Palayakkarar Rebellion & 1806-Vellore Mutiny in TamilNadu for TNPSC

Palayakkarar Rebellion & 1806 Vellore Mutiny
Palayakkarar Rebellion & 1806 Vellore Mutiny

Palayakkarar Rebellion & Vellore Mutiny-1806:-

Palayakkarar System

1) In whose period Palayakkarar system introduced in Tamilnadu – Vijayanagar Kingdom
2) How British referred Palayakkarar – Poligars or Polygars
3) When did Viswanatha Nayak become the Nayak ruler of Madurai – 1529
4) Who helped the Vishwanatha Nayak to introduce Palayakkarar system – Ariyanathar
5) Who is the minister of Vishwanatha nayakar – Ariyanathar
6) Where was Palayakkarar system first started in – Warangal
7) Who is the ruler of Warangal at the time of Palayakkarar system introduced – Prathaba Rudran
8) How many divisions divided by Nayaks to rule Tamilnadu – 72
9) Police duties of palayakkar were known as – Padikaval or Arasu Kaval
10) In which year Nawab of Arcot gave power of collecting the land revenue to British – Carnatic Treaty 1798


1) Who was the first Palayakkarar to resist the East India Company’s policy of territorial aggrandizement- Pulidevar
2) Which British general appointed against Pulidevar- Colonel Heron
3) Pulidevar sought whose help against British- Hyder Ali, French
4) Which Palayakkarar is the only one refused to join with Pulidevar – Sivagiri
5) Which two district rulers who always supported the British – Ramanathapuram and Pudhukottai
6) Who is the brother of Nawab of Arcot – Mahfuz Khan
7) The battle between Pulidevar and Mahfuz khan called as – Kalakad Battle ( Winner –Pulidevar with the support of Travancore) Yusuf Khan
1) How Marudhanayakam was called after religious conversion– Yusuf Khan
2) What is the other name of Yusuf Khan- Khan Sahib
3) In which year Yusuf Khan Hanged – 1764
4) In which year three important forts of Pulidevar comes under the control of Yusuf khan– 17 May 1761, name of the forts- Nerkattu seval, Vasudevanallur and panayur
5) Who led one of the army units of Puli Thevar-Ondiveeran Velu Nachiyar(1730-1796)
1) Who called as South India Jhansi rani and veeramangai- Velu Nachiyar
2) Who is the Queen of Sivagangai –Velu Nachiyar
3) Birth year, Birthplace and Father of Velu Nachiyar- 1730, Ramanathapuram, King Sellamuthu Sethupathy
4) Languages are known by Velunachiyar – English, French, and Urdu
5) Husband of Velunachiyar- Sivagangai King Muthuvaduganathar
6) Daughter of Velunachiyar – Vellachi Nachiyar
7) Who is the Commander of Velunachiyar Army – Thaandavarayan
8) Who sent the letter to Hyder Ali on behalf of Velunachiyar – Thaandavarayan
9) In which language Velunachiyar wrote and sent to Hyder Ali- Urudu
10) Which Nayak gave support to Velunachiyar- Gopal Nayak of Dindugul(Virupatchi near Dindgul for 8 years)
11) Who is the first Queen or ruler who fought against the colonial power of British – Velunachiyar
12) What is the name of Velunachiyar female regiment- Udaiyal
13) When did Kuyili walk into the British arsenal, setting herself on fire, and destroying all the ammunition of British – 1780

Veerapandiya Kattabomman

1) Father of Veerapandiya Kattabomman- Jagavira Pandya Kattabomman
2) Who sworn as Palyakkarar of Panchalamkurichi – Veerapandya Kattabomman at the age of 30
3) Who is the minister of Veerapandya Kattabomman – Siva Subramani
4) In which treaty, the British got the power of collecting the land revenue from panchalamkurichi – Carnatic Treaty,1781
5) How many shares decided to give to Nawab of Arcot after the battle between Nawab of Arcot and tipu sultan – 1/6
6) By the year 1798 how much land revenue to be collected from the VeeraPandya kattabomman – 3310 Pagodas(Pagodas meaning Rupees)
7) Which day Kattabomman asked to meet Jackson at Ramanathapuram – August 18, 1798
8) Which place Kattabomman met Jackson – Ramanathapuram, 19 September 1798
9) Which English officer killed in the clash at the Ramanathapuram Fort between Kattabomman and the English – Lieutenant Clark
10) Who headed the forces to arrest the Veerapandya Kattabomman – Bannerman
11) In Which year Veera Pandya Kattabomman appeared Madras Council – December 15, 1798
12) Who are the members of Madras council – William Brown, William Oram, and John Casamajor
13) Who dismissed Ramanathapuram collector Jackson – Governor Edward Clive
14) Who replaced Jackson as Collector of Ramanathapuram – S.R. Lushington
15) How much amount needed to pay by Kattabomman after the verification of accounts – 1080 Pagodas
16) Who commanded to arrest Veerapandya Kattabomman – Lord Wellesely
17) Who sent as messenger asked VeeraPandya Kattabomman to surrender by BannerMan – Ramalingam
18) What is the name of the forest in Pudukottai stayed by veerapandya kattabomman – Kalakadu
19) Who is first arrested in kalarpatti clash – SivaSubramani
20) In which place and day Sivasubramanihanged – Nagalapuram and September 13
21) Which date and place Veerapandya Kattabomman hanged- October 16 1799 and Kayathar

Marudhu Brothers

1) Who are able generals of Muthuvadugar of Sivagangai- Periya Mardhu and Chinna Mardhu
2) What is the capital of Chinnamarudu- Siruvayal
3) Who formed and headed by the south India Confederacy in sivaganga- Marudhu Brothers
4) Marudu Brother rebellion is also called as – South India Rebellion
5) Who called as Lion of Sivaganga- Chinna Marudhu
6) Who called as Vella Mardhu-Periya Marudhu
7) In which year the proclamation of 1801 was an early call to the Indians to unite against the British- 1801 June Proclamation/Freedom Proclamation
8) In British records “ Second Palayakkarar war” was called as- 1800-1801 rebellion of mardhu brothers
9) When did sivagangai comes under the full control of the British- July 31 1801.
10) Who gave support to sevathaiah and oomaidurai escaped from palayamkottai Jail- Chinna Marudhu
11) How many rebels were captured and transferred during the recapture of sivaganga and where they transferred –73 and Pinagu(Malaysia)
12) When and Where Mardhu Brothers hanged – 24 October 1801 and Tirupattur fort
13) When did Oomadurai and sevthaiah behead – 16 November 1801

End of Palayakarrar

Under Which treaty, the British assumed direct control over Tamilagam and the Palayakarar system came to an end with the demolition of all forts and disbandment of their army – Carnatic Treaty 31 July 1801 Therran Chinnamalai(1756-1805 )
1) The original name of Theeran Chinnamalai – Theeratagiri
2) The nickname of Theeran Chinnamalai – Palaya Kottai Manradiyar
3) When was Theeran Chinnamalai born – 1756
4) From Whom did Therran Chinnamalai confiscated tax money – Mohammed Ali (Diwan of Tipu Sultan)
5) How did he gain the name ‘Theeran ChinnaMalai’ – When Mohammed Ali was returning to Mysore with the tax money, Theerthagiri blocked his way and confiscated all the tax money. He let Mohammed Ali go by instructing him to tell his Sultan that “Chinnamalai”, who is between Sivamalai and Chennimalai, was the one who took away taxes. Thus he gained the name “Dheeran Chinnamalai”.
6) What type of warfare followed by Theeran chinnamalai – Guerilla Warfare
7) How and where Therran Chinnamalai hanged – At the top of the Sankagiri Fort on 31 July 1805.

Vellore Revolt (1806)

1) Who was the Governor of Madras at the time of Vellore revolt – Lord William Bentick
2) Who was the Adjutant General at the time of Vellore revolt – Agnew
3) Who was commander-general who is responsible for Vellore revolt – Sir John Cradock
4) Who introduced a new type of turban which resembles European cap with the shape of cross- Agnew
5) In which year Vellore revolt started and who started –10 July 1806 with the help of 23rd regiment of sepoys, the revolt started
6) Who is the first victim during the Vellore revolt – Colonel Fancourt who was commanded the garrison
7) Who was outside the fort gave the message to Arcot at the time of Vellore revolt- Major Cootes
8) Who announced as new king during Vellore revolt – Fateh Hyder (Flag of Mysore sultan hoisted in Vellore fort)
9) Which commander-general suppressed the Vellore revolt- Colonel Gillespie
10) How much reward gave to the colonel Gillespie who suppressed the Vellore revolt- 7000 Pagodas
11) Who said that 1806 Vellore revolt had preceded the 1857 revolt, and should be called the prelude of “First War of Indian Independence “- V.D. Savarkar

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