Best AI Websites to Create Stunning Product Videos Fast

Are you looking for the best AI websites to create stunning product videos? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a list of the top AI-powered platforms that will help you create eye-catching videos for your products. These websites utilize artificial intelligence technology to automatically generate videos by analyzing your product images, descriptions, and other relevant information.

Best AI Websites to Create Product Videos
Best AI Websites to Create Product Videos

With just a few clicks, you can transform your static product images into dynamic and engaging videos that will captivate your audience. Whether you’re an e-commerce business owner or a digital marketer, these AI websites will revolutionize the way you showcase your products. Read on to discover the best AI websites for creating visually stunning and highly effective product videos.

COMPANY’s FAVOURITE - AI Video Generator – AI Video Generator is an AI video creation tool that allows users to create professional videos by transforming text into speech in just a few minutes. It eliminates the need for hiring actors, using expensive cameras, and renting a studio. Instead, users can choose from over 60 AI avatars to act as presenters in their videos, or create custom avatars for personalized branding.

The software supports over 120 languages and accents, making it easy to reach a global audience. With over 50 customizable video templates, users can create high-quality videos for various purposes, such as social media, tutorials, presentations, or promotions. Subscribers also gain access to a free media library with assets from Unsplash and Shutterstock. is ideal for YouTube creators, digital marketers, recruiters, influencers and bloggers, teachers, and anyone looking to create stunning videos quickly without the need for video editing skills or expensive recording equipment. Using is simple – users just need to write down their ideas and the software will transform the text into an AI talking head video.

Pricing: Starts at 24$ (1999₹) -> Click here to view pricing

Overall, offers a fast and cost-effective solution for video content creation, making it a valuable tool for businesses and individuals alike.

BEST FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - AI Video Generator – AI Video Generator

Predis.AI is a powerful software that offers a comprehensive solution for social media content creation and scheduling. It stands out from other tools in the market by providing a range of innovative features and functionalities.

At its core, Predis.Ai is a social media content creation tool that automates the process of creating engaging and compelling content. With its suite of creative tools, users can easily generate captivating content that resonates with their audience. The platform allows users to input their brand colors and logo, which are then incorporated into the generated social media images. This personalized touch ensures that the content aligns with the user’s brand identity.

One of the standout features of Predis.Ai is its post-engagement prediction capability. Leveraging artificial intelligence and data science, the platform can analyze past engagement metrics to predict how well a particular post is likely to perform. This functionality goes beyond basic analytics and provides users with valuable insights into their content strategy.

Predis.Ai also offers a caption generator that simplifies the task of coming up with catchy captions for social media posts. Users simply input their topic or idea, and the platform generates relevant captions in seconds. This saves time and effort, especially for those who struggle with crafting captivating captions.

Another useful feature is the hashtag generator, particularly beneficial for Instagram users. Predis.Ai not only generates relevant hashtags but also provides information on their search volume. This helps users choose the most effective hashtags to maximize their post’s reach.

Additionally, Predis.Ai offers multiple workspaces, allowing users to manage different projects effortlessly. Team members can be added to workspaces, streamlining collaboration and enhancing productivity.

Pricing: Starts at 29$ (1999₹) -> Click here to view pricing

Overall, Predis.Ai is a powerful tool for social media content creation and scheduling. Its advanced features, such as personalized image generation, post-engagement prediction, caption generation, hashtag generation with search volume insights, and multiple workspaces, make it an invaluable asset for marketers and businesses looking to optimize their social media strategies.

FAST VIDEO CREATION - AI Video Generator – AI Video Generator

Introducing Steve.AI, a revolutionary video creation tool powered by AI. In a matter of minutes, you can effortlessly produce captivating videos, whether they be live or animated, simply from text.

Steve.AI simplifies the process of generating exceptional video content with minimal exertion on your part. Just input your desired text and this innovative tool will take care of everything else.

Thanks to its advanced AI capabilities, the algorithm within Steve.AI comprehends the context of your video’s subject matter through a careful analysis of keywords and scripts.

Pricing: Starts at 15$ (1246₹) -> Click here to view pricing

What sets Steve.AI apart is its ability to select appropriate visuals for both animated and live-action videos. This eliminates the need for manual creation and saves you an abundance of time.

USER-FRIENDLY WEB-BASED VIDEO EDITOR - AI Video Generator – AI Video Generator

Nova A.I. is an online video editing tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically translate and incorporate subtitles into video content across various platforms. With the capabilities of Nova A.I., you have the ability to effortlessly transcribe, translate, and include subtitles in your videos, all while keeping your editing costs within a reasonable budget.

With Nova A.I., you can effectively manage your video collection by using automated video logging and data tagging, enabling you to access any specific moment instantly.

This advanced AI technology examines scenes in your videos and assigns tags to various categories such as individuals, feelings, and activities for each piece of content.

Pricing: Starts at 10$ (830₹) -> Click here to view pricing

To further refine the results, you have the option to customize templates and labels. This allows you to train the AI system in identifying specific faces accurately.



Wave.Video - AI Video Generator
Wave.Video – AI Video Generator is a cloud-based video marketing software that offers a range of tools for businesses to create, edit, and stream videos across various platforms. With its user-friendly interface, aims to make video creation accessible to everyone, even those without design skills or professional video production experience. The platform provides five tools in one, including a live streaming studio, video editor, thumbnail maker, video recording, and hosting capabilities. Users can resize and trim videos, combine clips, change layouts, apply color filters, add text animations and transitions, and more.

Additionally, offers auto-generated subtitles that can be customized in terms of color, font, background, and size. Users can also enhance their videos with matching background music and sound effects.’s live streaming feature allows users to stream live or pre-recorded videos to multiple channels simultaneously. It also offers the ability to invite guests and create authentic branded broadcasts.

The platform supports real-time engagement with viewers through the instant live stream chat. Furthermore, users can stream video content from multiple cameras simultaneously to provide a more immersive watching experience and increase audience engagement.

Pricing: Starts at 16$ (1329₹) -> Click here to view pricing

In summary, is a comprehensive video marketing software that simplifies the process of creating, editing, and streaming videos for businesses. Its intuitive interface and versatile tools cater to users of all skill levels and backgrounds. Whether it’s resizing and trimming videos, adding captions and effects, or live streaming with interactive features, offers a one-stop solution for all video marketing needs.

EXCELLENT FOR VIDEO CREATORS - AI Video Generator – AI Video Generator

Synthesys is an AI video generator tool that uses advanced technology to create natural-sounding audio and video. It aims to make high-quality synthetic voices accessible to everyone, allowing users to create realistic human-like voices in minutes. With 66+ languages and 15 synthetic human voices, it offers a wide range of options for creating realistic-sounding speech in different accents and dialects.

Synthesys consists of two main components: AI Text-to-Speech and AI Video. The AI Text-to-Speech feature allows users to generate audio files from written scripts, using real human voices and top-notch speech synthesis. Users can adjust reading speeds, tones, and pauses, and create audio in different accents and dialects. The AI Video feature allows businesses to create high-quality videos without the need for expensive spokespersons and camera crews. Users can easily create realistic-looking human avatars (humatars) using the tool’s stock avatars, and customize their look and feel.

Synthesys offers a wide variety of AI actors, voices, and backgrounds to choose from, allowing users to keep their content fresh and engaging. It also provides pre-made templates to simplify the video creation process. The tool’s simple artificial intelligence algorithms enable automated editing and production of content.

Pricing: Starts at 23$ (1991₹) -> Click here to view pricing

Overall, Synthesys is a powerful tool for creating realistic-sounding audio and video content. Whether it’s for social media, webinars, podcasts, or video games, Synthesys makes it easy to produce high-quality content that captures the attention of viewers. With its extensive library of actors, voices, and templates, as well as its customizable features, Synthesys offers a range of options for users to create professional-looking videos that align with their brand and messaging goals.

ALL IN ONE VIDEO EDITOR - AI Product Video Generator – AI Product Video Generator

InVideo is a powerful video creation platform that offers a simple and scalable solution for making engaging videos in minutes. With its wide range of pre-made templates, InVideo eliminates the need for tedious video editing by providing templates for any type of video, from technology to sports to social media posts.

To get started, users can select a template and then easily input their video script. InVideo’s library of millions of stunning images and royalty-free videos allows users to tell their story visually, while the “Quick Edit” feature automatically creates scenes with custom text.

Users have full control over their videos, with the ability to trim or extend clips, crop frames, loop videos, change volume, and add stickers, overlays, effects, and GIFs. Advanced editing options are also available for those who want to delve deeper into customization. Once the video is perfected, users can preview it before exporting an HD-quality version in just minutes.

In addition, InVideo offers a collection of copyright-free music, allowing users to add the perfect soundtrack to their creations. The possibilities with InVideo are endless, from informative and educational videos to stock updates and sing-along videos.

Pricing: Starts at 15$ (1246₹) -> Click here to view pricing

With hundreds of templates, pre-made design elements, an extensive media library, advanced editing features, and complete flexibility, InVideo provides all the tools needed to create professional-quality videos tailored to individual needs.

COST EFFECTIVE - AI Product Video Generator – AI Product Video Generator is an online video editing platform that aims to provide users with an easy and efficient way to create and edit videos for social media and more. It claims to be the largest online video editing platform on the market, offering a range of features to enhance the quality of videos and grow your audience.

One of the standout features of is its simplicity. Unlike most professional video editing software, does not require any training or prior knowledge. Users can easily add text captions, effects, and royalty-free music to their videos with just a few clicks. The platform also offers a range of creative options, such as animations, sound effects, filters, and subtitles in multiple languages. offers many free video editing tools that can be used without creating an account. However, to save videos to the platform’s cloud-based servers, users will need to register for a free account. While the free version has some limitations, such as video length and export resolution, these can be removed by upgrading to a premium plan.

Some of the main features offered by include the ability to add images, music, and text to videos, choose from a variety of filters and effects, generate subtitles with high accuracy in multiple languages, and compress video files to reduce their size.

Pricing: Starts at 3.5$ (291₹) -> Click here to view pricing

Overall, provides a user-friendly and versatile platform for creating and editing videos. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced creator, offers a range of tools and features to enhance your videos and make them stand out on social media platforms.

POWERFUL PRODUCT FOR MARKETING - AI Product Video Generator – AI Product Video Generator

Elai.AI is a versatile video creation platform that offers several ways to create engaging videos. Users can start with a template, AI storyboard, URL, e-commerce, or from a PPT presentation. The platform provides various customization options to make your video unique.

One of the standout features of Elai is the avatar library, which includes over 35 avatars with different ethnicities, genders, and outfits. Users can preview avatars and even customize their appearance. Elai also offers an API for avatar creation, allowing for complete customization according to individual needs.

The platform allows for extensive customization by adding text, images, videos, stickers, GIFs, and Lottie animations. Users can also record their screen directly within the platform. Elai provides a wide range of audio assets, including free-royalty music files covering various genres. Users can also upload their own music tracks. Similarly, there are multiple voice options available, allowing users to choose the tone and style that best suits their video.

Elai has recently introduced an Interactive Speech Editor that offers complete control over how words are spoken in the video. Users can add pauses and write phonemes for correct pronunciation. This feature is especially useful for improving pronunciation without modifying subtitles.

The platform supports multiple languages and offers the ability to upload voiceover recordings in any language and then narrate them in English, Spanish, Hindi, Polish, Portuguese, German, French, and Italian.

Users can paste their script or audio script into Elai’s text box or upload it from a file. The platform also utilizes Chat-GPT integration to create or rewrite existing content. This integration allows users to paste and improve scripts in a unique way. Once the video is ready, users can preview it before submitting it. The final video is delivered via email within a few minutes.

Pricing: Starts at 23$ (1911₹) -> Click here to view pricing

Overall, Elai provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for creating professional videos with customization options that make each video unique.

USER-FRIENDLY - AI Product Video Generator – AI Product Video Generator

HeyGen is a platform that allows users to create videos using artificial intelligence. It offers various types of videos, such as talking photos, real-person avatars, and animated characters. Users can customize their videos by choosing the voice, language, and appearance. The benefits of using HeyGen include the ability to create professional-looking videos without video editing skills or equipment, saving time and money by generating videos quickly, reaching a wider audience with multiple languages and accents, personalizing videos with realistic AI avatars, and enhancing videos with images and captions.

HeyGen is suitable for filmmakers, video editors, YouTubers, TikTokers, marketers, educators, and individuals who want to produce videos for education, marketing, entertainment, or personal use. The features of HeyGen include custom avatars, generative outfit customization, voice cloning, TalkingPhoto using photos with AI-generated speech, text-to-speech conversion in multiple languages, AI talking avatars that lip-sync to text, pre-made customizable video templates for various scenarios, FaceSwap for swapping faces in images or videos, Text2Image for creating images using text and AI matting for removing backgrounds from images or videos.

Pricing: Starts at 24$ (1994₹) -> Click here to view pricing

Overall, HeyGen provides an innovative and efficient solution for creating engaging and personalized videos with artificial intelligence. It eliminates the need for extensive video editing skills and equipment while offering a wide range of customization options. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, HeyGen is a valuable tool for anyone looking to create professional-quality videos quickly and easily.


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