R Gupta’s Teaching Aptitude PDF [2 E-Books]

The R Gupta Teaching Aptitude Book Pdf is a must-have for all aspiring teachers and educators. This book is an essential guide to help you understand and master the concepts of teaching aptitude. It covers all the aspects of teaching, from the basics of classroom management to the art of teaching.

R Gupta Teaching Aptitude PDF Download
R Gupta Teaching Aptitude PDF

The book is filled with real-life examples, exercises and activities that will help you hone your teaching skills. It also contains important information about the different teaching methods and how to use them to create a successful teaching environment. With the R Gupta Teaching Aptitude Book Pdf, you can learn how to create a conducive learning environment, understand the different teaching strategies and build relationships with your students.

With comprehensive explanations and examples, R Gupta’s Teaching Aptitude Book is a must-have for any aspiring teacher. You can download the PDF version of the book for free, so you can start preparing right away!

R Gupta Teaching Aptitude PDF
R Gupta Teaching Aptitude PDF

R. Gupta’s Teaching Aptitude Book PDF

This book, “Teaching Aptitude,” was created specifically to meet the needs of individuals taking various Teacher Recruitment Exams, such as CTET, TGT, PGT, JBT, NTT, ETE, B.Ed., B.El.Ed., and more, where a Teaching Aptitude test is a component of the selection process. Even though there are plenty of books available on this subject, this particular one stands out due to its detailed presentation and content.

R.Gupta's Teaching Aptitude - RPH Editorial Board PDF
R.Gupta’s Teaching Aptitude PDF

Salient Features of this Book:

  • Book has been designed According to the New Pattern of Examination
  • The book is made simple to read and understand in a format that’s easy for anyone to pick up and use. The book covers all aspects of teaching aptitude and its uses.
  • The book covers a lot of important topics related to Teaching Aptitude and includes all these topics in such a way that they can be easily tested on. There are also plenty of practice tasks which will help you prepare for educational exams.
  • I think this book will be a huge help for anyone who’s interested in becoming a teacher and preparing to take competitive exams and competitions.
  • This book has good MCQs that are useful in real-life scenarios.

Book Details:-

Book Name:R Gupta’s Teaching Aptitude Book
Author/Publisher:RPH Editorial Board
No of Pages:138 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:7.7 MB

R. Gupta’s Teaching Aptitude & Teaching Attitude Book PDF

R Gupta’s Teaching Aptitude & Teaching Attitude book is comprised of the most up-to-date Study and Practice Material designed with the current exam pattern in mind. This book contains a comprehensive collection of Multiple Choice Question-Answers on ‘Teaching Aptitude & Teaching Attitude’, crafted by experienced subject-experts. Detailed Explanatory Answers have been provided for certain questions to aid readers in gaining a better understanding. This book will be highly beneficial for those looking to study for upcoming exams, as it is tailored to the current exam pattern and can provide assistance in the moments before the exam for review and revision. It is recommended that readers practice the abundant questions included in the book to sharpen their problem-solving skills and approach the exam with confidence and success.

R.Gupta's Teaching Aptitude & Teaching Attitude - RPH Editorial Board PDF
R.Gupta’s Teaching Aptitude & Teaching Attitude PDF

Salient Features of the Book

  • This book provides Latest Study & Practice Material based on the current exam pattern, and covers all the important aspects of Teaching Aptitude & Teaching Attitude to make you familiar with the trends of exams, and prepare you to face the exam with confidence, successfully.
  • Covering all the aspects of teaching aptitude and teaching attitude, the book includes detailed Explanatory Answers with effective and succinct tips to better understand the concepts being discussed.
  • This book contains 900 MCQs with detailed answers. It is a very good book for the preparation of teaching aptitude tests.

Book Details:-

Book Name:R Gupta’s Teaching Aptitude & Teaching Attitude Book
Author/Publisher:RPH Editorial Board
No of Pages:186 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:2.8 MB


For What Exams Teaching Aptitude Books are useful for?

Teacher (TGT, PGT/J.B.T./N.T.T./E.T.E./B.Ed./E.El.Ed. Entrance Exams

Who Published R Gupta’s Teaching Aptitude Books?

RPH Editorial Board

Qualities to become a Good Teacher

Good communication skills
Passion for teaching
Innovative teaching methods
Ability to motivate students
Good subject knowledge
Positive attitude
Caring nature
Sense of humor


This book is a great resource for aspiring teachers, as it provides detailed insight into the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the classroom. It covers topics such as classroom management, teaching strategies, and assessment methods. It also includes helpful tips and guidance on how to create an effective learning environment. In addition to these topics, the book also includes a section on effective communication and how to create positive relationships with students. With all this knowledge and guidance in one place, R Gupta’s Teaching Aptitude book is the perfect resource for anyone looking to become a successful teacher. Download your copy today and get started on the path to becoming an effective and inspiring educator.

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