Arihant Magbook Indian History PDF Download [English & Hindi]

Arihant Magbook Indian History PDF Download in English [2022 Edition] is a detailed history-based book for competitive exams like banking, SSC, and other state-level exams. The book covers almost everything from the Indus Valley Civilization to Modern India and also has a separate chapter that deals with issues related to the country today.

Arihant Magbook Indian History is a compilation of all the important landmark events, personalities and discoveries in Indian history. It aims to help students crack competitive examinations like UPSC, State PSC, TNSSC, and other similar exams by providing them with a condensed version of India’s past.

Magbook Indian History by Arihant PDF
Magbook Indian History by Arihant PDF

Arihant MagBook INDIAN HISTORY 2022 PDF

Arihant Magbook Indian History is a popular book that covers the history of India. The book is divided into different chapters and every chapter consists of different topics as well. With this book, you will be able to study the history of India in a detailed way.
If you are interested in knowing more about Indian history, you can go through this book for reference. It explains all the important aspects of Indian history; from the pre-historic period to modern India and everything in between. Everything has been explained clearly with examples and illustrations to make it easy for readers to understand the content better.

Salient Features:

  • The Magbook series deals with the preliminary examinations for the civil series.
  • All of Indian History’s syllabus is divided into 29 chapters and focus on the topics and trends of questions asked in previous years
  • Provides chapter-based practice and detailed explanations of the previous years’ questions.
  • More than 3000 questions and answers to revise the subject.
  • thorough practice can be achieved by studying 5 practice sets and 2 previous years’ solved papers.
  • The book is written in simple language so that it can be understood quickly.
  • Fresh as a magazine and as in-depth as a book, covering the entire syllabus for the UPSC and State PCS examinations in Indian history.

This Magbook of Indian History is a must for civil services (pre) examinations, PCSs, and other competitive exams, as it covers syllabus material as well as thousands of MCQs from previous tests.

[English Edition]

Arihant MagBook Indian History PDF [English Edition]
  • Subject: Indian History
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 2022
  • No of Pages: 257
  • Pdf Size: 5.5 MB

[Hindi Edition]

Arihant MagBook Indian History PDF [Hindi Edition]
  • Subject: भारतीय इतिहास
  • Language: Hindi
  • Edition: 2022
  • No of Pages: 289
  • Pdf Size: 6.74 MB

Table of Content:

  1. Ancient, Medieval and Modern History
  2. The Stone Age,
  3. Indus Valley civilisation,
  4. The Vedic age
  5. The first territorial states
  6. The religious movement of Mahajanapadas age
  7. The Mauryan empire
  8. Sangam age
  9. Post-Mauryan period (200 BC – 300 AD)
  10. The Gupta age
  11. The post-Gupta era (AD 550 -750)
  12. The Sultanate of Delhi
  13. Provincial kingdoms
  14. Religious movement
  15. The Mughal empire
  16. The Maratha empire
  17. Mughal decline and rise of regional states
  18. Emergence of European powers in India
  19. Tribal and peasant uprisings
  20. Governor generals and Viceroys
  21. Development of modern education and press, revolt of 1857
  22. Social and religious reforms, movements
  23. Growth of nationalism and struggle for independence (1885 – 1919)
  24. Struggle for independence second Phase (1919 – 1927)
  25. Struggle for independence third Phase (1927-1939)
  26. Struggle for forth Phase (1940-1947)
  27. Religion and philosophy, music, dance, theatre, and festivals
  28. Indian architecture and festivals
  29. Indian architecture and painting schools
  30. Chronological Panorama of Indian history
  31. Glossary
    Practice sets (1-5)
    Previous years’ solved papers set 1
    Previous years’ solved papers set 2


The book provides a complete syllabus for the UPSC and state PCS exams as a reference source. The material includes 29 chapters that are concise, comprehensive guides to general studies. This text covers a wide range of subject areas. In addition to chapter-level practice problems, civil services exam questions from previous years are included. To assist students in remembering and recalling previous civil services exam questions, subject-specific explanations are given for previous civil services exam questions. Furthermore, this book includes 3000 MCQs on the entire syllabus of Indian history.

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