Plagiarism, Theft, or Inspiration? 3 Ways Writers Can Create Fresh Content

3 ways writers can create Fresh content
3 ways Writers can create Fresh Content

Plagiarism in almost every form of written content is unacceptable. Whether it is a marketing copy, blog, academic assignment, or a fictional story, every one of them requires one thing; uniqueness. Without uniqueness, the words assembled by writers, bloggers, students, or authors are useless. The reason? Whenever writers submit or publish their content, the first thing that is checked by clients, teachers, or publishers is plagiarism.

If there is any plagiarism in the content, the content will most probably be rejected. No matter how well written it is or how much information it contains. Whether the writers have deliberately plagiarized the content, stole someone else’ expressions or words, or got some inspiration from other authors’ work, plagiarism is always intolerable. That’s why every content creator prefers to check for plagiarism before submitting the content for publication.

However, the issue is significant for new writers as they intentionally plagiarize the content to save time and effort. On the other hand, some are heavily influenced by great authors, and they unintentionally use their words or expressions. 

How can this issue be solved and develop only fresh and unique content? Let’s learn it together!

3 Ways Writers Can Create Fresh Content

Below are mentioned 3 different ways by which writers can create fresh content.

  1. Do Adequate Research Before Start Writing

The first and foremost thing every writer should do is get assistance from already published articles written by expert writers. Their writings can enhance writers’ knowledge and provide the nitty-gritty of the topic. 

When writers do adequate research about the subjects they are penning down, they don’t need to plagiarize others’ content. Instead, they will come up with the information. However, there are some chances that writers use the same words. It can be the cause of unintentional plagiarism.

So, how do you avoid unintentional or accidental plagiarism? Here is the answer!

  • Only Get Ideas

The problem occurs when writers start using their words instead of their ideas. That’s how they unknowingly plagiarize their articles. The writers should take care of it and don’t write the exact words they have read while researching. Instead, they should try to get the crux and write them in their own words.

  • Research from Multiple Sources

Some writers just pick one article and follow the same pattern that the real author has used. It enhances the chances of plagiarism. That’s why content creators must not rely on one source of information. Instead, they should research from multiple sources to get valuable information from every article, and rewrite them according to their needs. That’s how they can deliver maximum knowledge to their readers and avoid plagiarism.

  • Quote Other Authors When Necessary

Sometimes it is essential to write the same words, phrases, or sentences the other authors used to describe a phenomenon. In those cases, there is no margin for rewriting or paraphrasing. Under these circumstances, writers must cite or quote authors as it can help them avoid plagiarism or make a solid defense.

  1. Write in A Unique Style and Tone

There is always a possibility that millions of articles have been written on the same topic. So, bringing uniqueness to those kinds of topics becomes a difficult task for writers. That’s where a unique tone and style of writers come in handy. They can save them from both intentional and accidental plagiarism.

Writers with unique styles don’t need to worry about plagiarism. However, many new writers face difficulties avoiding plagiarism, especially when they have to write multiple times on the same topic. They should realize that there are many ways to convey the same message differently. Therefore, it is better to learn them and develop a writing style that is unique in some ways from others.

Once they develop a style and tone, they don’t need to worry much about plagiarism. 

Here comes another question! How to create a unique writing style?

  • Start Watching Everything in Different Ways

Expert writers are not only good at combining different words to make a practical and valuable sentence or article, but they are also experts in observing multiple phenomena around them with a different lens. Although other people also have an unconventional lens, they fail to explore it. Finding that lens and watching everything through it can assist writers in developing a writing style that no one follows. Besides, it can also bring maturity, authenticity, and expression to their words.

  • Use All the Senses

Commonly people believe that there are only five senses. But there are some other senses which not everyone has—for example, common sense and a sense of humor. So writers should try to cash the additional senses they have. For instance, if a writer has a great sense of humor, why not start using it in the content? It can help content writers make their content unique and more worth reading.

  1. Check Plagiarism Before Submission

To ensure the content is unique and fresh, writers must utilize online tools. Sometimes, authors are sure their content is unique, but it isn’t. That’s why they must take a few valuable minutes to check for plagiarism with a reliable plagiarism checker. As it says, “a stitch in time saves nine” same goes with plagiarism checking before submission or publication.

When authors or content writers get assistance from a plagiarism tool before submission, they not only save the time they may need to revise the content but also protect their reputation that is at stake. If the readers, search engines, or anyone for whom the content is developed realize that the content is plagiarized, they may ask for revisions or won’t trust writers for future tasks.

Below are some key benefits of checking content using a plagiarism checker.

  • Save from Concequences of Plagarisim

When experienced authors recommend newbies to check plagiarism, they should listen to their advice. Otherwise, the consequences of plagiarism are far more than anyone can anticipate. For example, it can ruin the name, fame, and career. Furthermore, it can also lead to hefty fines. That’s why it is better not to neglect the importance of checking plagiarism with reliable plagiarism software.

  • Guides About Percentage of Plagiarism

Plagiarism checkers highlight the duplicated portions and show the plagiarism percentage in the content. The content is ready to publish if the entire content is unique or the plagiarism percentage is below the acceptable level. However, if the percentage is above that level, it is essential to remove it.

Final Words

Creating fresh and unique content isn’t a complicated task. However, some new writers don’t know how they can bring uniqueness and freshness to the content they are penning down. That’s where research helps them to brainstorm ideas and have a grip on the topic. After that, a unique style minimizes the chances of plagiarism and makes content worth reading. Lastly, plagiarism checkers stamps that the content is unique and ready to deliver.

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