Arihant Teaching Aptitude & Attitude Test Book PDF [Latest Edition]

Download Arihant Teaching Aptitude Book Pdf was designed to meet the needs of those studying for B.Ed. Entrance Exams held by various universities. This book is seen as a great help for those wishing to take the exams, with 19 Chapters covering the entire syllabus. Practice sets have been included at the end of the chapters so that the aspirants can test their knowledge and be fully prepared for the exams.

Arihant Teaching Aptitude & Attitude Test Book PDF
Arihant Teaching Aptitude & Attitude Test PDF

This book, ‘Teaching Aptitude and Attitude Test’, has been created to satisfy the needs of students preparing for B.Ed. Entrance Examinations across the country. Teaching is an esteemed career and should be respected. An effective educator should have characteristics such as assurance, perseverance, sympathy for learners, commitment to brilliance, continuous backing, preparedness to aid students succeed, pride in their successes and enthusiasm for life. In order to meet all these standards, an aspirant wanting to make teaching their profession should take a pre-assessment test to ensure that they can do justice to the job and take pleasure in it.

This book is a pioneering effort to satisfy the requirements of this esteemed job and assist those taking the entrance tests. The language used is straightforward and comprehensible. It comes with a comprehensive range of topics, making it an ideal solution for the goal. It can be assumed that the ‘book’ will be an advantage for the contenders.

Arihant Teaching Aptitude Book PDF

The Test Aptitude & Attitude Test is designed for B.Ed. Entrance Exams. Arihant’s Teaching Aptitude & Attitude Book is a comprehensive guide that is organised into chapters. It offers a thorough, chapter-by-chapter breakdown of the syllabus, as well as over 1500 MCQs for revision. Additionally, the book provides Practice Sets that follow the current examination pattern. The majority of Bachelor of Education Entrance Exams include the Testing Aptitude & Attitude Test, which evaluates an individual’s aptitude for teaching, including the study of the student-teacher relationship within a structured environment.

Teaching Aptitude and Attitude-Abha Malik by Arihant Pdf
Teaching Aptitude and Attitude-Abha Malik by Arihant Pdf

The book is equipped with more than 1500 multiple-choice questions to revise the concepts. Practice Sets are also included, based on the latest exam pattern. Nearly all Bachelor of Education Entrance Exams feature a teaching aptitude and attitude test. Teaching aptitude is the inborn capacity to teach, which involves studying the student-teacher relationship within a managed environment.

Table of Contents:

  1. Teaching
  2. Theories of Teaching
  3. Teaching Skills
  4. Micro Teaching Approach
  5. Methods of Teaching
  6. Teaching Instructions
  7. Teaching Excellence
  8. Characteristics of Effective Teaching
  9. Education Psychology
  10. Methods of Educational Psychology
  11. Role of Communication in Education
  12. Education Communication
  13. Teaching as a Profession
  14. Professional Traits of a Teacher
  15. Code of Conduct/Professional Ethics
  16. Role of Teacher
  17. Development of Teacher
  18. Training of Teachers
  19. Practice Papers

Book Details:-

Book Name:Teaching Aptitude & Attitude Test Book
No of Pages:209 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:6.1 MB


For What Exams Teaching Aptitude Books are useful for?

Teacher (TGT, PGT/J.B.T./N.T.T./E.T.E./B.Ed./E.El.Ed. Kendriya Vidyalaya (PRT/TGT/PGT), Navodaya Vidyalaya (TGT/PGT) Entrance Exams

Who Published this Teaching Aptitude & Attitude Test Book?

Arihant Publications Limited

Qualities to become a Good Teacher

– Patience
– Good communication skills
– Organizational skills
– Knowledgeable
– Passionate
– Creativity
– Empathy
– Open-mindedness
– Ability to motivate students

My Personal Review:

‘Teaching Aptitude and Attitude Test’ was drafted to meet the requirements of those who are prepping for the prominent B.Ed. Entrance Examinations are administered by various universities in our country. This book is an innovative effort to comply with the expectations of this respected profession and aid those taking the entrance tests. The language of the book is basic and comprehensible. The broad scope of the topics renders it an exhaustive answer for the purpose. It can be assumed that the ‘book’ will be a blessing for the applicants.

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