The Power of Vedic Maths by Atul Gupta PDF [2nd Edition] for Free

Mathematics is an integral part of our lives and Vedic Maths is one of the most powerful tools to make calculations easier and faster. Atul Gupta’s PDF titled “The Power of Vedic Maths” is a comprehensive guide to understanding the fundamentals of this ancient system of mathematics.

This 2nd edition of the book is now available for free, providing an opportunity to learn and explore the depths of Vedic Maths. This PDF covers a wide range of topics, including basics of Vedic Maths, its applications, and its various techniques. It provides an in-depth analysis of the various components of Vedic Maths and how it can be used in everyday life.

This PDF also contains numerous examples and illustrations to help readers understand and apply the concepts. With this easily accessible guide, anyone can now gain a better understanding of Vedic Maths and its potential.

The Power of Vedic Maths by Atul Gupta Pdf
The Power of Vedic Maths by Atul Gupta Pdf

The subject of Vedic mathematics has been attracting a lot of attention from learners as well as mathematics fans. ‘The Power of Vedic Maths’ book has been written to explain the methods in an easily understandable language, aiming to bridge the gap that was felt for a long time. It consists of a step-by-step guide along with 1000 exercise questions and answers.

Furthermore, it contains a distinct segment that displays the application of the Vedic Maths techniques in exams like CAT, CET, etc. Individuals from all areas such as students, teachers, parents, and even those without any mathematical background, will be able to savor the pleasures of solving maths problems utilizing the fantastic set of techniques known as Vedic Maths.

The Power of Vedic Maths PDF – Atul Gupta

The Power of Vedic Maths - Atul Gupta PDF
The Power of Vedic Maths – Atul Gupta PDF

This book is straightforward to understand and the vedic technique it explains is easy to absorb. It is ideal for everyone from students to teachers to those taking competitive examinations. A noteworthy part of this book is that when I was attempting the questions provided, I wasn’t getting the correct answers. I emailed the writer and he was prompt in replying, which I am extremely grateful for. This book was very well-written and I appreciate the author for his assistance.

Book Details:-

Book Name:The Power of Vedic Maths
Author/Publisher:Atul Gupta
No of Pages:181 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:3.51 MB

Inside the Book:-

  1. Two Simple Techniques
  2. Operations with 9
  3. Operations with 11
  4. Multiplication (Nikhilam)
  5. Multiplication (Urdhva Tiryak)
  6. Division
  7. Simple Squares
  8. Square of Any Number
  9. Square Root of a Number
  10. Cubes and Cube Roots
  11. Trigonometry
  12. Auxiliary Fractions
  13. Mishrank or Vinculum
  14. Simultaneous Equations
  15. Osculator
  16. Applications of Vedic Maths

Highlights of the Book:-

  • This book is especially useful for those who are prepping for competitive examinations. It provides a great number of methods and techniques that can be used to solve complicated math problems swiftly. Although I haven’t read the entirety of the book yet, the segments that I have gone through are quite useful and captivating.
  • This book is great for people who are not good at math like me! There are a lot of examples and most of the explanations are easy to understand, though a couple of them made me think hard. You can’t just skim it – you need to read it from the start and work your way through. I learned some useful techniques that I can teach my kids! I had no clue there were so easy ways to calculate square roots! I was mystified when I took my GRE and saw the complicated questions. If I had known about this book, it would have been great!

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This book has some techniques which will astonish you. It is written in a way that even beginners can understand it. Illustrations are included to demonstrate the methods. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to enhance their capability of computing quickly and accurately.

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