Customs Electronics Telegram Channnel is a Scam,Fraud!Don’t Fall a Victim

Customs Electronics Telegram Channel is a Big Fraudster

I recently installed Instagram and Joined Some Groups and Channels. I saw an Offers like Flash sale providing 20-50 Thousand Rupees worth Product at just 3000-5000RS. If you see this type of Ads or Promises then they are really a Fraudsters.

I joined One Telegram Channel called Customs Electronics where they provide Electronics Products like Mobile phones, Laptops, Watches, Ipads, Apple Products at Cheaper Prices.
Just Search on Telegram you will find this Public Channel. If you look at that Channel they seems like Legitimate. They posted Conversation chats screeshots, posted Video proofs, Images of Products, screenshots of Some subscribers paid and received the Products and thanking them for being genuine and honest in this Online Business.They even shared some Telegram user Accounts who already purchased some Products and received.

What your Mind says:

After seeing those Channel posts, Screenshots of conversations, Proofs you may believe that they are Real and Genuine. But friends Sorry to say this, They Are nothing but a Scammers,Tricksers.
Yes Friends, They play with your mind and instigate your emotions by offering at such Lower price. After looking into that channel many times, your Heart says “Is is just 4000, I am going to pay & get my Dream Product” But you mind says”No,They may be a Scammers”. At last We go with our Heart and being a Prey to those Scammers.Don’t be Greedy, If you so then you will become a Victim of those Scams.

A greedy man’s possession is eaten by a pirate

They looks like a Real channel with 10,000+ Subscribers. In Telegram you can buy Fake Members for the Channels online.There are many website where you can buy Members. So, Don’t believe on their Subscribers count.

When you deeply look into it, Those Scammers never reveal their True identity. He doesn’t give you his Personal Mobile number to converse. If you ask them how to trust you they makeup some story that i am a Customs officer and I have a Team to do this.I not reveal my identity as it may affect my Job security. Like that Each channel give you some Story But they neither give you their Address nor meet in person.
I am Not telling you All Telegram channels are Fake. There are Many Telegram Channels related to Education,Banking, Governemt jobs, Movies, Music, PDF Books, Newspaper related Group are doing the great Job and it is useful for us. But Never go Prey to these Fake Channels.

What they Did after you Pay:

If you paid them. I’m sure they will cancel your chat and Block your Telegram Account. After they never reply to your chats. So Beware of these Scammers. Today India has 320 million Mobile users and Telegram is the Most downloaded App after Whatsapp. So we should be aware of some Digital Learning and Ethical Hacking to not being a Prey to these Fraudsters.I think i will save you from those Tricksters on Telegram.

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  1. i truely agree with you .. thanks for informaing us.. well i had the same experience in olx site… where i show the product at cheaper rate than market rate… i left the message with phone number. they called me.. and thay have complete gang .. who operate and say that they are navy officer and they are army officer .. they dont allow to video call also .. if you want to see them .. they refuse and said this is army office we are not allowed to do or attend video call…after that they said make token payment we will do courier … take money through paytm.. and then show you or share your courier receipt with the tracking id .. complete fake .. you can not find that tracking id … they will share your courier office photo and all but after token money send .. they will not attend your phone also

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