhi offers this 6-month live online certificate course for early and mid-level professionals. Professionals keen to develop a data-driven decision-making approach to enhance their business can take up this course.

What you can learn from this course:
• You can build predictive models and time series data forecasting models with the help of neural networks
• Learn concepts on the machine learning algorithms, statistical models, and application of machine learning
• Have in-depth knowledge of regression, clustering, decisions trees and deep learning
• Know about optimisation formulations to build accurate models and minimise errors Data Science Course

3) AI and ML for business excellence:

This IIM Kozhikode curriculum helps you transform your ability to integrate AL and ML into your business and gain a competitive edge over other businesses. This 10-month live online course includes three 90-minute workshops with industry experts.
What can you learn from this course:
• Have a core understanding of AI and ML concepts
• Have experience in using the latest tools of AI & ML to solve real-world business challenges
• Understand how these technologies impact business outcomes
• Gain knowledge in identifying, implementing and monitoring AI & ML projects

4) AI: Strategies for business transformation:

The need for developing proficiency in AI and ML courses is increasing as businesses are more inclined towards AI-enabled transformation. This programme best suits business leaders, functional leaders, consultants and senior business stakeholders keen to build business strategy basis on AI & ML. This is a 12-week online course with a certificate from ISB Executive Education.
What can you learn from this course:
• You can make critical business decisions with the help of AI & ML tools
• You can predict your business and build a strategy for a way forward
• You can find areas how latest technology can help your business scale in terms of revenue and efficiency

5) Executive certificate programme in AI & ML:

This executive certificate course offered by S.P Jain institute of management and research will help managers gain holistic knowledge on applying AI & ML in real-world business challenges. This 7-month live online course allows managers to manage their careers proactively.
What can you learn from this course:
This course will make you competent in effectively handling AI & ML projects
• Help you to make strategic business decisions
• Improve problem-solving capabilities using AI & ML tools
• Help your business gain a competitive edge over other business

What are the benefits of pursuing the above courses?

• These are the fastest-growing fields, and knowledge about these technologies will help you work on exciting projects in the industry.
• These courses open up job opportunities in different sectors, such as healthcare, finance, e-commerce and more.
• The demand for AI/ML translates to higher salaries for skilled professionals.
• Helps you to become proficient in solving complex problems using AI & ML tools.

Pursuing any of the above artificial intelligence and machine learning certificationcourses will help you get the essential skills and knowledge to start any AI-ML-based business. These certificate courses will help you gain valuable skills and expertise and open new career opportunities to help you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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