R Gupta B.Ed Master Guide Book PDF [2024 Edition]

Looking to crack the B.Ed entrance exam and secure your place in the prestigious IGNOU B.Ed program? Look no further than the R Gupta B.Ed Entrance Exam Master Guide Book PDF [2024 Edition].

R Gupta's B.Ed Entrance Examination Master Guide PDF
R Gupta’s B.Ed Entrance Examination Master Guide PDF

With its comprehensive coverage and user-friendly format, this guide is designed to help you master the exam with ease. Packed with practice questions, detailed explanations, and quick revision tips, it is the ultimate resource for your exam preparation.

R. Gupta B.Ed Entrance Exam – Master Guide

2024 Edition

The R Gupta B.Ed Book PDF offers you the perfect blend of theory and practical knowledge, ensuring you are well-equipped to tackle any question that comes your way. Don’t miss out on this highly recommended guide that guarantees your success in the B.Ed entrance exam!

R. Gupta B.Ed Entrance Exam Guide
R. Gupta B.Ed Entrance Exam Guide

This book is designed for those preparing for the ‘B.Ed. Entrance Exam’. It includes the latest study material, practice questions, and a solved paper from a previous year. Detailed explanatory answers are provided for select questions.

The book has been prepared by subject experts and follows the current exam pattern. It is highly recommended for studying, practicing, and as a reference tool before the exam. Thoroughly practicing the questions in this book will enhance problem-solving skills.

Book Details:-

Book Name:R. Gupta B.Ed Entrance Exam Master Guide
Author/Publisher:RPH Editorial Board
No of Pages:614 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:15 MB
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Inside the Book:

  • English
    Articles; Prepositions; Conjunctions; Tenses and Verbs; Agreement of Verb with Subject; Vocabulary: Synonyms and Antonyms; One Word Substitutions; Idioms and Phrases; Comprehension Passages; Spelling Errors; Spot the Error; Nouns & Pronouns; Modals; Fill in the Blanks; Odd Word Out; Narration; Transformation of Sentences.
  • Teaching Aptitude/Education
    Teaching Aptitude: Meaning of Teaching; Nature and Characteristics of Teaching; Difference Between Teaching and Learning; Difference Between Teaching and Education; Difference Between Teaching and Training; Qualities of an Effective Teacher; Meaning of Aptitude; Meaning of Teaching Aptitude; Duties and Functions of a Teacher; Teaching Methods (Strategies); Teaching Techniques (Devices).
    Teaching Skills; Teaching Attitude: Meaning of Attitude; Teaching Attitude. Teaching Interest: Meaning of Interest; Teaching Interest; Principles of Teaching; Maxims of Teaching. Education in India: Pre- Independence: Macaulay’s Minutes; Wood’s Despatch of 1854 on Education; The Education Commission of 1882; The Universities Commission of 1902; Government Resolution on Educational Policy in 1913; The Calcutta University Commission of 1917; The Hartog Committee; The Sapru Committee; The Abbot-Wood Report, 1936-37; Zakir Hussain Committee’s Report; The Sargent Report; Establishment of New Universities. Post-Independence: The University Education Commission of 1948; The Secondary Education Commission, 1952; Education Commission 1964-66; Principal Recommendations of the Education Commission; National Policy on Education (1986); Ramamurthy Review Committee.
    Teacher Education: The University Education Commission (1948-49); The Plan Period in Fifties; The Secondary Education Commission, (1952-53); The Sixties; The Kothari Commission, (1964-66); The Seventies; The Eighties; Challenges for The Education Policy; The Nineties; The Two Thousands; Modern Indian Education; Some Landmark Developments; Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Reasoning & Mental Ability
    Verbal—Analogies or Relationships; Series; Classification; Coding and Decoding; Direction Sense; Blood Relations; Arranging in Order; Calendar, Clock & Time; Rows and Ranks; Symbol Substitution; Statement Analysis; Missing Numbers; Venn Diagrams & Logical Diagram; Diagrammatic Puzzle. Non-Verbal—Series; Analogy; Classification; Mirror Image; Syllogism.
  • General Awareness
  • General Knowledge
    History: Ancient; Medieval; Modern.
    Geography: Indian Geography. Polity: Important Articles.
    Economy: National Income of India; Poverty; Employment; Industries; Banking and Finance;
    Science: Physics; Chemistry & Biology.
    Awards and Honours: International; National. Sports: Olympics; Commonwealth Games; The Asian Games; Cricket World Cup; Hockey World Cup; Football World Cup; Sport Terms.
    Miscellaneous: Superlative (World); Superlatives (India); Important National & International Days; Books and Authors; Paramilitary and Reserve Forces; Multiple Choice Questions; Answers.

Key Features of this Book:

  • Has 8 Previous Year Question Papers from 2016 to 2023
  • Also useful for IGNOU Entrance Exams & Other State-wise B.Ed Exams
  • One of the Best Books for Quick Revision

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