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For anyone looking to unlock the secrets of Vedic Maths and crack competitive exams, look no further than the comprehensive guide, Vedic Maths Made Easy by Arihant. This comprehensive guide offers a comprehensive overview of Vedic Maths, the ancient system of mathematics that has been used in India since ancient times.

It offers readers a step-by-step guide to mastering the various techniques and strategies associated with this ancient system. With its easy-to-follow instructions and clear explanations, this book is sure to help any aspiring student get ahead in competitive exams.

In addition, it provides plenty of practice problems and solutions to help readers develop their own understanding and mastery of Vedic Maths. With its comprehensive coverage and easy-to-follow instructions, Vedic Maths Made Easy by Arihant is the perfect resource for anyone looking to succeed in competitive exams.

Vedic Mathematics Made Easy PDF (Arihant)
Vedic Mathematics Made Easy PDF (Arihant)

Vedic Mathematics is an ancient system of mathematics which is based on straightforward rules and principles. It can be used to solve any type of mathematical problem, such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry or trigonometry, by just orally speaking it out. Clive Middleton, a vedic maths enthusiast, claims that these formulas explain how the mind works naturally and can help guide a student to the appropriate method of solution.

In today’s world of competitive examinations, a mastery and practice of vedic mathematics can be extremely advantageous for those taking the exams. Not only students, but professionals like engineers, teachers, executives, and businessmen can also benefit immensely from Vedic Mathematics.

Vedic Mathematics Made Easy by Arihant PDF

Arihant Vedic Mathematics Made Easy - Pt. Ramnandan Shastri PDF
Arihant Vedic Mathematics Made Easy – Pt. Ramnandan Shastri PDF

This Book, divided into 21 sections, is the product of a comprehensive study of Vedic Maths, its ‘Sutras’ and their practical uses, all connected to the speed and manner of learning for different types of readers. After each chapter, there are two exercises related to the material just discussed, with hints and solutions, as well as questions from competitive and management entrance exams, which are answered in the end. The writing is easy to follow and the layout is engaging, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

Book Details:-

Book Name:Vedic Mathematics Made Easy
Author/Publisher:Pandit Ramnandan Shastri
No of Pages:135 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:14.3 MB

Vedic Maths Made Easy by Arihant is the perfect guide for competitive exams. It covers all the topics related to Vedic Maths in an easy-to-understand format. Get your copy today and ace your exams with confidence!

Inside this Book:-

  • Sixteen Sutras of Vedic Mathematics: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Divisibility, Square and Square Roots, Cube and Cube Roots, Decimals, Factorization, Highest Common Factor (HCF), Simple Equations, Cubic Equations, Biquadratic Equations, Simultaneous Equations, Factorizations and Differential Calculus, Partial Fractions, Integration by partial Fractions, Pythagoras Theorem, Appolonius Theorem, Analytical Geometry
  • Hints & Solutions

Highlights of the Book:-

  • The author went into great detail regarding the 16 Sutras and their Upa-Sutras, including Partial Fractions, Integral, and Calculus. This book was an excellent resource.
  • It is straightforward and effortless to operate…the results of the computations are remarkable.
  • This book is an ideal resource for individuals preparing for competitive tests like Bank PO, SBI, RBI, Railway, and SSC. It features outstanding calculation tips and techniques that will increase your speed. Once you have mastered this book, I am confident that you will be able to ace the calculations.

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With Arihant’s Vedic Maths Made Easy PDF, your competitive exam preparation will be easier and more efficient. Learn the maths tricks and speed calculation methods to master the subject quickly. Download the guide today and get ready to ace your competitive exams

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