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Introduction to Partial Differential Equations by Sankara Rao is the comprehensive and well-organized book, continues to provide students with the fundamental concepts, mathematical techniques and methods such as Laplace and Fourier transform techniques, the variable separable method, and Green’s function method to solve Partial Differential Equations. Get the latest third edition of this book from the link provided below. This is the Best Book to know the Basics of Partial differential equations in post graduate degree and helpful in understanding the concepts at ease and it provide the detailed explanation in simple English which will be understood by common people without any worries.

The text is supported by a number of worked-out examples and miscellaneous examples to enable the students to assimilate the fundamental concepts and the techniques for solving partial differential equations with various initial and boundary conditions. Besides, chapter-end exercises are also provided with hints to reinforce the students’ skills.

To Whom this Book is Designed for?

It is designed primarily to serve as a textbook for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing courses in applied mathematics, physics and engineering.

What is new to this edition?

Adds new sections on linear partial differential equations with constant coefficients and non-linear model equations.
It offers additional worked-out examples and exercises to illustrate the concepts discussed.

About the Author:-

K. Sankara Rao, Ph.D., formerly Professor of Mathematics, Anna University, Chennai. He has also served as Scientist/Engineer at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay and Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Trivandrum. He has to his credit several research papers, published in national and international journals.


Book Details:-

Introduction to Partial Differential Equations Book
Author:Sankara Rao
Format:PDF, e-Book
Paperback length:10863 Pages
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