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SSB Interview The Complete Guide Book PDF
SSB Interview The Complete Guide Book PDF

Clearing written exam of AFCAT, NDA, CDA etc is only the first step towards your dream. The next step is clearing SSB Interview which will decide if you have cleared the written exam or not.

About SSB Interview

There has been a lot of change in the way the SSB selection process work today. One has to be prepared and equipped with necessary skills and knowledge about the 5 day SSB process in order to be a part of the SSB Interview. This is where SSB Interview the Complete Guide Book will be a big help. This book will help you develop the Officer Like Qualities in you in the best way possible. It tells you everything you need to know about the SSB Interview process.

The Complete Guide book shows you how to transform yourself into the officer you always wanted to be. This book is the perfect resource to help you ace the interview. It’s not easy getting selected for the Indian Armed Forces, you need to prepare for the best.

About Book:

SSB Interview: The Complete Guide Book is written in a very concise and simple-to-understand way. It’s so compact that you’ll have no problem carrying it around with you. The book will make you an expert on SSB interviews and will allow you to practice as many times in advance so you can nail it.

SSB Interview The Complete Guide Book PDF

SSB Interview The Complete Guide Book PDF

This book is for anyone who is trying to prepare for the SSB test and is looking for a thorough understanding of the various phases of the tests. From containing a range of questions that one could find in the SSB exam, to explaining the scoring procedure, to giving information about the interview process, this book has it all. The book has been divided into two parts,

PART 1: covers Screening Tests which include verbal, nonverbal, Picture perception and Discussion Tests Psychological tests, Group testing, Interview techniques, and Conference procedure.

PART 2: covers Service related Information, Geopolitics and National issues.

Book Details:-

Book Name:SSB Interview The Complete Guide Book
Author/Publisher:DR. (CDR) N. K. NATARAJAN
No of Pages:352 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:7 MB

SSB is one of the toughest tests to clear and the recruits will need a lot of help to clear this test with ease. This is where The SSB Book, which provides tips and tricks to help them clear the test.


[2021 EDITION] SSB Interview: The Complete Guide, Second Edition

SSB Interview: The Complete Guide 2nd Edition by NK Natarajan PDF
SSB Interview: The Complete Guide 2nd Edition by NK Natarajan PDF

Dr. NK Natarajan, the author of the SSB Interview Series, released the Second Edition of SSB Interviews-The Complete Guide Book in July 202 The author takes the reader through the various stages of the SSB test, simplifying it and providing reader-friendly methods for success. From the screening test to the psychological test series, to the group testing series, to the interview techniques, this book will help to achieve success.

My Personal Review:-

SSB is the best book for preparation for AFCAT, NDA/NA, CDS Exams. This book provides you with an overview of the subjects and gets a brief knowledge of the topics. The author referred to some examples to get to know the context but you have to buy other books to get comprehensive information about the topics. No doubt this book is great and will be helpful to you for your preparation.


  • SSB book is a great resource for people who are just starting out on the SSB journey. It will provide a good idea of what to expect. All relevant topics are explained in a way that is easy to understand.
  • It also provides tips so newcomers can go into the SSB interview with a strategy. For people who are not new to SSB interviews, this will provide information on how to overcome mistakes they may have made in the past.
  • This book has been carefully written for aspirants and it gives you a general idea about the basic requirements and what officers would want to see in the candidates.

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Arihant Publications Get Success in SSB Interviews PDF [Latest Edition]

Arihant Get Success in SSB Interview PDF
Arihant Get Success in SSB Interview PDF

Arihant Publications ‘Get Success in SSB Interviews’ gives you the best opportunity to crack the SSB interviews. It has been prepared on the lines of examination pattern for the SSB interview, giving sufficient attention to the important aspects. The book is carefully written with diagrams and illustrations to help students get a clear understanding of the subject. Arihant Publications believe in providing the best and special coverage of the lectures and group discussion for the preparation and honing of skills.

Book Details:-

Book Name:Get Success in SSB Interviews
Author/Publisher:Arihant Publications
No of Pages:273 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:18 MB

Check on Amazon to buy the paperback for better preparation as reading a physical book is better than reading on a Smartphone or Tab.

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