What Fax Apps Can Give You a Chance To Fax By Your Phone?

Technology development does not stand still. The creation and appearance of helpful smartphones are continuing. The most excellent convenience is that every user possesses the possibility to download useful apps on the phone and simplify his/her life. Thus, let’s consider what applications are worth installing for the faxing process.

The Usefulness of Applications for Making Faxes

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine your life without devices. They make communication, working, learning, etc. easier. One can find a lot of helpful applications on the App Store. Some of them may be free of charge while others can be paid for. However, the offered functions of applications can be worth their cost.
Let’s imagine you are a student or a businessman who should send and receive faxes regularly. If you wonder “can you fax on iPhone“, the answer will make you pleasantly surprised. Today, one can discover a large number of applications for making faxes for your Android device as well. But what fax app is considered the best?
While applications for making faxes have something in common, they also possess some differences and peculiarities. Do you want to know what apps operate well and can assist you during the faxing process? We gathered some applications that you can consider installing on your Android and iOS operating systems.

Fax from iPhone

As the title implies, this application will be extremely useful for users of iPhones. This tool is considered the best for processing documents of any type. Thus, for example, you will be able to make faxes of receipts, photographs, notes, passports, certificates, cards, posters, magazines, letters, and more.
This application possesses a built-in scanner with the support of which users are able to make quick shots and receive ready faxes for further sending. The entire scanning process will take several minutes. The process of sending or getting faxes is possible within clicks.
Are you far away from your home or office but do you require to send a fax immediately? Having your smartphone only and this installed application makes it possible to send faxes anytime and anywhere.

Easy Fax

Are you a user of an Android device and want to send and receive faxes with your smartphone only as well? For this, the Easy Fax application will be handy for you. With this tool, you are able to turn your smartphone into a pocket faxing machine in order to make faxes of documents, images, and receipts.
Among its features, we can highlight the possibility for users to attach images directly from the device library or scan with the assistance of a webcam. Also, it makes it possible to create faxes of documents from other applications. Moreover, users will be able to track the status of their faxes anytime.


This application has been existing for many years in the App Store. Nowadays, it is utilized by more than 5 million users from all over the world. The number of users shows that this tool is worth your trust.
Why do users select this app? First, its software proposes 100 percent military-grade security and privacy. This becomes possible with the help of HIPAA faxing compliance and 256-bit encryption.
Among other conveniences, one can highlight the possibility to deliver an unlimited number of faxes. The discussed app is available for all devices of the iOS operating system such as iPad, Apple Watch, etc.

Dingtone Fax

Are you searching for a reliable application for making faxes? Then, this tool is surely worth your attention. Dingtone Fax is selected by a large number of users for its reliability. Aside from the possibility to deliver and obtain faxes at any place and time with ease, this application can boast numerous useful features.
For example, it enables users to edit and preview fax documents. With the support of this instrument, you can likewise sign documents simply. Privacy is guaranteed with the support of end-to-end encryption. Also, it allows users to track the status of faxes.


FaxFile is regarded as one of the most useful apps on a phone for a reason. It is available for iPhone users and provides them with a set of beneficial features. This tool makes the process of sending PDFs, scans, and image files to international numbers much simpler.
Aside from being a free-of-charge tool, it also supports toll-free lines. There is no need to worry that the application will charge an extra fee for automatically retrying fax transmissions. What’s more is that with FaxFile, your data will never be shared.


FAX.PLUS is accepted as one of the top online services for sending and receiving faxes. Aside from having the possibility to make and share faxes with the help of your smartphone, it is likewise possible with your tablet, by web, and by email. FAX.PLUS is simple to use, operates fast, and is reliable.
All you need to have is your mobile camera for scanning the necessary documents. This tool includes a fax archive which you can organize and add notes. Also, users are able to schedule sending of particular faxes at a defined date and time.

Fax Burner

Last but not least, this application can transform your Android device into a real machine for making faxes. It is not necessary to be at your educational institution or near your work desktop in order to create and send required faxes. It is possible to conduct a faxing process anytime and anywhere. The single rule is to make sure you have Internet access.
The tool includes push notifications that alert you about received faxes in a flash of an eye. Also, this tool grants users US and Canada dedicated fax numbers.


There is no doubt that the advantages of useful apps on a phone are endless. They simplify many processes of our daily life. Thus, if your work or routine is connected with sending and receiving faxes, you can download helpful applications from the App Store and Google Play Store.

To save you time, we gathered reliable and reputable options for tools for your consideration. These applications are suitable for users of both Android and iOS operating systems. Ordinary machines for faxes fade into the background since the faxing process is now possible with just a smartphone.

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