NCERT Summary by Manish Ranjan PDF [Latest Edition]

NCERT Summary (Class 6 – 12) One Liner by Manish Ranjan PDF is an incredibly helpful source for students preparing for various school and board examinations. It is the latest edition of Manish Ranjan’s comprehensive guide to mastering NCERT syllabus. It helps break down complex topics and concepts into concise points, making it easier for students to remember and recall the material.

NCERT Summary One Liner by Manish Ranjan PDF
NCERT Summary One Liner by Manish Ranjan PDF

This PDF is ideal for students who want to brush up on their knowledge of the NCERT syllabus, or for those who need to quickly revise important topics. With its clear and concise one-liners, this PDF offers a great way to quickly revise and refresh your memory.

So, if you’re looking for an effective and efficient way to prepare for upcoming examinations, NCERT Summary (Class 6 – 12) One Liner by Manish Ranjan PDF is the perfect resource for you.

NCERT Summary by Manish Rannjan Book PDF
NCERT Summary by Manish Rannjan Book PDF

This book was created to encompass the entire syllabus for a particular subject, as well as all of the pertinent facts needed for an exam. It not only contains a thorough overview, but also supplies a deep analysis that is conducive to preparing for competitive examinations, such as the UPSC, UPPSC, BPSC, JPSC, and MPPSC.

NCERT Summary by Manish Rannjan PDF

This latest edition of the PDF contains detailed summaries of all the NCERT text books for every class, making it easier for you to remember and understand the key points of each topic. With the help of this PDF, you can quickly go through all the topics without wasting time. The PDF is especially helpful for those who are preparing for competitive examinations like NEET, JEE, etc. as it helps them to revise the important topics quickly and accurately. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this PDF and make your revision process easier and faster!

[English Edition]

NCERT Summary by Manish Ranjan Pdf [English Edition]
  • Subject: NCERT Summary Class VI-XII One Liner
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 2022
  • No of Pages: 355
  • Pdf Size: 21.6 MB

[Hindi Edition]

NCERT Summary by Manish Ranjan Pdf [Hindi Edition]
  • Subject: एनसीईआरटी सारांश कक्षा VI-XII वन लाइनर
  • Language: Hindi
  • Author: Manish Rannjan
  • Edition: 2022
  • No of Pages: 367
  • Pdf Size: 46.8 MB

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Table of Contents:-

The book is broken down into sections on

  • Indian History (Ancient, Medieval and Modern),
  • Art and Culture,
  • World History,
  • Geography (Global Geography, Landforms, and Indian Geography),
  • Environment and Ecology,
  • Indian Polity and Constitution,
  • Indian Economy,
  • General Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), and
  • Science and Technology.

All of these are based on NCERT Books, allowing a student to quickly locate any desired material.

The NCERT Summary has been created to guide and direct the test-takers during their preparation. Keeping in view the various competitive exams, a selection of material has been made.

Highlights of the Book:

  1. This book provides us with new insights, enabling us to comprehend our surroundings more holistically. It has been organized into distinct sections, each providing in-depth information on the subject matter.
  2. The book has been designed as an all-inclusive source of material, to help students prepare for their exams.
  3. It is composed of several segments, and the language used is both straightforward and organized.

About Author:

Dr. Manish Rannjan has been working with the Jharkhand government ever since he obtained his IAS certificate in 2002. He had initially studied at Netarhat Vidyalaya in Netarhat and Patna College in Patna prior to graduating from Hindu College in the University of Delhi. Moreover, he has an MBA from Institute of Rural Management (IRMA) in Gujarat, a Ph.D in Management Studies, and recently completed a Masters of Public Affairs (MPA) from the University of California, Berkeley. He was even awarded the esteemed Chevening fellowship from the UK Government to study at the University of Oxford. Additionally, he has gone through training at Johns Hopkins University in the US, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Germany, International Training Center in Turin, Italy, and Korea Development Institute in South Korea. His research on the use of disruptive technology for agriculture was highly praised by the World Bank in Washington DC.


Are you looking for the best NCERT summary book? Are you finding it hard to make sense of the vast syllabus of NCERT?

Look no further! Manish Ranjan has solved your problem with his NCERT summary book! This remarkable book contains all the important points and topics of NCERT in a concise and easy-to-follow format. With this book, you can easily understand the syllabus and excel in your exams!

This book will save you time and effort, helping you to study with concentration and confidence.

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