Study Guide to Azure Data Fundamentals DP 900

Azure DP-900 Exam Study Guide
Azure DP-900 Exam Study Guide

The most in-demand skills in the IT sector have undergone a significant change. The demand for expertise in data science, cloud services, and data analysis has increased significantly. Knowing how to utilise cloud platforms, especially Microsoft Azure, can assist you in extending your career prospects.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to study for the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP 900 course. Microsoft has developed dedicated data service certificates, known as the DP series or Data Platform series, in response to the rise of role-based qualifications. There are three levels of role-based accreditations: fundamentals, associate, and expert. The first tier of the Data Platform series is called Azure Data Fundamentals by Microsoft. 

An Azure DP 900 study guide can provide you with all the knowledge you require to pass this exam if you have just begun or are about to prepare for this certification.

Microsoft Azure DP 900 Exam Details

There are no official requirements that applicants must satisfy to take the Microsoft Azure DP 900 test. This means that even if you lack technical knowledge or experience, you are still eligible to take the exam. For each attempt, you must spend $99 in total.

As an applicant, you have roughly 85 minutes to answer 40 to 55 questions after entering the exam room. Additionally, you must receive a minimum grade of 700 out of 1000 or 70%. You won’t have to wait long to learn your results because they are released immediately following the exam.

What Are the Key Benefits of Azure Data Fundamentals DP 900 Course?

  • Candidates will gain an extensive understanding of how data is maintained in the cloud and ways to use Azure data fundamentals to interact with it.
  • You can obtain two-star badges and Associate grade certifications like Azure Data Engineer by passing the Microsoft course.
  • Jobs in the IT industry are in high demand for those who have Microsoft certifications and deal with data. Candidates have a big edge if their resumes include Microsoft certification badges.
  • One approach to demonstrate to others that your talents have been recognised is through certification.

DP 900 Course Objectives

The questions are spread out among all the modules. We have described the proportion of questions for each of the four modules below:

  1. Module 1: Describe Core Data Concepts (15-20%).

From this lesson, you can anticipate questions on the core data tasks, such as batch and streaming data, their distinctions, and properties of relational data. There will be inquiries about data visualisation soon. Data processing, extract, transform, and load (ETL), and extract, load, and transform (ELT) processing are further crucial ideas for the DP 900 certification.

  1. Module 2: Explain How to Work with Relational Data on Azure (25–30%)

Relational Data on Azure is given additional attention in this module. You need to comprehend relational Azure data services completely. Through questions, this module will test essential cloud technology topics, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. By contrasting relational data in PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Azure SQL Database, several problems regarding security components and search methodologies may arise.

  1. Module 3: Explain How to Work with Non-Relational Data on Azure (25–30%)

This module discusses non-relational data applications, including their classifications, features, and uses, and Azure data services for these tasks. Azure blob and table storage, as well as file storage, is given importance in this objective. The Management chapters will discuss the procurement and installation of non-relational data services, privacy and authentication elements, and associated tools.

  1. Module 4: Describe an Analytics Workload on Azure (25–30%)

This module covers different aspects of data storage, design, and workload. Data Ingestion and Handling on Azure, Azure Data Factory, Computational Tools, and Data Presentation in Microsoft Power BI are additional crucial subjects in this session. Mastering Analytics Workload on Azure is the secret to passing the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP 900 Certification Test. 

Sources and Study Materials for DP 900 Microsoft Certification

There are several methods for getting ready for the DP 900 Microsoft course.

  • The Learn Microsoft Portal allows you to discover courses offered by prestigious universities.
  • Upon enrollment, Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) is accessible.
  • You can take advantage of organised instructor-led training to master the foundations of Microsoft Azure.
  • Anyone taking the DP 900 course can also take advantage of CloudThat’s Test Prep services, which include unrestricted access to our Microsoft Azure library, multiple-choice questions, and a progress tracker. 


The DP 900 certification exam has no formal requirements and doesn’t require engineering knowledge. This means that as long as you have experience with cloud computing, you don’t have to make extensive or strenuous preparations. But when studying for this Microsoft certification, Microsoft advises taking a systematic learning approach. 

Anyone understanding the fundamentals of relational and non-relational data, such as data engineers and database administrators, is eligible to take the DP 900 certification test. A basic understanding of Azure data fundamentals, data description language (DDL), and data manipulation language (DML) will be very beneficial as this is the most basic certification in the DP series.

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