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What is TNTP?

TNTP stands for Tamil Nadu Teachers Platform. Access their Website tntp. tnschools. gov. in. The state of Tamilnadu opened an Online portal to maintain all information and updates related to Government Schools Teachers and Students. All Sources such as Question Bank, Model question papers, Online exams, Curricular, Calendar, Training are notified here.

If you are a Teacher or Students, you will get all useful information regarding TNTP | TN-EMIS website. Here we guide you to access the platform in a right way. So, please stay with us till this post ends to know the detailed information about this Website.

Safety & Security Training on TNTP & DISHA

Safety and Security training is for all Govt school HMs, PGs, B.Ts and secondary grade teachers. Classes will be starting from 16.12.2020 through online.


All HMS – 16.12.2020
All PGs – 17.12.2020
All B.Ts – 18.12.2020 & 19.12.2020
All SGt – 21.12.2020 & 22.12.2020

To attend this Class Teachers must know their Login Id and Password. If not please ask your HM to get it.

To find your Username and password Please follow the below steps to get your Login credentials.

Step 1: EMIS – School login (go to emis.tnschools.gov.in)
Step 2: Click Staff Details
Step 3: Go to Staff Login Details
Step 4: Teacher Name – User Name – Password

You can visit TNTP website and find TPD in Menu>> Training Service >> Safety & Security Training.

You can also attend the Class on DIKSHA- Platform for School education. Just install Application from Playstore and open the App. Click Login the State system in Profile panel and sign in using TNTP login details and search Safety and Security and Join the Course and start learning the Course. Finish all the 14 sessions to complete the Training.

The 14 sessions are School infrastructure, Safety in School bus, Health and Hygiene, Midday Meal Safety, Psychology and Social Objectives, Roles of HM & Teachers, Supervision of School Safety, Helpline services, Practice sessions.

What is EMIS | Tamil Nadu School Portal/App?

EMIS-Educational Management Information System

EMIS TN school portal

emis tnschools login It is the Online School Management Portal each and every school in Tamilnadu have to maintain this Online system where you can find all details of the School such as Students Details(Student Admission, Student Tagging & Student List), Time Table(Master Timetable, Weekly Timetable, Daily Timetable), Schemes, Staff Details, Class & Sections, and School Profile.

If you are a teacher or a Head Master having a login id and password, go to the Website by clicking the below link and login and update info you want to make a change that is wrong or unfilled.

How EMIS works?

  • Education Management Information System is a centralized database with information about every student, staff member, and schools across the state of Tamil Nadu.
  • To get access to school level profile, you have to know the School code which is unique number provided for each and every schools
  • EMIS is the app place where you can look into the Student attendance and also edit it if you have login details.
  • Each school have to done the Registration and the Registration details i.e Login I’d & password is given to Headmaster of that school.
  • School Timetable is also uploaded on this portal. According to Students Timetable classes has to be conducted.

How To Register to EMIS TNSchools Portal?

Unique login Id was created to each Schools and Teacher have the access to login to the Portal to fill in essential details and information associated to them. This Online Portal is now the Perfect Technological platform to track the educational excellence of Tamilnadu state without anymore paperwork.

Each School in TamilNadu State has EMIS Registration. It can be accessed or logged in by few high authorized people. They are

Head Masters(HM)– Monitor & Improve Student & Staff attendance

Chief Education Officer(CEO)– Inspects all the schools within the revenue district

Block Education Officer(OEO)– Inspects all the schools within the Block district

District Education Officer(DEO)– Inspects all the schools within the Education District

Teachers of the Respective school can get access id and password from Head Master(HM) of that school.

EMIS Application for Android Device

EMIS Portal has an Application that can be installed in Android Device and update school information from your mobile.

As a result of this App, the work has been done easily and get you access from everywhere at any time.

TN-EMIS Profile


Email: [email protected]
Update Version: 0.0.17


Always update the Latest version of TN EMIS/TNTP App from Google play store for uninterrupted service and Bug-free experience.

In TN Emis App Students & Teachers Attendance is uploaded and Academic resources such as Videos, Interactive contents, PDF& PPT files related to educational purposes are uploaded here for Class-1 to Class-12. Teachers can view and download all education-related videos and PDF and update their knowledge regarding the Topic.

EMIS TamilNadu School Student Profile:-

All School Details & Informations are stored in this Portal. Student Details such as Total number of Classes, Number of Students in each class, Student Profile, and Their Attendance. Even Staff Details, Timetable for each class & School Info are also available in this portal. Below is the Dashboard of TN-EMIS after login.

How to Login EMIS Portal Online?

Emis Login Details

Step 1: Click the link below to access the emis.tnschools.gov.in login page. Make sure that you have Login credentials before going to the Dashboard.

Emis Login: Login Page

Step 2: Enter the Username and Password

Step 3: After entering the login credentials, you will be taken to the EMIS Dashboard like the below image(reference)

Step 4: Now you have the access to change any details of the School you concerned with

TN-EMIS Dashboard
EMIS Dashboard

EMIS Portal – Enter School Profile:

To enter the school profile, you need to enter important details like School Name, Location Details, U-DISE Code, School Management category, school affiliation, communication details like phone number, email ID, website and establishment details that include school started year and year of Closing.

EMIS Portal – Updating Student Info:

To update the student’s profile/emis number student login, you need to enter the following details like student’s name, gender, height, blood group, society, parent’s name, transfer details, personal details, academic records, etc.

EMIS Portal – Updating Teaching Staff Info:

To update the teaching staff details, you need to enter the following details like personal information like Name, Aadhaar number, gender, blood group, date of birth, caste & parent’s name, followed by joining details, academic qualification, communication details, Address the main subject taught & deputation details.

EMIS Portal – Updating Non-Teaching Staff Info:

To update the Non-teaching staff details, you need to enter the following details like personal information like Name, gender, blood group, date of birth, Caste, Parent’s name, Aadhaar number followed by Joining details, Academic qualification, Address, and Communication details like Phone numbers, email id and so on.

School Data Entry Information Guide PDF

Download Staff Registration Guidelines PDF

Contact Details:-

For any queries or issues regarding TN-EMIS, you can contact the EMIS management team via [email protected].

Principal Secretary of Tamilnadu GovernmentThiru. Deeraj Kumar IAS
Phone:044 – 25672790
Email:[email protected]
Commissioner of School EducationTmt. Sigy Thomas Vaidhyan, I.A.S
Location:D.P.I campus

Download Tamilnadu TextBooks in PDF for All Students

Tamilnadu New Textbooks are available in pdf in both Tamil and English language for All Class Students. It will be useful for Government Exam Aspirants as well. Download Tamilnadu Textbooks from the Below Link

Tnschools.gov.in provide various services to enhance and develop the educational system in Tamilnadu. The services are

  • Releasing Ordinance/Law
  • e-Seva centres
  • Textbooks in pdf format
  • Online Services
  • Certificate through Online
  • National Educational policy
  • Fees structure of School
  • New Educational policy

Tamilnadu Textbooks are available for free to each and every student from Class 1 to 12 who reside in Tamilnadu.

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Note: This Website is not the official Website Tn EMIS Web portal. It is for sharing information regarding Tn Emis and it’s Work. This page is purely for informational purpose. Don’t comment your Personal details or mobile numbers here.

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