Beware of Fraud Telegram Channels offering Electronics Products at Cheap Price!SCAMMERS

Beware of Telegram Channels
Beware of Telegram Channels

Those who are using Telegram App, please read this post before you lose your money as other people did. As Telegram in recent days is turned into a Safe House for cheaters who cheats people in the name of Carding/Carders by displaying ads like selling Electronic Products at cheap Price. Many Users looking at this Jaw-dropping price fall victim to these Scammers. Please continue reading as we discuss these frauds in detail.

Telegram Fraud Cheating Carding Channels
Carding Telegram Channels Cheating

Hello Friends, Recently I installed Telegram and joined some Channels in that some Telegram Channel who give Exclusive offers on Electronic Products like Cellphones, Laptops, Cameras, etc. I knew it is some Online Cheaters who manage the Channel to loot from their Subscribers by using Mesmerising Eye-catching Deals like offering Costly Mobile Phones for Just 3000 Rupees.

How the Channel Looks:

The Channel posted some Proof that they are Legitimate and Even they posted some Video Proof that some of their Subscribers are receiving the Product and Thanking them and posted Videos by Congratulate the Channels but all are fake. That’s full of Setup. Those Message Conversation and Video clips are all made by their Own Person. Those are Fake. Don’t Believe them. Those Scammers also gave some user IDs of some Purchasers who purchased some products from the Channel. Those Users Names are all their Own men. So, Don’t Lose your Money by believing these Channels. They Look like a Real one But only a Full of Scammers.    I listed Some FAKE Channels: 1. Customs Electronics 2. SuperStores 3. Carding Station If you search those channels you will see that they look like a Real channel with 10,000+ Subscribers by posting Proof, Chats, conversions with their Subscribers, Posted Thank giving Videos from their Subscribers after receiving Products, you may see Some Packaging Photos and Courier Acknowledgment Slip with Tracking Id. They play with your mind and heart. After seeing those Posts Your Heart says”Hey it is Just 3000 or 5000. I may get my Dream Product” But your brain says”No, They may be a Scammers”. In Telegram, you can buy Fake Members for the Channels. So, Don’t believe in their Subscribers count.

How They Earn your Trust:

Just Think about it guys. Never Go with your Heart, it doesn’t think, it is always emotional. Emotions make us take Wrong decisions. Use your Brain. Think twice before you act. Those who are Greedy fall Victims of Scams. When you deeply look into it, Those Scammers never reveal their true identity. He doesn’t give you his Personal Mobile number to converse. If you ask them how to trust you they make up some story that I am a Customs officer and I have a Team to do this. I do not reveal my identity as it may affect my Job security. Like that Each channel gives you some Story But they neither give you their Address nor meet in person.   I am Not telling you All Telegram channels are Fake. There are Many Telegram Channels related to Education, Banking, Government jobs, Movies, Music, PDF Books, Newspaper related Group are doing a great job and it is useful for us. But Never go Prey to these Fake Channels.  

IS Carding through Telegram Channel is Genuine or Not?

99.99% of Carding Channels in Telegram is fraud and Cheaters. They will provide Video proof of delivery, posting orders, Tracking id for order shipping, and other pictures will make you trust them. But I am sure they are absolute fraud and there is a huge chance for common people to fall into these scams. One of my friends lost around 4,000 Rs by believing this Fraud Carding Channel.

If you are using Telegram u definitely come across these Carding advertisements just like Samsung S8 giveaway @ 3000₹, Phonepe & Mobikwik cash loot, etc.

What they Did after you Pay:

If you paid for them. I’m sure they will cancel your chat and Block your Telegram Account. After they never reply to your chats. So Beware of these Scammers. Today India has 320 million Mobile users and Telegram is the Most downloaded App after Whatsapp. So we should be aware of some Digital Learning and Ethical Hacking to not being Prey to these Fraudsters. I think I will save you from those Tricksters on Telegram.

How to Report these Scamming Channels on Telegram?

It is Simple. Just go to the Channel where you can report them on each and every message of that channel by clicking the 3 dots on the top right side. Report as much as you can & Tell your friends to report as well. So that channel may have a chance to get banned by Telegram.

How to Stop those Fraudsters:-

There is no relevant system to block these such online crimes. Even Cybercrime can’t find the source of such Advertisements and Channels because Telegram is such a platform that it is hard to trace them out and if they deleted their account, Telegram will vanish from all the details from their servers too.

Is it safe to buy a phone from telegram?

Instagram and Telegram are plastered with carders these days. They’re all trying to get you to pay first and then block you from contacting them. Don’t be fooled by their tricks!

Should I buy a Carded Products?

Don’t buy carded products. I will give you some reasons that will convince you. It’s not legal and it’s morally wrong to buy stolen goods. If you do buy one, it is most likely a scammer who doesn’t exist.

Is Vijay Singh Rathore Telegram Channel Real or Fake?

All Carding Channels in the Telegram are 99.99% Fake. Nowadays, Instagram and Telegram are plastered with carders these days. They’re all trying to get you to pay first and then block you from contacting them. Don’t be fooled by their tricks!


  1. I got scammed last night with 6000 Rs on FAKE TELEGRAM STORE named as ACE HUB shop selling phones caught on indian customs at cheap price and I payed via phone pe !
    Guys never ever believe those fraudsters ass holes they’ll rip all your hard earned money into ashes.
    Spread this message to your friends and save yourself.

  2. This is a main fraud cheating in telegram saying he is selling carded phones. This is his username: @superrcarderr

  3. one of telegram channels same fraud done with me they said that name as a sherlock account on telegram and channels of them name sales force that upload a fake images to get new phone in such a low price like a 3000/ & 6000/- price like a iphones & one plus 7 t & realme phone … that i paid same ..3000/- today

  4. same give you a image of paytm bank account nu that not pay other like me..other person is beware to pay like this account GURUDAYAL SAVING AC.918717970630 IFSC:PYTM0123456

  5. I am cheated by ace hub …an guy said to put 3700 rs to his upi id named tron@upi but in evening he changed his face

  6. Yes.. absolutely telegram marketings are fake.. don’t trust any one they said no cod options available and they post a screenshot of an customers feed back which made by own.
    How can they give for damn cheap rate… They said they get from customs it’s all lie.. ace hub no 1 fraud..

  7. i also get cheated by telegram carding channel and he said that courier details will be send in an hour and he send a link to me that my order details and lastly i am waiting where it didnt came to my house then i chat with that guy after that he never reply to me i just fucked up with this mother fuckers

  8. I got scammed by ACE HUB for INR 3200/- .
    I believed him did transfer via phone pay on Store1@upi registered under name of Radheshyam Bind.
    Post payment no response. He removed me from channel & not able to trace him anywhere.
    I am going to cyber crime for this but not sure it will work or not.

  9. guys i have also been cheated by the telegram channel called electronic shop he introduced him as customs officer..fraud 10000 from me…on 21st May 2020..plsss beware of such rippers…govt should ban this telegram platform…

  10. I just received this message from A G Shop-
    Today’s Special Offer

    iPhone 11 Pro Max – 3000₹
    One Plus 7T Pro – 3000₹
    Galaxy S10 Plus – 3000₹
    Huawei P30 Pro – 3000₹
    Apple Macbook Pro – 3000₹
    Canon 5D Mark IV – 3000₹
    HP OMEN – 3000₹
    IWATCH SERIES 5 – 3000₹
    Canon 80D – 3000₹
    NOTE 10 PLUS – 3000₹
    any laptop – 3000₹
    Any mobile – 3000₹
    Any camera – 3000₹

    Offer Is Only For First 10 Members. [ Full Advance Only ].

    ⚠ For Proofs check our Channel.

    ✅ Msg Me For Deals :- @Ajoy_Gopal

  11. I am having one video of a guy which is promoting and saying thanks for delivery and blah blah, they are cheated me too for 9k. I hope that video will helpful to find out that guys. And am damm sure they are from kolkata had orissa

  12. @telegram

    Your application telegram chat app is the new hub for fraudster in the name of cheap mobile and accessories they are stealing money from poor and innocent people ” SIVA KUMARR – Cheap Custom Products ”

    Your application telegram chat app is the new hub for fraudster in the name of cheap mobile and accessories and doubling of money in 30-40 minutes they are stealing money from poor and innocent people. “Gaurav Shirpura – Morty Money Doubling”



    IWATCH SERIES 3 5000
    IWATCH SERIES 4 6000
    IWATCH SERIES 5 7000


    HP OMEN FOR 12k
    Asus zenbook 12000
    Acer nitro 5 12000

    PHONES :-

    IPHONE X FOR 10k
    IPHONE 8+ FOR 7k

    ONEPLUS 7 PRO 8k
    ONEPLUS 7 FOR 7k

    NOTE 10+ FOR 15k
    NOTE 10 FOR 10k
    S10 FOR 10k
    S10+ FOR 12k
    A80 FOR 8k

    K20 PRO FOR 8k


    G PRO 2 FOR 7K
    Mark4 5d for 15k
    200d for 15k
    Mavic pro for 15k
    CANON 80D FOR 12K

    SAMSUNG A50 9K
    SAMSUNG A20 8K
    REALME 6 8K

  13. One of these fake channel is Unique Toh Shop, I want all of you to please ban such channels so that no one could ever got cheated.

  14. ☮Process of buying☮

    1⃣Choose the product

    2⃣Send 50% amount as advance payment

    3⃣Give full address

    4⃣After u get the tracking details of the product then pay the rest amount along with courier charges✅

    Payment via – paytm/upi/bank transfer/phone pe/ google pay

    ❌No cod❌

    ❌No hand to hand deal deal❌

    ™Package will be shipped to u via courier

    It will reach u within 3-4 days

    ®All the products have 7 days return/replacement period and 1 yr official warrnty®


  15. I was also thinking to buy from them, but somewhat I felt wrong so I searched. I’m glad that u have put such a great answer for everyone. And thanks for saving my day.

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  17. Adding these to help other friends to not fall for this scam:
    All Scams

    UPI ID: indianseller23-1@okicici
    Person Name : Indra Mondal
    Account Given Name : Indian Seller
    WhatsApp Name : KISHAN CUSTOM Indian Seller
    WhatsApp Number: 7381064470
    Phone Number: 9479506326
    True Caller Name : Chingu
    Telegram Channel Link:
    Telegram Name : Indian Venom Customs Shop

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    stuff! existing here at this website, thanks admin of this site.

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