Difference between Plant Cell and Animal Cell

Plant Cell Animal Cell
The plant celll possesses a rigid cell wall generally made up of cellulose The cell wall is absent in animal cell
Usually Larger in size Comparitively Smaller in size
Mitochondria are comparitively fewer Mitochondria are generally more
Plastids are found in Plant cells Plastids are usually absent
The photosynthetic pigment chlorophyll is present Chlorophyll is absent
A mature plant cell contains a central vacuole An animal cell often possesses many small vacuoles
Cytokinesis (division of cytoplasm) occurs by cell plate method Cytokinesis occurs by constriction
Glyoxysomes may be present Glyoxysomes are absent
Cytoskeleton does not contain intermediate fibres Cytoskeleton contain intermediate fibres
Spindel formed during nuclear division is anastral Spindel formed during nuclear division is amphiastral
Reserve food is generalyy starch and fat Reserve food is usually glycogen and fat

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