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Looking for a quick and effective way to master physics concepts for your upcoming JEE, NEET, or class 11/12 exams? Look no further! The Physics Quick Book by DC Pandey is here to save the day. This comprehensive and concise PDF guide is the ultimate tool for last-minute preparation. Designed specifically for students aiming to excel in competitive exams, this quick book covers all the essential topics in physics with utmost clarity and precision. Packed with easy-to-understand explanations, examples, and practice questions, it ensures a solid understanding of the subject in no time.

DC Pandey's Physics Quick Book PDF - Arihant
DC Pandey’s Physics Quick Book PDF – Arihant

Whether you’re struggling with mechanics, electromagnetism, or optics, this book has got you covered. With its user-friendly format and expertly crafted content, it is the perfect companion for students who need to review and revise quickly. Don’t let time be your enemy – equip yourself with the Physics Quick Book by DC Pandey and conquer your exams with confidence.

Physics QuickBook – DC Pandey

For JEE / NEET & Class 11/12

Physics Quick Book - DC Pandey
Physics Quick Book – DC Pandey

Last-minute revision is crucial when time is limited and revising the entire syllabus seems impossible. However, it is equally important to continuously revise formulas and key concepts.

Introducing the “Physics Quick Book,” a handy reference guide designed specifically for last-minute preparation for JEE, NEET, and Class 11/12 exams. With 22 chapters, each chapter provides concise, quick notes and a comprehensive list of important formulas to ensure no crucial topics are overlooked. The emphasis is on covering all essential formulas and concepts in a clear and succinct manner. This book is a must-have for those needing a quick revision resource in those final moments.

Book Details:-

Book Name:Physics Quick Book
Author/Publisher:DC Pandey / Arihant Publications
No of Pages:225 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:4.2 MB

This book is highly recommended for NEET aspirants who are looking for the best resource to revise and prepare for their exams. It contains valuable points, concepts, and formulas that will help you succeed. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase this book and achieve your goal of cracking JEE and NEET.

Inside the Book:

  • General Physics,
  • Kinematics I,
  • Kinematics II,
  • Laws of Motion,
  • Work, Power and Energy,
  • Circular Motion,
  • Centre of Mass,
  • Momentum and Impulse,
  • Rotational motion,
  • Gravitation.
  • Properties of Solid Fluid Mechanics,
  • Simple Harmonic Motion,
  • Wave Motion,
  • Heat and Thermodynamics,
  • Ray Optics,
  • Wave Optics,
  • Electrostatistics,
  • Current Electricity,
  • Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism,
  • Electromagnetic Introduction and Altering Current,
  • Modern Physics,
  • Semiconductors

Key Features of this Book:

  • The Physics Quick Book is a valuable reference for students studying Science.
  • It offers concise notes and essential formulas for easy last-minute studying.
  • Each chapter includes all the crucial formulas and concepts.
  • This book is specifically designed for JEE, NEET, and Class 11/12 exams.


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