15 Popular Tamil Youtubers You Should Know in 2022


The internet has given us a voice and we want to be heard! From comedy to gaming, we see how this medium is changing the ways in which we share personal emotions and opinions and connect with others who may be facing the same challenges in life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a YouTuber or not- social media has changed our lives. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the Tamil Youtubers who are making waves in 2022.

Top Tamil Youtubers
Top Tamil Youtubers

Tamil Youtubers are becoming increasingly popular in the social media circuit. It has become a dream for many to be able to make a living from YouTube. For some, it’s their full-time job and for others, it’s just a hobby. Tamil YouTubers have been on the rise for a while now. With over 300 active YouTube channels, Tamil content has gained a lot of popularity and fame. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 15 famous Tamil YouTubers from India.

1 Village Cooking Channel Youtube
Village Cooking Channel Youtube


18.3 Million Subscribers

194 Videos

Village Cooking channel was started on April 25th, 2018. It is the first non-corporate Tamil YouTube channel to become one of the most subscribed channels in India, with nearly 15 million subscribers! The interesting videos cover some authentic dishes that were never heard about before and it’s presented in a natural way which makes this channel endearing.

2 BehindwoodsTV Youtube Channel
BehindwoodsTV Youtube Channel


10.1 Million Subscribers

24,460 Videos

BehindwoodsTV is the second most popular Tamil YouTube channel out there. It covers a wide variety of topics from news, politics, and movies to personality interviews and movie reviews. The one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs in Tamil Nadu!

It focuses on everything that is related to cinema – providing news about Kollywood (the Tamil Film Industry) and its actors- while also talking about other language film industries when necessary.

3 Micset Youtube Channel
Micset Youtube Channel


7.7 Million Subscribers

40 Videos

Micset is a YouTube channel that focuses on content that the current generation’s youth resonate with. It is owned by a group of friends who keep making fun videos and web series that entertain the audiences thoroughly. The Mic Set team has 7.4 Million subscribers for their comedy sketches of everyday life situations! They joined in July 2017, posting over 13 videos to date with a total of 380 million views – they rank among one of Tamil Entertainment’s top channels on YouTube if you’re looking for some great Tamil Comedy Sketches.

4 Madan Gowri Youtube Channel
Madan Gowri Youtube Channel


6.45 Million Subscribers

1700 Videos

Madan Gowri has more than 9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is the sole creator of all content that he publishes on his channel, which sometimes focuses on facts and other times speculations. Madan Gowri enjoys a good social media following across different communities, as well as an audience with diverse interests who enjoy listening to him speak about current events or informative pieces.

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5 Madras Samayal Youtube Channel
Madras Samayal Youtube Channel


5.5 Million Subscribers

600 Videos

Madras Samayal is a cooking channel that has more than 5.2 million subscribers and shares various dishes, both rural and urban, available in Tamil Nadu. Not just this but it also gives you a look into other cuisines from all over India as well as the world- savories and sweets- never failing to make you want to eat what you see!

6 Nakkalites Youtube Channel
Nakkalites Youtube Channel


4.9 Million Subscribers

320 Videos

Nakkalites is an entertaining YouTube channel that deals with various topics. Whether you want to watch a video about your favorite movie or get advice on how not to get cheated on, they’ve got it all covered for you. And because of their more than 4 million subscribers, Nakkalites are one of the leading Tamil-speaking channels out there!

7 Village Food Factory Youtube Channel
Village Food Factory Youtube Channel


4.7 Million Susbcribers

400 Videos

Arumugam, the owner of Village Food Factory, presents a number of interesting dishes in each video. The channel has over 4.7 Million subscribers and more than 400 videos! Viewers tune into the channel to look at what Arumugam is presenting them with – they are never disappointed as he always offers an array of delicious Indian food that everyone enjoys watching.

Arumugam Thatha Youtube Channel
Arumugam Thatha Youtube Channel
8 Blacksheep Youtube Channel
Blacksheep Youtube Channel


4.5 Million Subscribers

1060 Videos

If you want to watch Tamil-based videos that are infotainment and entertaining, then Black Sheep should be at the top of your list. Previously known as Smile Mixture, this channel provides content for people of all ages and has a huge load of videos on their channel. Audiences can watch footage from real-life incidents to award functions, films or dramas – there are tons more! Black Sheep has earned millions upon millions of subscribers – considering the entertainment value it offers.

9 Minute Mystery Youtube Channel
Minute Mystery Youtube Channel

Minute Mystery

4.6 Million Subscribers

180 Videos

Minutes Mystery Youtube Channel started in 2017 posted wonderful videos with unique Voice over. Founded by Two Brothers Siva and Maya are the Two Pillars of this Channel and their Voices are the USP of this Channel. Each Video gets lakhs of views within an hour. They make interesting and shocking videos with facts included.

10 Parithabangal Youtube Channel
Parithabangal Youtube Channel


3.95 Million Subscribers

200 Videos

The channel feature stars Gobi and Sudhakar as they cover hilarious topics that will definitely make you laugh. The channel is extremely popular in the Tamil circuit and the duo has a loving fanbase. They made Asia’s Largest Crowd Funded Movie which was sponsored by over 25 thousand producers and 150 brands, with 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube alone! Parithabangal covers loads of different topics in their videos-the content never fails to impress viewers.

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11 TamilTech Youtube Channel Logo
TamilTech Youtube Channel Logo


3.5 Million Subscribers

2000 Videos

Tamil Tech is a YouTube channel that offers unbiased reviews, tutorials and other informative videos to Tamil-speaking people around the world. The founder, Selvan’s content focuses on mobile phone reviews, comparisons to other devices and apps as well as technology news. With over 3 million subscribers to the Youtube page with 2000 videos uploaded in total, this is an excellent resource for any person interested in up-to-date technologies!

TamilTech Youtube Channel
TamilTech Youtube Channel
12 Irfan View Youtube Channel
Irfan View Youtube Channel


3.3 Million Subscribers

120 Videos

Irfan’s View is a Tamil YouTube channel run by Mohammed Irfan, an internet personality. He posted food reviews and vlogs in Tamil on his channel. He recently posted recipe videos as well as unboxing videos of new products on his channel. He also shared his opinion on different gadgets and products on his channel.

13 Jumpcuts Youtube Channel
Jumpcuts Youtube Channel


2.3 Million Subscribers

120 Videos

Jump Cuts is a Tamil Entertainment channel created by Hari and Naresh. They make interesting videos with the help of Jumpcut editing, all from their day-to-day lives or funny incidents from their childhood stories. The channel has over 120 videos, with over 2.3 million subscribers if you’re into filmmaking or cinema in general- definitely check them out!

14 TamilTalkies BlueSattai Youtube Channel
TamilTalkies Youtube Channel


1.4 Million Subscribers

750 Videos

TamilTalkies Youtube Channel is a channel that brings you the latest reviews for Tamil movies and keeps you entertained by all means. Blue Sattai Maran is the face of this youtube channel and he runs it well. He’s popular for his controversial movie reviews even if the movie seems good overall, too.

15 Putchutney Youtube Channel
Putchutney Youtube Channel


1.36 Million Subscribers

360 Videos

Put Chutney has been providing original, quality content consistently since 2015. They have over 360 videos that cover a range of topics from humour to social messages and they are owned by The Aleph Group Pte Ltd in Singapore. Their channel has 174,046,947 views with over 1.36 million subscribers! Put Chutney is the perfect place for you to watch funny Tamil videos or spoofs of Tamil movies if this is what your interests lie in!

16 Almost Everything Youtube Channel
Almost Everything Youtube Channel


1.24 Million Subscribers

280 Videos

This is another channel that discusses the best and most useful books in a short, sweet way. “Finance Friday sessions are the must to watch.” All videos always inspire me – there’s no other YouTube channel like this for finance, motivation, or life lessons in Tamil. The link below will take you to the youtube channel. Check it out!


These are some of the biggest names from YouTube who have been posting videos in Tamil for over 5 years or more. We hope you enjoy their work and discover your favorite Tamil YouTuber among them!

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