Which Tamil newspaper is best for TNPSC

The Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission is a state organization that conducts civil service exams for various government positions. The TNPSC exams are conducted multiple times every year, so you will need to know how to prepare. This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about the TNPSC exams, including the different exam types offered, test dates, registration, preparation tips and more.

Which Newspaper is best for TNPSC
Which Tamil Newspaper is best for TNPSC

Role of Current Affairs in TNPSC:

Current affairs is an important section for any competitive exam. It’s part of Tnpsc too, where many questions are asked about it because it’s common for all the groups.

If you want to stay informed about what is happening in the country, make sure you follow up on all the news being covered by your media outlets. This includes even the latest TNPSC exam updates. If you are a highly competitive candidate who really cares about scoring high marks, then you need to study these current affairs thoroughly.

There are lots of monthly & daily current affairs available that you can follow:

  1. Winmeen.com
  2. TNPSCThervupettagam.com
  3. Suresh IAS Academy (Youtube Channel)

You can use these 3 resources efficiently to clear all Current affairs questions.

Which Tamil Newspaper we should use to prepare for Current Affairs?

For English, I will suggest Hindu Newspaper as it is a well-respected newspaper that has wide coverage across the world. Its content consists of neutral opinions from people with varied backgrounds and experiences, as it is not biased by any particular political or religious perspective.

For Tamil, I would recommend Dinamani & Hindu Tamil

You must read at least one journal to begin with. You can refer to Pratyogita Darpan or Competitive Success for your prelims, which are preferable, but any other two journals would do as well. If you come across time constraints and don’t have time to prepare both journals – then any of them is fine!

What to Read in Newspaper?

  • Read on the significant policy decisions, international agreements & conventions
  • Avoid Reading the News related political, entertainment, and gossip genre. Instead, focus on things that matter.
  • Read Articles related to Environment Topics.
  • Note down some important News. When revising, it may be useful to take notes of important and less important news in a notebook.

How to Register for TNPSC Exams

There are multiple exams that the TNPSC conducts, so let’s take a step-by-step look at how you can register for these exams.

First, you’ll need to log on to the official website of the TNPSC (www.tnpsc.gov) and go to the “Examination Schedule” page. This page will show all the exam types offered by the organization, including the duration and dates of when they’re scheduled to take place.

Next, choose your exam type; you can choose from either “State Services Exam” or “Post Graduate Examinations.”

After choosing your exam type, you’ll have to decide which examination center location is best for you. The various centers located throughout Tamil Nadu offer different advantages and disadvantages for each candidate’s testing needs.

Now that you’ve got your desired date and venue locked in, it’s time to register for your exam! You can do so online on this same web portal or download a paper form from one of their locations around Tamil Nadu.

How to Prepare for TNPSC Exams

The TNPSC exams are offered throughout the year, but you will need to register for them before they begin.

There are three different types of exams that you can take:

1) Competitive Exams

2) Recruitment Exams

3) All-India Competitive Exams

Competitive exams take place at different levels, depending on your qualifications. In general, competitive exams will be conducted every six months and consist of a written exam followed by a personal interview.

Recruitment exams are offered only to government employees who wish to upgrade their current position or change departments within the government. These exams will be held at various times throughout the year and require a written test, followed by a personal interview.

All-India competitive examinations will feature both written and oral components, with the written exam being conducted in English or Hindi only. The oral exam can be conducted in any language listed as an official language of India. However, this is very rare because it’s difficult to conduct an oral test in multiple languages simultaneously.


There are many different types of TNPSC Exams. Be sure to register for the exam associated with your job. See a list of all the TNPSC Exams here.

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