CTET Maths and Science Books PDF Download in English

CTET Maths and Science Book PDF
CTET Maths and Science Book PDF

CTET Mathematics and Science is the exam conducted by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), New Delhi to get posts of teachers in different states. This exam is conducted by CBSE every year. Applicants who are searching for CTET exam books in pdf can download it from our website. We provide CTET Exam Books PDF in English.

CTET is an entrance examination that is held for those candidates who want to be a teacher in Central Government and State Government schools in India. So all the candidates who want to take this examination must prepare well for it.

CTET Syllabus:

CTET books are very important for the exam. CTET examination is the most important examination for the person who wants to be a teacher. If you want to be a teacher, you will need to clear the CTET exam.
For your preparation, you need to know all the syllabus from the CTET books.

10 Tips To Get Better Score In CTET Exam

  1. Tips to take a great examination in the CTET exam. If you are thinking to crack the CTET exam for a government position then you have to make sure to score at least 50 percent in the exam.
  2. Most of the candidates who are aiming to go for government jobs will look for this exam because it is the direct entry level for the same.
  3. You should take help from some very handy questions online. These questions have some very useful features which you should get clear to achieve a better score in the exam.
  4. You should get a clear picture of the syllabus of the CTET exam.
  5. You should give proper preparation to be able to score well in the exam.
  6. You should get really clear about the exam syllabus.
  7. You should try to understand the questions of the exam.

Top 10 Must-Read Books For CTET Exam Preparation

25 Helpful Reading Comprehension Tips To Improve Your Ability To Understand What You Read

Arihant Success Master CTET Paper-2 (Mathematics & Science) PDF

A good CTET preparation is not possible without the right material. The Arihant Success Master CTET books in English are the best way to get a head start on exam prep. Preparing for the CTET exam in English helps you understand the question paper and the answer key and makes the process of calculation much easier.

Arihant Success Master CTET Paper-2 PDF (Mathematics & Science)
Arihant Success Master CTET Paper-2 PDF (Mathematics & Science)

Mathematics & Science Paper-2 (Class 6 – 8)

For those who are applying for CTET exam, the CTET Success Master Paper-II: Maths & Science Teacher Selection For Class VI-VIII will help them in understanding the syllabus for the exam. The book also focuses on what skills and knowledge a teacher should have. It is a must-have for those who are looking to crack this exam.

The Arihant Success Master CTET Paper-2 helps you get ready to take mathematics subjects. t has 3000 MCQs Solved Paper and its chapterwise curriculum of Trend Analysis is too comprehensive. Moreover, it is a must-have for those students, who are looking for a lucrative job in the competitive sector of education.

Based on Latest Exam Pattern & NCERT Books

This is a study package to prepare students to solve the paper 2 of CTET Exam. The book has about 3000 MCQs solved paper 2019 which covers all the topics of the CTET. The syllabus of the CTET paper-2 is fully covered in this book. Students who are preparing to do the exam can use this book as a preparation kit to get ready for the Mathematics paper.

Focused Study material for

  • Child Development & Pedagogy
  • Language 1 – English
  • Language 2 – Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  1. Provides 3000+ MCQs Solved Paper 2019 & 2 Practice Sets
  2. Chapterwise Coverage of Trend Analysis & Previous years questions

If you have a hard time in CTET Exam then it’s best to use this book. The Arihant Success Master CTET Books will give you a good start for the paper and make you aware of the topics that need to be covered. CTET Success Master Paper-II: Maths & Science Teacher Selection For Class VI-VIII will help you prepare for the exam, whether you’re a student or a teacher.


  • Solved Paper 2019 (December),
  • Solved Paper 2019 (July),
  • Solved Paper 2018 (December),
  • Solved Paper 2016 (September),
  • Child Development and Pedagogy,
  • English Language and Pedagogy,
  • Hindi Bhasha evm Shiksha Shastra,
  • Mathematics and Pedagogy,
  • Science and Pedagogy,
  • Practice Sets (1-2)

Previous year papers from the years 2001 to 2013 are additionally included. The book was aggregated by the specialists at Arihant. The seventh release of CTET Success Master Paper-II was distributed in 2013 and is accessible in Pdf. All you have to do to get this pdf is click on the below button and contact me without any hesitation. I will provide you all Success Master CTET Books at the Cheap price.

Book Details:-

Book Name:Successmaster CTET Paper-2 (Class 6 to 8)
Subject:Mathematics & Science
Author/Publisher:Arihant Publications
No of Pages:719 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:16 MB

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4. Arihant CTET & TET Previous Years’ Papers 2020-2011 PDF

CTET & TET Previous Year Papers 2011-2020 PDF
CTET & TET Previous Year Papers 2011-2020 PDF

The Arihant CTET Previous Year Papers PDF is one of the most popular and best-selling books for the CTET examination. These questions have detailed explanations and the answers are given at the end of the book. The most important features of the book are its broad coverage, accurate solutions, and exhaustive answers.

Arihant CTET Previous Years’ Solved Papers 2020-2011 Book is a comprehensive book for teachers. It offers 3000 solved questions that are in detailed explanations for CTET, UP TET, HTET, REET, UTET, CGTET. It offers two different levels of questions. You can use the foundation level questions to practice. With the stronghold on normal questions, you can easily clear the competitive exams of CTET.

Book Covers

  • Complete Detailed Explanation
  • Complete Coverage of Syllabus
  • 3000+ Solved Questions Covering CTET, UPTET, HTET, REET, UTET, CGTET, etc.

Highly Useful for CTET, UPTET, HTET, UTET, CGTET & all Other State TETs

Book Details:-

Book Name:CTET Cracker Child Development & Pedagogy for Paper 1 & 2
Subject:Mathematics & Science
Author/Publisher:Arihant Publications
No of Pages:447 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:12 MB

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CTET: Previous Years’ Papers & Practice Test Papers (Solved) (Paper-II) Mathematics & Science Teachers (Class VI-VIII) PDF

Are you a teacher of these classes? This is the book for you. If you are a student, this book is for you too. This book contains all the study material that you need to get through the CTET exam with flying colors.

CTET Previous Year Paper Paper-2 by R Gupta PDF
CTET Previous Year Paper Paper-2 by R Gupta PDF

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CTET Previous Year Solved Papers PDF

CTET 2014 Previous Year Solved PapersDownload PDF

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