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Pradeep Physics Class 12 PDF [Notes & Books]

Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics is a comprehensive book for CBSE Class 12 Physics. It has been written by renowned authors and covers the entire CBSE syllabus in detail. The textbook provides many solved examples and diagrams, to help students solve problems more easily and understand difficult concepts. It also includes end-of-chapter exercises (with answers), and has been divided into 11 chapters, each focusing on a key concept of physics.

About Authors

The author team K.L. Gogia, K.L. Gomber led by Pradeep Publication, who has over 20 years of teaching experience as well as an understanding of what makes a great physics textbook.

Physics is one of the most important sciences. It shapes our understanding of how the universe works. It can also help us understand what’s happening in our day-to-day lives, from gravity to lightning to why things fall or fly upwards.
Now, there are many ways to study physics – books, articles, videos, demonstrations and experiments – but I wanted to make studying physics accessible for everyone. This is where my book comes in! Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics is an academic textbook in compliance with the CBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus. This means it has everything you need – including an explanation of scientific concepts that are taught at school.

Atomic StructureDownload Pdf
Current ElectricityDownload Pdf
Electron, Photon & X-RayDownload Pdf
Electrostatics FormulaDownload Pdf
ElectrostaticsDownload Pdf
emi and acDownload Pdf
Formulas in Current ElectricityDownload Pdf
Magnetic Effect of CurrentDownload Pdf
Motion in One-DimensionDownload Pdf
Motion in Two DimensionDownload Pdf
Nuclear PhysicsDownload Pdf
Reflection of LightDownload Pdf
Solid and SemiconductorsDownload Pdf
Wave OpticsDownload Pdf

The book is a valuable contribution to the various physics textbooks in class 12. It offers a detailed and comprehensive coverage of the various topics of physics, providing the students with enough time for revision and practice. The inclusion of model test papers with answer keys provides ample opportunity for them to gauge their progress individually.

Buy Paperback Right Away

Pradeep Fundamental Physics for Class 12 [2 Vols] is available on Amazon to buy. If you are serious about your studies, I must suggest to get the book as soon as possible.

The book is well-defined, with solved examples and ample illustrations. The content is delivered in a clear structure, making it easy for the student to understand. The writing style is engaging and interesting, which makes it enjoyable for the reader.

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