New Approach to Reasoning by Arihant PDF [Latest Edition]

The PDF of the Arihant book on Reasoning is a great resource for those who are preparing for competitive exams. The book covers all the topics of reasoning in a very concise and straightforward manner. The explanations are also very clear and easy to understand.

This comprehensive guide covers everything from basic principles to advanced techniques, making it the perfect resource for anyone wanting to improve their reasoning skills.

A New Approach to Reasoning by Arihant PDF
A New Approach to Reasoning by Arihant PDF

A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal, Non-verbal & Analytical by Arihant Publications

A New Approach to Reasoning Book is a revised edition that covers all three types of reasoning: Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Each section is further divided into sub-sections that cover specific topics in detail. The book also includes tips and tricks to help readers master the skills needed to ace reasoning tests.

Each chapter starts with a basic introduction followed by a large number of quality problems to solve. Hints and Solutions have been given at the end of each chapter.

A New Approach to Reasoning Revised Edition - PDF
A New Approach to Reasoning Revised Edition – PDF

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Table of Content:


1. Alphabet and Number Test 2. Analogy 3. Classification 4. Coding-Decoding 5. Series 6. Logical Arrangement of Words 7. Direction and Distance 8. Blood Relations 9. Ranking and Time Sequence Test 10. Sitting Arrangement 11. Puzzles 12. Clock 13. Calendar 14. Mathematical Operations 15. Mathematical Reasoning 16. Problems Based on Ages 17. Inserting the Missing Character 18. Inequality 19. Venn Diagram 20. Matrix Coding 21. Data Sufficiency 22. Input Output 23. Decision Making 24. Verification of Truth of the Statement


1. Series 2. Analogy 3. Classification 4. Completion of Figures 5. Formation of Figures 6. Embedded Figures 7. Counting of Figures 8. Mirror Image 9. Water Image 10. Paper Folding and Cutting 11. Similarity of Figures 12. Grouping of Figures 13. Figure Matrix 14. Cube and Cuboid 15. Dice 16. Dot Situation


1. Syllogism 2. Statement and Conclusions 3. Statement and Arguments 4. Statement and Assumptions 5. Course of Action 6. Assertion and Reason 7. Cause and Effects 8. Passage and Conclusions

Salient Features of this Book:

  • The book contains a large number of Practice Exercise Questions at the end of each Chapter followed by their Solutions.
  • Each chapter begins with an introduction and discusses the various types of transformations and their use cases
  • Each type is supported with separate examples, and exercise with the solution provided
  • Master Exercise has numerous questions as well as previous years’ solved papers
  • In this Book you will find the most accurate answers to all of the questions

How to solve the Reasoning question with less amount of time in the Competitive Exams?

In any kind of a competitive or common test, the section of reasoning and general intelligence is encountering the main position and hoisting equal importance as any other section. The segment of reasoning essentially tests the thinking ability and the mind application talents.

There is no specific answer to this question. It depends on the individual and the type of reasoning question. Some people may be able to solve reasoning questions quickly by using logical reasoning and deduction. Others may need more time to understand the question and find the correct answer. There are a few general tips that may help you solve reasoning questions more quickly:

  • Read the question carefully and identify the keywords. This will help you to understand what kind of reasoning is being asked for.
  • Eliminate any obviously wrong answers. This will help to narrow down the possible answers.
  • Use the process of elimination to choose the best answer.
  • If you are still unsure, try to make an educated guess based on the information given.
How can I study the Reasoning Section?

You can study the Reasoning section effectively by taking mock tests for Reasoning

How to improve my Reasoning & Analytical skills?

Reasoning & Analytical thinking skills can be enhanced with the “A New Approach to Reasoning Book” from Arihant Publications. This book’s objective is to enhance your logical, analytical, and reasoning skills.

How to Score high marks in the Reasoning section in the Competitive Exams?

The best way to score high marks in the Reasoning section in the Competitive Exams is to practice a lot of questions and become familiar with the types of questions that are asked. It is also important to read the instructions carefully and answer the questions accordingly.

Who is the Author of the Book “A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal, Non-verbal & Analytical”?

BS Sijwali & Indu Sijwali are the Authors of this Book


“A New Approach to Reasoning” is an attempt by a group of professionals to provide a perfect solution to all aspirants and learners.

This book offers a new approach to critical reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and analytical reasoning. The approach taken in the book is unique. In no way it is a traditional book. The problems, exercises, illustrations, figures etc are new and completely fresh. These are particularly helpful for practicing and mastering the techniques.

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