Ambedkar’s India Book PDF [2020 Edition]

Ambedkar's India PDF
Ambedkar’s India PDF

AMBEDKAR’S INDIA is an anthology which contains three of B.R. Ambedkar’s most renowned lectures on caste and the Indian Constitution. He said, “When it comes to achieving Swaraj, you have the whole nation at your back. But in the struggle against the caste system, the whole nation is standing against you, including your own people.” Amongst his works, “Annihilation of Caste” is one of the most outstanding pieces in which he explains how the caste system has been damaging India as a diverse, culturally rich country. Furthermore, Ambedkar declared, “Faith can often lead to salvation in religion, but in politics, it can only end in eventual tyranny.” In “The Grammar of Anarchy”, Ambedkar put forward his opinions on how India should become an independent nation. It is clear that he had a great affection for India and its people. He further stated, “The different levels of caste have become exclusive units, known as castes, and have lost the open character of the class system.” “Castes in India: Their Mechanism, Genesis and Development” is an in-depth exploration of how the class system in India evolved into the intricate system of castes and sub-castes that is seen today. This groundbreaking narrative provides valuable insight into the issue.

About Author:

B.R. Ambedkar, who was alive between 1891-1956, is renowned as the originator of the Constitution of India. He was a well-educated individual who achieved doctorates from Columbia University and London School of Economics. He was also a well-known economist, jurist, legislator, and social reformer. His vehement work against social injustice based on caste in India developed into a full-scale social reform effort.

The fight of Dr. Ambedkar against the Brahmanical Patriarchy, his innovative recommendations for the Hindu Code Bill, and his ideas for a thorough change of property relations, demonstrate his resistance to the current state of affairs. Dr. Ambedkar, India’s most revolutionary thinker, altered the social and political environment in the fight against British Colonialism, by educating the oppressed about their predicament. Ambedkar famously ordered Dalits to “Learn, Protest, and Organize”, a message that still has considerable relevance.

He placed a great importance on education, especially where it was traditionally not allowed. It is commonly known that he once stated that obtaining an education was more significant than having access to temples for those who were oppressed. He regarded education as a powerful tool which could give all citizens the same capacity to construct a fair society and in addition, aid in the abolishment of the traditional, restrictive restraints of prejudicial social customs. As an educational institution which has taken his name, we continue to attempt to pursue his vision and assist in the empowerment of the next generation to form an all-around, comprehensive, and progressive India of the future.

Ambedkar’s India by Dr. B R Abmedkar Pdf

Ambedkar's India - Dr. B R Ambedkar
Ambedkar’s India – Dr. B R Ambedkar

Book Details:-

Book Name:Ambedkar’s India
Author/Publisher:B R Ambedkar
No of Pages:105 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:895 KB

Highlights of the Book:

  • The Book is the Compilation of three main speeches of Ambedkar:
    1. The Grammar of Anarchy
    2. Annihilation of Caste
    3. Castes in India
  • Dr. Ambedkar’s ethnological research is particularly noteworthy in terms of analyzing the Indian caste system. I strongly recommend anyone who values science and reason to gain insight into the perspective of such a patriotic individual for our country.

My Personal View after reading this Pdf:-

Being an individual who is not particularly fond of history, I was given the chance to read Ambedkar’s ideas. His progressive outlook on the citizens of an independent India, in contrast to the British regime, is indicative of his ideals for the newly formed democracy. Although some of his ideas are still relevant in the current political-economic environment, some of them are also quite contentious. His views on the caste system, however, are still applicable to some degree. While the nation is taking steps to become more inclusive, it still has a long way to go to be considered a fully independent country.

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