Download General Knowledge Made Easy Book for All Competitive Exams

General Knowledge Made Easy Book
General Knowledge Made Easy Book

General Knowledge Made Easy Book is one of the best-compiled books where you can study the General Knowledge Section in an easy and lucid way because of its Precise and simple explanation. We provide a point-by-point paragraph which covers important keywords and stuff that is more likely asked in competitive exams.

The innovative, systematic, and lucid style adopted in the presentation of this book would definitely delight our readers towards our constructive attempt. The aim of this book is to help students learn, analyze and fathom the pattern of questions being asked especially in the Banking and Insurance exams which will effectively help them in maximizing their overall scores in the most difficult subject of the banking examinations, as considered. I hope that our concerned efforts would find a positive response.
This book is dedicated to all of you, My dear students.!

How to Study for the General Knowledge Subject?

Use the following tips and techniques for mastering the General Knowledge

  1. Have a strategy: Failing to plan is planning to fail! If you straight away dive into the subject without making a clear-cut plan, it may lead to a wastage of time and unnecessary confusion. Thus, before starting to prepare General Knowledge for the examinations, formulate a strategy and decide on how much you need to finish up within a particular time frame. Create a weekly schedule and a monthly one, since daily schedules can be too rigid! Also, write down your schedule and stick it to the wall in front of your study table. This way, you will be continuously reminded of the course you have already completed, and of what needs to be finished, both on a weekly and a monthly basis.
  2. Do not ratify, but try to understand: True, some part of GK just does not have enough material to be ‘understood’, and it has to be straightaway memorized (for example: sobriquets, superlatives, capital cities, etc.), but the major sections like History, Geography, Science, Indian Polity, etc., can and should be understood properly. A deeper understanding of these topics will help you in memorizing even the bland facts related to them.
General Knowledge Made Easy Book
  1. Do not try to break the whole mountain at once, break one stone at a time: Remember Dashrath Manji, the ‘Mountain Man’? He used a hammer and a chisel and carved out a way out of a mountain and shortened the distance between his village and another prominent village. How can just one person break the whole mountain? He did not try to move the mountain in a single day but he broke one stone at a time. That is how GK should be studied—do not make extremely big, unreasonable goals. Break your goals into chunks of small tasks, and try achieving a few such tasks in a day. Thus, rather than writing ‘I will start and complete the Indian Constitution today’, write ‘I will complete the portions till Salient Features of the Constitution today’,
    ‘Fundamental Rights tomorrow’ and so on and so forth. Thus, if you
    break your tasks into small chunks, you will not be overburdened with
    studies and before you know it, you would have accomplished a lot more
    than you would have thought.
  2. Know what to leave: In General, Knowledge, knowing what to leave is as
    important as knowing what to cover. Thus, be in touch with your mentors and if they ask you to leave a particular sub-topic, topic or section, leave it! You cannot possibly cover everything under the sun and thus, understanding what to leave becomes very important to ace General Knowledge.
    5. Take a break: Take frequent, but short breaks. Our mind is tuned to work at its peak only for about 50–60 minutes without a break. Thus, take a 5–10 minutes break after each hour and you will be able to study for more hours, without getting tired.
    6. Revise: This is the most underrated tool for scoring well in the GK section. Most of the students spend all their time just reading and memorizing new topics, without revising what they have already learnt. Keep aside at least 10% of the time you spend studying GK for revising your topics.
    Follow the above-mentioned tips to improve and score well in the
    General Knowledge section. Note that these tips are not specific to just one examination and thus will help you in preparing for any examination that has General Knowledge as one of the sections.
Book Name:General Knowledge Made Easy
No of Pages:336 pages
Available Format:PDF(Printable)

Who can Buy this Book?

While preparing, all the necessary including minute details have been taken care of. We cover all Topics with extreme care and include all important points that will help our readers in getting through any type of new pattern questions with confidence and satisfaction. The book will be extremely helpful in preparing for all the SSC, Banking, and Insurance examinations like IBPS, SBI, BANK OF BARODA, SYNDICATE BANK, RBI ASSISTANT, OICL, UIIC, LIC, along with SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC, etc.

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