[PDF] 5000+ Important Idioms and Phrases for SSC | BANKING | CAT (Updated)

Download 5000+ Idioms and Phrases in Pdf for GRE, TOEFL & Competitive Examinations (i.e) SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, GD, CPO / Banking SBI, IBPS PO & CLERK / Railways NTPC, Group D, ALP Stage-1, JE Stage-1, etc.

Idioms and Phrases in PDF Download
Idioms & Phrases in PDF Download

What are Idioms and Phrases?

An idiom is a phrase that isn’t meant to be taken literally but some idioms might represent the literal meaning of the phrase.

In Common, Idiom’s metaphorical meaning is different from the literal meaning.

Where to use Idioms & Phrases?

You can use idioms for informal & casual communication such as talking to your friends & family, Personal letters to anyone, conversations to your Classmates or Colleague or anyone close to you, writing a letter to your loved ones, etc.

But you should avoid using Idioms for Formal Communication such as Job interviews, Group discussions, Business proposals, Marketing related conversations, etc.

1. IDIOMS & PHRASES BOOK by Arihant – Roshan Tolani

IDIOMS and PHRASES Anglo - Roshan Tolani PDF
IDIOMS and PHRASES Anglo – Roshan Tolani

This Idioms and Phrases book by Arihant will help you understand popular phrases used in English on a day-to-day basis easily. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs of learners with limited vocabulary. Each page consists of an idiom or phrase, its meaning and an example sentence for better understanding.

It is a good book to have in your library when you are looking for some new idioms and phrases.

This book is not just about idioms and phrases but also about their meanings. It has plenty of examples which will help you understand the meaning of phrases and make yourself sound more intelligent.

This book is an absolute must if you want to improve your vocabulary, enrich your speech with new expressions or simply impress others with your vast knowledge of the language.

Book Details:-

Book Name:Idioms & Phrases Anglo
Author/Publisher:Roshan Tolani/Arihant Publication
No of Pages:333 pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
File Size:4.24 MB


If you want to practice and develop your knowledge of phrasal verbs and idioms, you will find this book very useful. The various exercises contain many of the most common phrasal verbs and idioms, together with some useful spoken expressions that you might expect to hear or use in an English-speaking environment.
You should not go through this book mechanically from beginning to end. It is better to choose one particular verb or topic, do the exercise, make a record of any new words and expressions that you learn, then practice using these in sentences or situations of your own. When you feel you have a good command of these, move to another Phrase or topic and do the same. You should also review the things you have learned on a regular basis. so that they remain ‘fresh’ in your mind and become part of your ‘active’ vocabulary.
The meanings of most of the phrasal verbs and idioms are explained in the book, either in the exercises themselves or in the answer key at the back.

No vocabulary book can possibly cover all of the thousands of English phrasal verbs and idioms that you are likely to come across or need, so it is important to acquire new ones from other sources. If you have access to English newspapers, popular magazines, TV & Radio programs, films, and albums of popular music, you will find that these are excellent resources.


Book Details:-

Book Name:Phrasal Verbs & Idioms
Author/Publisher:Vocabulary Workbook
No of Pages:81 pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
File Size:2.07 MB

3. 2700 Idioms and Phrases Asked in SSC Exams [PDF]

SSC Aspirants should download this Pdf for free and read these 2700 Idioms thoroughly to score all marks from this section. Banking Aspirants can also read this Pdf Book.

Book Details:-

Book Name:2700 Idioms and Phrases
Author/Publisher:SSC Point
No of Pages:66 pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
File Size:707 KB

4. Idioms and Phrases Asked in SSC CGL Exams Updated till 2016

This PDF contains Idioms and Phrases that were asked in SSC CGL Exams till 2016. Those who are preparing for SSC exams can download and read it. You must read Previously asked Idioms and Phrases for SSC exams because most of the time Idioms & Phrases are repeated from previous year’s questions.

Book Details:-

Book Name:808 Idioms and Phrases asked in SSC CGL till 2016
No of Pages:23 pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
File Size:932 KB

5. Disha’s Some Commonly used Idioms and Phrases

Here in this PDF, you will get all Idioms and Phrases that are repeated and frequently asked in previous year questions in SSC CGL. 

Book Details:-

Book Name:Idioms and Phrases
Author/Publisher:Disha Publication
No of Pages:7 pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
File Size:128 KB

6. 100 Important Idioms in English with Meanings

Book Details:-

Book Name:100 Important Idioms
No of Pages:20 pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
File Size:3 MB

7. 1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context PDF

1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context
1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context

Highlights of this Book:

A Self-study for intermediate to advanced students

  • 2000 example sentences
  • Read the sentence, get the meaning
  • Phrasal Verbs colour highlighted
  • Grammar and usage tips
  • Easy to use alphabetical listing
  • write your own notes and examples
  • Designed for self-study or classroom use
  • 1000 Quiz Questions with Answers

Book Details:-

Book Name:1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context
Author/Publisher:Matt Errey
No of Pages:157 pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
File Size:3 MB

100 Important Idioms and Phrases with Meanings in English

Below is the list of 100 most important Idioms and Phrases everyone should know.

  1. To keep the ball rolling – To continue the work
  2. Burn a hole in a pocket – Money spent quickly
  3. To cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth – To live one’s means
  4. Make a mountain out of a molehill – To exaggerate a minor difficulty
  5. Once in a blue moon – Rarely
  6. Put the cart before the horse – To do things wrongly
  7. To pay through the nose – To pay very clearly
  8. Put in cold storage – To keep a work pending
  9. A bed of roses – Easy
  10. To take the law into one’s hand – To have a disregard for law and order
  11. Take the bull by the horns – To adopt the most direct and most dangerous way of facing difficulties
  12. Burn the candle at both ends – To waste money
  13. Born with a Silver spoon in one’s mouth – Born in a rich family
  14. At the crow flies – in a straight line
  15. Between the devil and the deep sea – Between two difficult situations
  16. To move heaven and earth – To make maximum efforts
  17. To take time by the forelock – To seize an opportunity
  18. To flog a dead horse – To waste one’s effort
  19. To look for a needle in a haystack – To seek what is impossible to find
  20. To cloud the issue – To make something complicated
  21. A hair breath escape – very close escape
  22. A jack of all trades – Person with little knowledge of everything
  23. Pain in the neck – An irritating person
  24. A storm in a teacup – A lot of excitement and discussion about a trivial matter
  25. Add fuel to the fire – Whenever something is done to make a bad situation even worse than it is
  26. A slap in the face- A snub by someone
  27. A Slap on the Wrist- A very mild punishment.
  28. A sleeping partner- Inactive partner
  29. A slip of the tongue- An unintentional mistake in the speaking
  30. A smack in the eye- A great disappointment or setback
  31. A snake in the grass- Hidden enemy
  32. A snap- Something that’s very easy to do
  33. A society journal– A magazine which reports on fashionable journal
  34. A soft option- An alternative that is easy
  35. A soft spot– A fondness for something
  36. A sore point– A matter which irritates
  37. A square deal– Good behaviour
  38. A square meal– Full/Complete meal
  39. A square peg in a round hole– A misfit
  40. A stalking horse– Conceal a secret project
  41. A standing army– Permanent army
  42. A standing order– An order to pay which the bank pays automatically
  43. A stepping stone– A step of progress
  44. A stiff-necked person– A man with an ego
  45. A still tongue keeps a wise head– Wise people don’t talk much
  46. A stone’s throw– A short distance
  47. A stone’s throw of– At a short distance from
  48. A storm in a tea-cup– A lot of excitement and discussion about a trivial matter
  49. A straight play– A serious play with light entertainment
  50. A straw vote – An unofficial opinion poll
  51. A stumbling block – Barrier
  52. A sweeping statement – Leaving out details
  53. A talk of the town – A person or event which excited much attention
  54. A tall order– A task that is difficult
  55. A tall talk – To boast or exaggerated storytelling
  56. A Taste Of Your Own Medicine – When you are mistreated the same way you mistreat others
  57. A thankless task– Prize less
  58. A thorn in one’ flesh– Reason of worry
  59. A thorn in one’s flesh – A source of irritation
  60. A thorn in the flesh– unwanted guest
  61. A thumbnail sketch– A small scale drawing
  62. A tight squeeze– To be very crowded
  63. A token strike– A short strike held as a warning
  64. A Toss-Up– A result that is still unclear and can go either way
  65. Tough luck– Bad Luck
  66. A tower of strength– A person who can be relied upon
  67. A turncoat- A politician who changes sides
  68. A turning point– A new turn
  69. A twice-told tale– A well-known story
  70. A universal rule– One which can be applied without exception
  71. A utopian scheme– An unrealistic good scheme
  72. A vested interest – A connection with some enterprises with personal gain
  73. A vexed question– Dispute but which remains unresolved
  74. A walk over– Winning easily
  75. A wet blanket– One who kills joy
  76. A white elephant– Costly affair
  77. A white lie– A lie that is told to avoid offending someone or hurting his / her feelings
  78. A white paper– A government report
  79. A white-collar worker – An office worker
  80. A wild goose chase– Useless search
  81. A word in season – Advice or warning given at the right time
  82. A yes-man– Someone who tries to get approval by agreeing with everyone.
  83. ABC– Primary education
  84. Abide by– Be faithful, To keep
  85. Abound in – Full
  86. About-face- Change their position on the issue
  87. Above all– More than everything else
  88. Aboveboard- Honest, Fair, Upright.
  89. Absence makes the heart grow fonder- Their love grows stronger
  90. According to – As wished
  91. Achilles’ heel- Weakness
  92. Acid test – To refer to something like the acid test means that it will prove how effective or useful something is.
  93. Across the board- Including everyone or everything
  94. Act of God- This term refers to a natural event or accident, for which no person is responsible (such as an earthquake, lightning and similar acts of nature).
  95. A Leopard Can’t Change His Spots- You cannot change who you are
  96. A let-down- A disappointment
  97. A light sleeper – A person who does not sleep deeply
  98. A live wire- A person who is very active
  99. A low blow- A big disappointment
  100. A maiden speech- First public address
  101. A man/woman about town– One well used to life in fashionable cities
  102. A man/woman in thousands – One of an unusual quality or talent
  103. A man/woman of letters – A writer and scholar
  104. A man/women of spirit- A courageous one
  105. A man/women of the straw- A cowardly
  106. A man in a million-Incomparable
  107. A man of his words- A man to be depended on, a trustworthy man
  108. A man of letters- A lover of literature
  109. A man of means- A rich person
  110. A man of mettle- Determined
  111. A man of parts- Smart Person
  112. A man of straw- A man with dependent nature
  113. A mare’s nest – A wrong discovery
  114. A moot point- Topic of discussion
Idioms and Phrases
Idioms and Phrases

Commonly Asked Idioms and Phrases Questions in SSC CGL

Apple of DiscordA source of quarrel
White elephantA very costly possession
At the eleventh hourAt the last moment
At sixes and sevensIn a disorderly state
To beat black and blueTo punish severely
To break the iceTo start a conversation
A cock and bull storyAn imaginary and false story
To cry for the MoonTo wish for something impossible
To beat about the bushTo talk irrelevantly
A dark horseA person of unknown capabilities
Hue and cryTo raise a loud cry or to raise an alarm
A herculean taskWork requiring great effort
A snake in the grassA Hidden enemy
A nine day’s wonderSomething that is of interest or beauty for a short time


Attend Idioms and Phrases Quiz to test yourself and to evaluate your level of preparation. Here I have made a few sets of questions that might be important in General Competitions.

Impact of Idioms and Phrases on Competitive Exams

Idioms & Phrases play a key role in Competitive Exams like SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO | BANK SBI, IBPS PO / Clerk | AFCAT | CAT and so on.

In general, 2-3 Questions are being asked from Idioms and Phrases in various National and International level Competitive and Recruitment examinations.

Keeping in mind the specific requirements of the students and various General competitions, we bring very useful and worthy Books & Study materials for Idioms and Phrases in Pdf format for free.

You can download these Books for Free to learn Idioms and Phrases easily and score the desired cut-off in exams.

How to learn Idioms and Phrases easily?

Read 10 to 50 Phrases daily and use it in your daily life while communicating with your Friends, Colleagues or family members. If you do this, you can learn Idioms and Phrases easily and you can master them as well as store them in your primary memory.

Practice and include it in the Real world scenario and try to use it frequently in your discussion.

15 Useful Idioms for Work & Business

15 Useful Idioms for Work Business
15 Useful Idioms for Work Business

Best Apps for Idioms and Phrases

There are several Apps for Idioms and Phrases on Play Store. I listed a few best Apps to learn Idioms and Phrases.

  1. All English Idioms & Phrases
  2. Idioms and Phrases Dictionary
  3. Idioms & Phrases with Meaning!
  4. Best English Idioms & Phrases (Offline)
  5. Idioms & Phrases with Hindi Meaning


I hope you got what you search for. Make use of these valuable PDFs and crack all idioms and phrases in your upcoming exam paper.

Now, I want to hear from you!
Which Idiom or Phrase do you use frequently in recent days and Which Book do you guys recommend to study Idioms and Phrases that we presented here

Let me know by leaving a quick comment


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