Child Development and Pedagogy PDF for CTET/STET

Child Development & Pedagogy with Previous Year Papers(2011-19)

By Himanshi Singh

Invincible Publisher’s CTET & STETs Child Development & Pedagogy Book with Previous year Papers(2011-19) authored by Himanshi Singh.

Useful for Competitive exams like CTET/DSSSB/KVS/HTET/UP-TET/NVS and other State TET exams.

CTET & STETs Child Development and Pedagogy PDF
CTET & STETs Child Development and Pedagogy PDF

Table of Contents

  1. Growth and Development
  2. Socialisation Process
  3. Cognitive & Moral Development
  4. Child centered & Progressive education
  5. Concept of Intelligence
  6. Language and Thought
  7. Gender as a Social construct Gender Roles, Gender bias and educational practice.

Topics to cover in Child Development & Pedagogy by Himanshi Singh in Brief:-

Growth & Development, Heredity & Environment, Principles of Development, Socialisation, Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological System Theory of Social Development, Looking Glass self & I and Me Theories of Socialisation, Freud’s Psychosexual Theory, Concept of emotional intelligence, Theory of Emotion, Stages of Language Development, Gender as Social Construct, Child-centred and Progressive education, Schools of Psychology, Vygotsky’s Socio-Cultural Development, Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Development, Jerome Bruner’s Learning Theory, Kohlberg’s Moral Development, Thurstone’s PMA & Crystall, Fluid intelligence, JP Guilford’s Theory of Three Dimensional Intelligence, Theories of Personality, Trait Approach, Inclusive education,

Book Name:Child Development & Pedagogy PDF
Exams Prepared:CTET, STETs, KVS, HTET, UP-TET, NVS
Author:Himanshi Singh
File Format:PDF(9 MB)
No of Pages:618 Pages

2. Disha’s Child Development & Pedagogy Paper 1 & 2

Table of Contents

  1. Child Growth & Development Concepts, Principles and Influences
  2. Constructs and Critical Perceptives of Development
  3. Socialization Process
  4. Inclusive education
  5. Individual Differences and Intelligence: Thought & Language
  6. Progressive Education
  7. Learning, Motivation & Emotion
  8. Learning through Problem Solving Constructivism: Memory and Forgetting
  9. Assessment & Evaluations

Disha’s Latest Revised(3rd) Edition on Child Development & Pedagogy Book is one of the Best-Sellers in this Category and would prove its purpose for those who really needs them.


CTET & STETs Child Development and Pedagogy PDF
CTET & STETs Child Development and Pedagogy PDF
Book Name:Child Development & Pedagogy Paper 1 & 2
Published by:Disha Publications
Edition:3rd Edition
File Format:PDF(56 MB)
No of Pages:699 Pages


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Watch Out Himanshi Singh’s Full Course on Child Development & Pedagogy

Child Development and Pedagogy Syllabus:

a) Child Development (Primary School Child):

  • Concept of development and its relationship with learning
  • Principles of the development of children
  • Influence of Heredity & Environment
  • Socialization processes: Social world & children (Teacher, Parents, Peers)
  • Piaget, Kohlberg and Vygotsky: constructs and critical perspectives
  • Concepts of child-centered and progressive education
  • Critical perspective of the construct of Intelligence
  • Multi-Dimensional Intelligence
  • Language & Thought
  • Gender as a social construct; gender roles, gender-bias and educational practice
  • Individual differences among learners, understanding differences based on diversity of language, caste, gender, community, religion etc.
  • Distinction between Assessment for learning and assessment of learning; School-Based Assessment, Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation: perspective and practice
  • Formulating appropriate questions for assessing readiness levels of learners; for enhancing learning and critical thinking in the classroom and for assessing learner achievement.

b) Concept of Inclusive education and understanding children with special needs:

  • Addressing learners from diverse backgrounds including disadvantaged and deprived
  • Addressing the needs of children with learning difficulties, ‘impairment’ etc.
  • Addressing the Talented, Creative, Specially abled Learners

c) Learning and Pedagogy:

  • How children think and learn; how and why children ‘fail’ to achieve success in school performance.
  • Basic processes of teaching and learning; children’s strategies of learning; learning as a social activity; social context of learning.
  • Child as a problem solver and a ‘scientific investigator’
  • Alternative conceptions of learning in children, understanding children’s ‘errors’ as significant steps in the learning process.
  • Cognition & Emotions
  • Motivation and learning
  • Factors contributing to learning – personal & environmental

You will receive 30 Questions from Child Development and Pedagogy in CTET Paper-1 & Paper-2 each. Hence, Child Development & Pedagogy are important to determine your cut-off. Start preparing from the above Books which are considered to be best to practice for the upcoming Exams.

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