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Afraid of NCERT Textbooks to study for the competitive exams, Download Gist of NCERT (5 Sets) by Kalinjar Publications in Pdf and score the Best in upcoming Exams.

What is Gist of NCERT?

Gist of NCERT is the Educational Book compiled from NCERT TextBooks and prepared for General Competition according to it’s prescribed Syllabus. These Books are compiled by well known Scholars and Academicians.

You will be excited to read the Book because of its Simple and Lucid explanation that make it easy to understand the concepts.

Gist of NCERT contains 5 Sets of Books. They are

  1. General Science
  2. Indian History
  3. Geography
  4. Indian Polity
  5. Indian Economy

These 5 Sets of Books are useful for anyone who aspires to crack IAS, State PCS, SSC, Banking, Railways, and other competitive exams.

Is Gist of NCERT Good for UPSC?

NCERT Textbooks are the main & Primary source for UPSC where most of the Questions are being taken from for Prelims.

Studying all NCERT Textbooks is very difficult and it is a time consuming process. Make sure to read the Latest & updated NCERT Books.

The gist of NCERT Books is the Best all in one Destination to cover NCERT Textbooks in a simplified way within a short period of time. They compiled important topics and concepts which are likely to be asked in Competitive exams.



I will recommend you guys to study Gist of NCERT’s all 5 Sets by Kalinjar Publication rather than reading all Textbooks

  • As it is exam-specific and covers only important Sections
  • Easy to finish the Book in time
  • Compiled from NCERT Textbooks so as not to worry about Out of Syllabus context
  • Best for revising NCERT contents in a small amount of time.

1Gist of NCERT General Science

Gist of NCERT General Science Book PDF Download for Free
Gist of NCERT General Science Book
Book Name:Gist of NCERT General Science
Publisher:Kalinjar Publications
No. of Pages:152 pages
File Format:PDF (printable)
File Size:2.7 MB

you can download General Science Book from the below link and make use of it wisely and get success in the upcoming competition.

2Gist of NCERT Indian History

Gist of NCERT Indian History PDF
Gist of NCERT Indian History Book
Book Name:Gist of NCERT Indian History
Publisher:Kalinjar Publications
No. of Pages:144 pages
File Format:PDF (printable)
File Size:2.5 MB

3Gist of NCERT Geography

Gist of NCERT Geography Book PDF Download for Free
Gist of NCERT Geography Book PDF
Book Name:Gist of NCERT Geography
Publisher:Kalinjar Publications
No. of Pages:119 pages
File Format:PDF (printable)
File Size:3.2 MB

4Gist of NCERT Indian Polity

Gist of NCERT Indian Polity Book PDF Download for Free
Gist of NCERT Indian Polity Book PDF
Book Name:Gist of NCERT Indian Polity
Publisher:Kalinjar Publications
No. of Pages:167 pages
File Format:PDF (printable)
File Size:2.4 MB

5Gist of NCERT Indian Economy

Gist of NCERT Indian Economy Book PDF Download for Free
Gist of NCERT Indian Economy Book PDF
Book Name:Gist of NCERT Indian Economy
Publisher:Kalinjar Publications
No. of Pages:141 pages
File Format:PDF (printable)
File Size:2.1 MB

Useful Books for Competitive Exams::;:

Follow these Points to Ensure Success:-Believe in yourself, Cultivating a success mindset, Overcoming procrastination, Hard work, Not making excuses, Perseverance.

Stay away from Negative people.They have a Problem for every Solution     –Albert Einstein

My Dear Aspirants, Success doesn’t come to you, you’ve to chase it and grab it. Do Study well and achieve your Dreams. Imagine with all your mind. Believe with all your heart. Achieve with all your might.

Disclaimer: Pavithran.Net doesn’t aim to promote or condone piracy in any way. We do not own any of these books. We neither create nor scan this Book. The Images, Books & other Contents are copyrighted to their respective owners. We are providing PDFs of Books that are already available on the Internet, Websites, and Social Media like Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp, etc. We highly encourage visitors to Buy the Original content from their Official Sites. If any way it violates the law or if anybody has Copyright issues/ having discrepancies over this post, Please Take our Contact Page to get in touch with us. We will reply as soon as we receive your Mails.

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