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Traditional Dresses of Haryana

Traditional Dresses of Haryana
Traditional Dresses of Haryana

India is a land of festivals and celebrations. The social life in India is very vibrant. Festive occasions are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Festivals are not just occasions for celebration but are also occasions to exhibit one’s cultural identity. The festive occasions are also occasions to display our traditional and cultural dresses. Traditional dresses have been a part of Indian culture since time immemorial.

The state of Haryana is a state in north India, which has its own distinct culture. The people of Haryana belong to different religions, caste and creed. In the state of Haryana, there are many local dresses. The main traditional dresses of Haryana are Ghaghra choli, Garbha, Kanchli, Patiala salwar, Salwar Khameez, Punjabi suits, Punjabi dresses, etc.

The traditional dresses of Haryana are very rich and colorful. They are made by using very fine and colourful materials. The stitching style of Haryana is also very unique. There is a lot of gold or silver thread used in these dresses. Due to a lot of gold or silver thread, this dresses looks very rich and is very comfortable to wear.

The women of Haryana are known for their beautiful traditional dresses, which are very rich and colorful. Most of the dresses have intricate embroidery and mirror work. The Haryanvi dresses are also known for their unique style and they are truly iconic. The women of Haryana are also very fond of wearing jewellery. They usually wear a lot of gold jewellery.

Traditional Haryanvi Wedding Dress

The traditional Haryanvi wedding dress is called the shalwar kameez. The bride’s shalwar kameez is in plain or printed cotton fabric. The blouse is a triangle-shaped sari-like blouse. This is usually dyed in vivid colours. She is also usually covered with the dupatta. Her dupatta is traditionally made of gold or silver-coloured yarn and normally covered with the same colour as her shalwar kameez. This dupatta can be changed according to the occasion. She may have a matching shawl. The groom’s kurta is also worn over the dress. The traditional shalwar kameez is worn with the hands embroidered on it. The Draupadi-kurta is worn by the women of Haryana. It is a piece of cotton sari that is worn over the shalwar kameez.

2. Garba Dress

Garba is a traditional dance of Haryana. In this dance, there is no dance partner. One person dances with the garbha and other by himself. The garba dress of Haryana is colourful and there are also jewels and bells worn. The jewellery of Haryana is very much big and it has a lot of jewellery and heavy neck pieces. This garba dresses of Haryana looks very beautiful and stylish.

The traditional dresses of Haryana are commonly known as Gagri. Gagri is a combination of a long shirt, short skirt, and scarf. The Gagri is very famous in Haryana. The traditional dresses of Haryana are worn by both men and women. The traditional dresses of Haryana are usually worn on occasions like marriage, festivals, etc.

The Ghaghra choli is the traditional dress of Haryana. It is a long shirt which is made up of cotton and silk. It has a tight bottom and a loose top. There are different kinds of cholis in Haryana. One of the choli is very big and heavy. The bottom of the choli is decorated with sequins. The colour of the choli also has a lot of colours. Due to a lot of colours, this dress of Haryana looks very beautiful.

The Saree is another very famous dress of Haryana. It is very heavy and colourful.

3. Kanchli

One of the most beautiful traditional dresses of Haryana is the Kanchli. This dress is worn by women and is very beautiful and trendy. The ladies of Haryana usually wear very long choli with Kanchli. They are known for their beautiful traditional dresses.

Haryanvi Khussa – The main item of Khussa is lehenga. Women of Haryana usually wear long and different type of Khussa. They are more than fashionable, however, some of the Khussa are very much expensive.

Baga dress – Abaga or Khussa is the main item of the Baga dress. They are made in very fine material. Women of Haryana and Himachal wear these dresses very famous and fashionable.

Singhbhat – These are known to be one of the very unique dresses worn by ladies of Haryana. They are very simple and clean.

4. Kurta-Pyjama

Kurta-Pyjama in Haryana is not the traditional dresses. These dresses are modern and fashionable. The bright hues of these dresses make you look more attractive. These dresses are comfortable to wear and the fabrics used in them are highly soft.

Patiala Salwar – The Patiala salwar is very famous amongst the women of Haryana. Both men and women of Haryana are fond of wearing this beautiful colourful salwar kameez. The women in Haryana prefer wearing salwar-kameez because they look very sexy and attractive. Women also wear trousers. The embroidery of the salwar kameez is also very unique and mesmerizing.

Jodhpur salwar – The Jodhpur salwar is very popular among Haryanvi women. The embroidery of this salwar kameez is also very unique and mesmerizing. The sleeves of the salwar kameez are also very distinctive and they are not flared like the salwar kameez of Punjab.

Kurta and Palazzo are the traditional dresses of Haryana. These dresses are very trendy and attract people. The length of these dresses is long. The colour of these dresses can vary.

5. Niqab

The Niqab is a huge garment with very short sleeves. It covers the head completely with a four-foot veil. Niqabs are usually worn in Muslim countries, especially in the Middle East. The traditional dress of Haryana is a very rich and beautiful one. This dress was first worn by women of Haryana.

6. Dhoti

Dhoti is a traditional dress of Haryana. The traditional dresses of Haryana are very warm and soft to wear.

Idgah is a traditional dress of Haryana. This is a black kurta-pyjama that has been worn for thousands of years by the people of Haryana. This is also the most comfortable and cheap clothing worn by the people of Haryana.

Charpiot is a traditional dress of Haryana. The black suit is worn by the people of Haryana during the processions held in their region on the occasion of Holi and other festivals. The suit is traditionally worn for weddings as well.

Teesri – The traditional dresses of Haryana are very beautiful and delicate. They are made using cotton material. The choodas are the most distinctive features of traditional dresses.

7. Chudidaar

As the name suggests, Chudidaar is a type of ceremonial wear worn by men in India. Usually, Chudidaar is worn in major ceremonies such as marriages and religious ceremonies. The primary function of this dress is to present the groom and bride in the best light. It gives a sense of grandeur, pride and overall display of wealth and prosperity.

Kolhapuri suit is another traditional dress of Maharashtra, which is a type of Western wear. This dress is very interesting. The texture of the fabric of this Kolhapuri suit is very soft and luxurious. It has got bright patterns and designs. The stitching style of this suit is very attractive. This Kolhapuri suit is very popular with the middle-class section of the Indian population.

8. Pagri

Pagri is a traditional dress of Haryana and it is mainly worn on festive occasions. These dresses are made of heavy and soft fabrics. The work on the garment is very beautiful and unique. A person usually buys the dress in the market and wears it on occasions like marriages, puja, etc.

Choli is a dress made of a very soft fabric, which is very well protected and warm. It is mainly worn in summers. The shape of choli is very good and it has no decorations on it. A person can easily wear this dress at any time of the year.

Lehenga is a soft and beautiful dress that is generally worn by married women of Haryana. The clothes are made in a very nice way with the best quality of materials.

9. Punjabi Suits & Dresses

The Punjabi dresses in Haryana are known for their bright colours and beautiful embroidery. The rich and well-embroidered Punjabi suits are usually made of cotton and are stylish and comfortable to wear.

Women of Haryana usually wear Jhumkas and bangles. Many of them also wear traditional Haryanvi earrings. A wide range of colourful bangles is sold in Haryana. You can get bangles of different shapes, sizes and designs. Many women of Haryana enjoy embroidery and you can see many traditional outfits with Chikankari embroidery work. The famous Chikankari work is done in Kota, Kurukshetra, Ambala, Hisar, Sonipat, Rohtak, Charkhi Dadri and Panipat.

The women of Punjab have some distinctive style of dresses. The styles of dresses of women in Punjab are quite different from those in Haryana. The women in Punjab are much fond of wearing colourful, beautiful and vibrant clothes. The women wear great ornamental dresses. The dresses of women in Punjab are known for their bright colour and stylish designs. Other various styles Apart from the traditional dresses, the women of other states also wear different styles of clothes. And in this article, we will take a look at other various styles of dresses worn by the women of India. Turbans If you are a Punjabi girl, then you will find no other way but to wear the famous turban. The turban is a big fashion statement for women in Punjab.

Pictures Of traditional Dresses of Haryana:-

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