Objective General English Book by SP Bakshi PDF | Latest Edition

If you are looking for a comprehensive book to prepare for competitive exams, then SP Bakshi’s Objective General English is the perfect book for you. This book is the latest revised edition of the well-known SP Bakshi series and is a popular choice among students preparing for competitive exams. It covers all the topics related to English language such as grammar, usage, essay writing, letter writing, comprehension, and more. It also provides a comprehensive set of questions with detailed solutions.

Objective General English Arihant Latest Edition PDF
Objective General English Arihant Latest Edition PDF

The book is available in PDF format, making it easier for students to access and use. It provides an in-depth overview and understanding of the English language and provides a strong foundation and knowledge of the language. With its rich content and easy-to-understand language, this book is an invaluable asset to those preparing for competitive exams.

Objective General English by SP Bakshi is a well-organized and useful book to understand how English should be used correctly. I am sure this Book written by S. P Bakshi is for a Competitive exam not for learning or an English-speaking Tutor. For those who are willing to get a government job or approach for any Competitive examinations, Objective General English sp Bakshi pdf is the one I should recommend first.

Objective General English - SP Bakshi Arihant PDF
Objective General English – SP Bakshi Arihant PDF

Book Name:Objective General English by Arihant Expert
Author:S. P. Bakshi
Edition:3rd edition
No of Pages:840 pages
Release Date:20 July 2021

Do you want to make sure your English speaking skills are up to par?

We have the perfect solution for you! Our comprehensive guide will help you master the English language. It is designed to help you prepare for a number of competitive exams such as Bank exams, NDA, CDS, SSC, MBA, MCA and more. Improve your English speaking skills with this one-of-a-kind book that is specially designed for competitive exams. You won’t regret investing in this resource that will help you land the job of your dreams!

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Almost all competitive exams nowadays require English language testing, whether you are studying, working, or preparing for an exam. Students have favored Arihant’s “Objective General English” when it comes to preparing Objective English Questions for Competitive Examinations, particularly the New and Revised edition of Objective General English, which has been created with a fresh approach to fundamental notions and the altering nature of Competitive exams.

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Importance of General English in Competitive Exams

General English is one of the Common and decisive Sections in almost all Competitive examinations like NDA, CDS, SSC(MTS, CHSL, CGL, CPO, GD), MBA, UPSC, Hotel Management, Bank(PO & Clerk), NABARD, RBI, etc. In that case, Objective General English by SP Bakshi helps in preparing the concept of English in these competitive Exams available in pdf for download.

Part ‘A’

Foundation Module (Unit-I and Unit-II)

Unit – I

I. The Function of Tenses
Revision Exercises
2. Voice
3. Modals
Revision Exercises

Unit – II

4. Kinds of Sentences & Clauses
Revision Exercises
5. Clause Analysis
6. Question Tags
Revision Exercises
7. Non-Finite Verbs
8. Verb
Revision Exercises
Review Exercise

Unit Ⅲ

9. Articles
10. Noun
11. Pronoun
Review Exercise

Unit IV

12. Adjective
13. Adverb
14. Prepositions
-> Review Exercise
-> Answers


15. Phrasal Verbs
16. Idioms and Phrases
Review Exercise

17. Spotting Errors (Miscellaneous)

18. Sentence Improvement

19. Selecting the Correct Sentences

Part ‘B’ (Verbal Ability)

  1. Paronyms and Homonyms
  2. One Word Substitutions
  3. Words with Meaning
    Additional Words for Practice
  4. Synonyms and Antonyms
    (a) Revision Exercises (Based on Synonyms)
    (b) Revision Exercises (Based on Antonyms)
  5. Foreign Words and Expressions
  6. Sentence Completion
  7. Cloze Test

Part ‘C’

  1. The sequence of Sentences
  2. Objective Comprehension

Part ‘D’ (Practical Grammar)

  1. Narration
  2. Synthesis
  3. Transformation
  4. Punctuation
  5. Spelling Rules
  6. Contractions

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Arihant’s book on English Grammar “Objective General English” by S. P. Bakshi in PDF is for the benefit of the aspirants planning to take various competitive exams. This book would not have seen the light of the day if the authors had not felt the vacuum of a comprehensive book on the subject.

In fact, we have always felt that there is still a need for a compact and easy-to-understand volume of this kind. The authors have no hesitation in asserting, though with all humility, that the subject matter of the book has been approved by and tempered with practical experience. Its authenticity has been accepted by a wider circle of the student community with sustained interest. In a nutshell, the book is a brainchild of practical teaching skills that the authors themselves imbibed while teaching. As such a unique approach has been adopted to provide exhaustive coverage of important topics of Writing Ability and Verbal Ability.

Objective General English by SP Bakshi PDF Free Download

Objective General English by S P Bakshi Book PDF
  • Book Name: Objective General English
  • Author: SP Bakshi
  • No of Pages: 755 pages
  • Edition: 2nd

This book provides a large number of Practice and Revision Exercises. Reasonable care has been taken to ensure that all the latest patterns of questions in the English language find room in the book. The latest Sentences, Words, and Expressions put up in the recent different exams have been duly incorporated to keep the students abreast of the present trends of the questions a student is expected to answer.

Objective General English authored by SP Bakshi and Published by Arihant Group is one of the Best Selling & Stand English Grammar Book you can search for your upcoming Competitive Exam preparation.

What makes Arihant’s Objective General English popular among students?

There are a number of reasons why students prefer Arihant’s Objective General English. This guide to English is a comprehensive course, and there is no dearth of content in the book. The book has been designed to prepare students for numerous exams. The content is comprehensive and covers all the topics related to English language including grammar, usage, essay writing, letter writing, comprehension, and more. This book not only prepares the student for an exam but also helps them improve their speaking skills and become fluent speakers of the language. Apart from grammar and usage, the book also provides a comprehensive set of questions with detailed solutions for the aspirants of Competitive Exams.

Every year, there are numerous students who take exams like RBI, SSC, UPSC, NDA and other competitive exams. For them, Arihant’s Objective General English (OGE) is an essential tool that can help them ace their exams. It is packed with content, and as you read it, you will discover a lot of useful tips and tricks that will help you score well in competitive exams.


The book, “Objective General English” by SP Bakshi is an apt choice for those planning to take competitive exams, given the subject matter of the book and the practical aspects of the exercises provided. It has been painstakingly crafted with a view to provide comprehensive coverage of important topics related to English as a Second Language (ESL). From a student’s perspective, this book is a guide to everything related to the English language and helps in building a strong foundation for a competitive exam.

It is especially good for those who are preparing for competitive exams and have the need to be ready for such an important phase of their life. The authors have meticulously covered the concepts related to English Grammar and Rules, Verbal Ability, Paronyms and Homonyms, Foreign Words and Expressions, and The Sequence of Sentences. Through these exercises, students are expected to get a better grip over the language, while building their competitive exam preparation.

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